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I heard this gentle and guaranteed,Blue Xin smiled slightly,Close your eyes and sleep。

Lu Haocheng heard her even breathing sound,Deep black 瞳 仁 泛 层,He quietly got up and bathe。
At this time,There is nothing uncomfortable on him.,Instead, the whole body is comfortable。
The top floor of the hotel,Always are Lu Hao Cheng’s private place。
He changed a comfortable casual suit,Furnishing the door to the lobby。
NS1140chapter:Song Yisi has mental separation
European,Ning Feifei,Lin Ye,Su Sei Ming,Are waiting in the hall waiting Lu Haozheng。
Hear footsteps,Several people look up,I saw Lu Hao Cheng Mu.,Liu Hai Luo,Fluttering,His skin has Yingrun luster in the flow,The whole person is refreshing and handsome,But he still has a cold in a thousand miles away.。
“Ah Cheng。”
Lin Ye was surprised to look at the living Lu Hao Cheng。
Usually working,He will respect it respectfully“Continental”。
In addition, they are also friends,very good friend,Start with university,They have always been。
Lu Haocheng looked at them nodded。
Single sofa sitting on the side。
Ou Jingli picks up the table for him to prepare for him,Give him a cup。
Lu Haocheng is not anxious to open,Orange yellow flower tea,Elegant drink。
He didn’t put down the cup,But put the edge of the cup,Ten fingers gently with a cup,Be rely on it slightly,A lazy breath is silent。
“How is it??”
His faint tone is low, with a trace of angry。
He does not believe,I will say that Song Yisi said.。
Even in the case of unclear,He will not say this.。
Lin Shuoxia:“I checked the surveillance of the hospital.,You are after the accident,Be transferredCAdvancedvIpIn the ward。
Take you toCThe people of the country are Song Yisi。”
“At that time we were busy looking for your falling,Ignore import and export in other countries。”
Lin Yen said,Open videos,Play video to Lu Haocheng。
Lu Haocheng looked at yourself in the video,Pushed into the ward,After that, there is no longer come out.。
Always take care of him is not a Song Song,It is an old man who is old.。
Video,You can read it occasionally a few days a few days.,Didn’t stay?,Two minutes left and right will leave。
Only the male guardian is busy。
Lin Ye also said:“I checked Song Yisi this woman.,She has a fiance,But not you,Is a man named Chen Haoan,Famous world,All are all foreign companies,Song Yuanqing intentionally let Song Yisi married Chen Haonan。”
“Chen Haonan has a girlfriend,Because Song Yisi’s intervention,Two people broke up。
Besides,Song Yan Si has schizophrenia。