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Comprehensive construction of modern new Changsha, which is leading to "three high four new"

  Jinqiu September, Dangui Fragrance, Shanshui City Changsha Yijiang two sides of the branches. The 14th Congress of Changsha City, the Communist Party of China was held. The five years since the 13th party congress in Changsha have been "very unusual" five years, the provincial capital Changsha pioneered and innovating, the high-level comprehensive construction of a well-off society, and the various careers have historic leaps. For the future, Changsha has a red blood, keeping in mind, anchoring, anchoring "modern new Changsha leading to the" three high four new ‘"struggle.

  "Thousands of" "100 billion" and "10 million" have a lot of five years since the thirteenth party conference in Changsha City, many happy things, and more difficult things.

  I deeply feel the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, has also experienced economic transformation, industrial upgrading, urban governance challenge, and encountered a large flood and sudden new crown pneumonia in a hundred years. Major test. Changsha is courageous with rolling stone, and in 2017, the total production value of the region exceeded trillion. He became the first city in the province. The 13th city in the country entered the "trillion club" city, and the average annual growth in the 100 billion club.

  In 2020, in the end of the big environment, Changsha City’s local general public budget revenue reached 100 million yuan, of which people’s livelihood expenditures accounted for more financial expenditures. On May 19 this year, according to the seventh national census results, Changsha became a large-scale city that broke through the third resident population in the middle of the central region after Zhengzhou and Wuhan. Data show that ten years, Changsha population has increased by more than 300 million, and the growth is increased.

  The per capita disposable income of residents exceeded 50,000 yuan, all of the people were all poverty, the urban and rural basic pension, the basic medical achievement of all coverage, I have been awarded the most happy city in China for 13 consecutive years … Today’s Changsha, the power grid enters the "special high pressure era", The subway entered the "Networked Age", the airport moved into the "Double Runway Shuanghang Station Time", the high-speed railway welcomed the "dual-core driver era", and the city’s comprehensive strength has risen sharply.

  "1 + 2 + N" built the entity economic roots in September last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Hunan to inspect, and painted the grand blueprint of "three high four new".

Changsha, the provincial capital, to be a strong sense of responsibility of "leading geese", building the "Demonstration Zone", in the "three highlands" In the next five years, Changsha plans to create a group of world-class, national industrial clusters. Take the entity economic roots with "1 + 2 + N" (Construction Machinery + Advanced Energy Storage and TX.).

Taking 22 industrial chains, promoting traditional industries and emerging industries synergy, with intelligent manufacturing as leading, walking out of a "Changsha path" self-intensive self-intensity.

  Especially the biggest change force of "Digital Economy". Relying on the new generation of artificial intelligent innovation and development test areas, national network security industrial parks (Changsha), strengthen cloud computing, big data, block chains, network security, artificial intelligence, geographic information and other digital industries, build a number of digital industrial agglomeration areas To build a batch of lighthouse, unmanned factory, smart workshop, driving Changsha digital economy into the country’s first echelon. It is expected that the total economic amount of Changsha will reach trillions in the next five years, and the local general budget income accounts for 10% GDP, and the digital industry accounts for more than 45% GDP.

  "Circle" to create an important growth of the country’s important growth high urban agglomeration is an important carrier that realizes regional coordinated development.

In order to promote the synergy development of the middle tour of the Yangtze River, the development of the group of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Zhuzhou, has given a major historical mission of "national important growth". These three cities built along the Xiangjiang River, in the province, 25% of the population, 25% of the population, 53% of fiscal revenue, driving, agglomeration effect Enhanced.

  Changsha is the leader of Changzhu, Zhuzhu. In order to play a demonstration, Changsha will accelerate the construction of Changzhu Zhuzhou Tong Tongcheng Development around the "Industrial Innovation Circle" "Resource Configuration Circle" "Convenience Traffic Circle".

  From the overall planning of land space to the infrastructure, the orderly connection of public service facilities, from urban architectural style to "Break Road" "Bottleneck", build interconnection, integrity, integrity, wisdom green, from modern transportation system.

Changsha will improve the system mechanism, implement the "ten" (planning the same, the facilities, the same network, the same city, the market is similar to the industry, the industry is the same, and the same work is equal), leading the Changzhuzhou and Zhuzhouzhou and Zhuzhouzhou Zhuzhou and Zhuzhu Zhuzhou Zhuzhu

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