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Bishe County High-tech Zone: 23 industrial projects new construction

Construction Site. Yu Fangfang Teng Sheng Bridgeman is a company integrating R & D design, manufacturing, operating sales and technical services.

The new factory construction project officially started in July 2021, with a total investment of about 50 million yuan.

At present, the project 1 # plant shaft steel structure roof is installed 30%, 2 # plant A-D / 1-22 axial paving stone is completed, and it is expected to be completed at the end of the year.

  "In the eyes, we are taking advantage of the construction to ensure that the main body of the factory steel structure can be completed as soon as possible.

"Deng Xianfeng, deputy general manager of Tengsheng Bridgeman Technology Co., Ltd., said, the next step, the company will speed up the project construction, improve the quality of construction, improve the quality of the construction, and actively cooperate with the requirements of the park in accordance with the overall planning requirements of the county, and actively cooperate early." Tengsheng Bridgeman is a key industrial project started in July 2021, 2021, and the year-round production value can reach more than 500 million yuan.

"Feng Zhongbin, Minister of the Planning and Construction Department of the Pushjiang County High-tech Zone, said that Tengsheng Bridgeman is one of the construction of 27 new starting projects in the county. It is the epitome of the investment in the county in recent years. It is understood that in 2021, 35 projects such as Xinji Signal Signing Thai Crystal Technology, the agreement introduced hundreds of millions. The current focus track is 90 projects.

Newly started construction of the mirror of Chongqing Optoelectronics Intelligent Hardware Industry Park, Zhongxin New Material Industry Base Intelligent Production Line and other projects, including 23 projects such as Concord Building materials, Shengha Relocation, and the new production. Feng Zhongbin introduced that from January to October 2021, there were 96 industrial enterprises, 25 high-tech enterprises, 5 national "special products" small giant enterprises, 3 municipal intelligent factories, above the municipal level There are 6 digital workshops and 14 professional R & D institutions above the municipal level. Realize the total industrial output value of 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth rate; completed fixed asset investment billion, year-on-year growth%; full caliber storage tax billion. Feng Zhongbin said that in 2022, the high-tech district of the cushion county will grab the "Double City", "one district", "one district" and other major strategic opportunities, focusing on the active promotion of the development and construction of 50 square kilometers, high-tech zone creation, The implementation of the "cattle nose" project in the industrial PPP project, and with this breakthrough, it is necessary to pay a good job of the project introduction, enterprise services, policies to strive for normalization, and fully grasp the safety and environmental protection work.

  During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, it will adhere to the industrial and set up the Qiankun. It is firmly unwavering the road to manufacturing, the entity and high quality development road. Develop intelligent equipment, medical health, new materials, consumer goods industry, digital economy and other special industries, and strengthen the development of high-tech districts.

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