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Yun Qin smiled and let go of the two,“Eye。”

Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS8chapter You, you are.08
“Bamboo green,You have a little martial arts,Fast,Running a long temple,Look at the ministers can have。If there is no,See Xiao Xiangye,Let him wait for us。”
Pick,Bamboo green two people suddenly looked at Yunqin。I feel that they are truth.。
The princess must be that he knew that he had a heart to the world yesterday.,Mood is unhappy,Self-discovery。 have a look,have a look,Both broken tins broken,I want to be in the middle of the public.,A total of a car with Xiao Xiangye,I don’t care about my reputation at all.!
Yunqin only thinks that the two people look at their eyes and wonderful,like,Pity,Distress?!
Birth of wilderness,Blinking is the star year,I only live in the star life for ten years.,And so many years,Sleeping time,80% of Yunqin spent in research,Where can I know that ancient a strict male and female defense。Just think,Just after Xiao Yuan, you must return to the government.,She is also going to Xiaofu,Just take a hurry。
Not to mention‘Fu Yunqin’Memory,Always,There is almost no memory to get along with men and women.,Xia Yanyu,It is a child who has a father who has a carriage.,I also blame to pick up the green and bamboo.。
“What is your eyes??!Not going to explore news!”
“Yes。Slave。”Zhuqing opened the brain‘Unveiled’Idea,I quickly came out of the light flute。
“Princess,actually,In fact, we can prepare yourself to Xiaofu.。”Leave a clear struggle for a long time,Still thinking about how to persuade your princess。
“Why is you trouble?,Xiao Yuan is not going,We just take a hurry is not very good??”Yun Qin did not understand the eyes,Go to the table。
There,The porridge prepared by Chi Qing commanded is ready.。
Yes‘Fu Yunqin’Lotus porridge。Yunqi tasted,It is worthy of royal kitchen,smell,Fire,All mastered,Still very good。
“this,Princess,When you and Xiao Xiang are all unmarried men and women,Take a carriage,Pass out,Reputation is not good。”Pick-up and persuasion。
“Isn’t it just a carriage?,I don’t do anything to him.,what is the relationship?!”
In Yunqin,Xiao Yuan’s deputy‘Poor’status,Is definitely can’t do for her?,Have to do,What is she wants?!
Cai Qing suddenly feels weak,“Princess!this,this,Men and women seven years old。In our summer Chinese,It is also a brothers and sisters, and I will take a carriage.。This matter is passed out,Not good to your name!”
How to feel the princess temple, I don’t understand the focus of her talk.!
“fine。I do not mind。”
Finish,Yunqin is no longer a collection,Calmly eat porridge。
Just eat a porridge,The bamboo blue of the running leg is coming back.。
“Princess,Xiao Man has left the palace before a moment.。We can only prepare yourself.。”Bamboo green。
When the crushing, you will pick up your youth.,so far so good,God is still guilty of the princess,This is not,Let Xiao Director left early.。
Yunqin is not much feeling,Let the bamboo green cars go directly.。Let’s eat on the green road.,Only the carriage,Go all the way to Xiaofu。
Xiao Yuan is sitting in front of the window,Leisible flipping a book。Approaching,You will find,Xiao Yuan stares at the eyes of the book.,Hand in hand,a long time,I don’t see it.。
“Xiao Yun。”For a while,Xiao Yuan summoned Xiao Yun came in。