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These years before the project made money,Chen Geng must find a way to make Chengfa Factory have profitable projects,In this way, Chengfa Factory can rely on this or a few projects to achieve its own hematopoiesis。

Can Chen Geng build that aero engine?,Chengfa Factory doesn’t care、Don’t care,But if Chen Geng can cooperate with Chengfa Factory,Those items used for self-made blood may also belong to Chengfa Factory。
Thought of here,Huang Wenqing is also excited,he“Snapped!”Slap on the table:“Lao Meng,It’s still your brain……Don’t worry about the credibility of this matter,But what’s wrong,As long as it has this meaning,We have to fight for it!”
“Yes,I mean the same,”Meng Haibo nodded excitedly:“Taking advantage of the dawn factory、Strain@Zhouchang and Xifei didn’t react,Let’s quickly act first,late,Eating shit can’t keep up with the heat。”
Although the words are a bit vulgar,But the truth is this truth,State-owned enterprise leaders in this era,Maybe not much market economy awareness,But absolutely understand“Handy soon,Slow hands”as well as“The crying child has milk”The truth,Don’t make trouble、Don’t fight for,I also count on the superior leaders to take the initiative to distribute such a large piece of fat to Chengfa Factory?
What dreams are you doing!
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First619chapter The Poisonous Weed
? “You want to cooperate with Chen Geng?!”
As the boss of China Aerospace Systems,On weekdays, Guo Wenxiang’s restraint and tolerance are sufficient,But at this moment,Looking at Meng Haibo and Huang Wenqing in front of me,He was still surprised。
How did Chengfa Factory know about this matter is actually not important anymore,He doesn’t understand,Originally well,It’s not that life can’t go on,Why did the Kecheng Fat Factory suddenly decide to cooperate with Chen Geng??
“Yes。”Meng Haibo and Huang Wenqing answered in unison。
This turned out to be the unanimous opinion of the leadership of Chengfa Factory?This result surprised Guo Wenxiang,But think again,I feel normal:If it were not for the collective decision of the entire Chengfa factory leadership,,Meng Haibo and Huang Wenqing did not dare to come to find themselves。Pursed his lips:“Talk about your thoughts。”
Boss let us talk about our thoughts,Instead of just throwing us out?
Huang Wenqing and Meng Haibo are a little overjoyed:This result,It was the best result they had imagined before coming.。
Dare not neglect,Meng Haibo answered honestly:“leadership,You know the situation of our Chengfa factory,Although it’s so-so,But it’s no better than other brother companies in the system,Life flies tightly。
If this difficulty is only for a short time,We can think of a way to overcome,But we all know,The country is now implementing a strategic transformation、Focus on economic construction,The investment in the military is definitely not as much as before,The days of our aerospace system will definitely be more sad in the future……Tell you,Because the money is not enough,Coupled with the serious understart,Some comrades in our factory now set up a stall at the night market to earn some subsidies for their families……”
Guo Wenxiang’s face is not pretty,I heard Meng Haibo say that individual employees of Chengfa Factory went to the night market to set up a stall,Subconsciously want to curse“Mischief!”,But he swallowed it again:Those workers who go to set up stalls are definitely not suitable,But the problem is,I want to eat too。