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Chapter Eighty Seven New crisis

Yiwu County,On the night of the instructor’s arrival, he noticed several inconspicuous pieces of news among the complicated clues.,One of,A group of relatives from outside the Ma’s family came to the west gate of the county seat,Arrived during the day,A lot of people,No check-in at hotels or hostels,I haven’t applied for a temporary residence permit。
Follow the clue provided by Li Tianzhen two days ago,After a brief communication between the instructor and Gu Changfeng, non-stop action began,The first batch of people‘Doctors’Lead the team overnight to fly to Xijiang,At the same time, Gu Changfeng began to closely monitor Yiwu County through the local national security forces.。
Local police were also mobilized,In accordance with public security management regulations,Community aunts and auxiliary police began to count the temporary migrant population from house to house,Usually this routine registration and promotion,I always come here twice every few months,Does not attract people’s attention,And a small county like Yiwu,Not many foreign population,Everyone treats it as a formality。
just,The people from Ma’s family in Xiguan are too conspicuous,Number Seven or Eight,Most of them are elderly,It is said to be a relative,‘Doctors’I originally wanted to pretend to be an auxiliary police officer and then follow the community aunt to visit Ma’s house,But the idea was rejected by the instructor。
Li Wushuang is no ordinary person,According to Li Tianzhi,The opponent not only possesses supernatural power,And very sensitive,‘Doctors’Such a face may be alerted by the opponent,The proper approach is to closely monitor the Ma’s compound,Wait until support is in place before deciding to take further action。
So-called support in place,That is, all the heavy artillery forces of the Guoan Field Team have assembled,apart from‘Ranger’And the group of people that Gu Jian used to,All field teams directly under the Special Operations Section,The supernatural group including Monk Zhai has all,Gu Changfeng is free this time,Tuned in all at once。
Fight against people with supernatural abilities,No one has any experience,So this time we also specially recruited Guo Yuxi and his main subordinates who had dealt with Zhang Zhiqiang in the mountains of Gannan.,Shen Yingjie also acts with the team,This lineup is luxurious,But the instructor still feels unsure。
And also very helpless,Contact Li Tianzhen several times without success,‘Pigeon’The message sent says,He didn’t directly contact Li Tianzhi,But I monitored the opponent’s whereabouts,That night, if there is no signal, it has been moving frequently at the northern foot of Dala Mountain.,The next day,The signal appeared again at the southern foot of Dala Mountain,Didn’t disappear until it was close to noon。
“This guy doesn’t know what’s going on。”The instructor whispered to himself in the room,Don’t talk to Li Tianzhen once,He can’t make up his mind,The strange events of Wuming Mountain are vivid,Think about the horror of those with supernatural powers,He is reluctant to take these young field elites to Lei easily,What a joke?
Can retain these memories,Except for the instructor and Gu Changfeng,Only the old man who has the power to live and kill,Even Shin Yingjie’s memory is incomplete,Can erase human memory at will,This is a terrifying supernatural power,Such terrible means,What is the result of modern technology against this power?No one has verified,It’s not a joke。
I finally waited at noon for the long missing‘Mane rat’’S phone,Instructor surprises,But soon my face became gloomy,Li Tianzhen’s life and death in the temple at the southern foot of Dala Mountain is unknown。
The bad news made the instructor immediately decide to abandon the upcoming action,Even people from all walks of life arrive one after another,He can drag as long as he can,Until Gu Changfeng hurried over,Unexpectedly, this old man was cold after hearing about Li Tianzhen,Shout loudly,“Ready to act now,Look forward and backward,sentimental,This is not the way you are!”
Old Gu is very angry,Within two days,How easy is it to gather all the power,He used all his milk feeding,It turned out that the old gentleman was fine,Kept on hold,One drag is more than one day,What plane?Don’t you know if your eyebrows are on fire??More than Wuming Mountain and Dala Mountain,There are also problems abroad and at sea,Cannibalism appeared on an island offshore,This sea beast can not only run on land,Can actually speak human language,It’s going to be against the sky。
Although these news are tightly sealed,But abnormal events are presenting and happening at an acceleration,Chaotic location,Irregularities,There has been a trend of flurry of demons,No more effective control methods,Don’t eat this bowl of rice。
The instructor is obviously not enough,Also aware of the serious urgency of the matter,Forced to muffle in desperation,Let Gu Changfeng toss,It’s not that he is scared,Not to shrink back,But the actual situation is there,Confronting supernatural forces,Can’t find any effective method for the time being,Acting blindly is equivalent to holding an egg against a rock。
Guo Yuxi’s experience in the mountainous area of Gannan is indeed valuable,But what a loss?And if it weren’t for Li Tianzheng to deal with Zhang Zhiqiang,And launched a lore at the last moment,The final result is not yet known,And now even Li Tianzhi, who has supernatural abilities, is in trouble,This is very troublesome,He is currently the only supernatural power on the side of order and justice。
From the instructor,Things to do now,Is to seek cooperation with foreign counterparts as soon as possible,Detailed assessment of recent supernatural events,Information Sharing,Come up with practical solutions before taking action,For Li Wushuang, all you need to do is to track and monitor,Not blindly,But now the fighter plane is fleeting,It’s not appropriate for Gu Changfeng to wear a blind move hat,I hope everyone has good luck。