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Chapter 985

Wanshan Feng has a unbelievable,Why didn’t he think of this in front of this obese middle-aged man will really kill people?。
Earnest,He should cut the opponent’s head.,He should not think about slowly torture each other,As a result, it took his own life.。
Lu Dahai saw the unbelievable look of Wanshan Feng’s face,Laughing directly。
But he did not hate him。
“I am rotten in my face.,Then you are as good as him.。”
Say,Kill the pig knife immediately pulled out,Blood spray,But Lu Dahai is no hesitation.,Directly in the face of Wanshan Peak, it is a mess.。
Finally he directly pushed,Wanshan Peak is very straightforward.。
After completing the Wanshan peak,Lu Dahai directly looks directly to the remaining five small animals。
“Don’t want to run,If you ran today?,Then I will kill your family.,I can’t die.。”
“Don’t you play??
Come,I am playing with you.。”
Lu Dahai is full of blood,The blood on the shoulder is soaring along the arm, as if it is the same。
Other five children who are scared are somewhat soft.。
They are excited when packing others.,But when you really go to yourself,I found that all this is so horrible.。
“If you don’t have a hand?,Then I will do it.。”
Say,Lu Dahai is to take a kill knife and rushed to one.。
Seeing the crazy look of Lu Dahai,Several children have combat power,Especially when they see their most fearful Wanshan peaks lying on the ground.。
Lu Dahai fighting,Directly is a knife into the other belly。
Then when the face of a few children is open。
The rest of the four scenes is also the deadly want to escape.。
But Lu Dahai is directly riding a motorcycle is directly that the throttle is hard.。
Li Hui’s looks on it silently。
He originally thought that several children were already evil.,I didn’t expect to kill people。
Since killing people,So, in his eyes are dead.。
These children always think that they will not be sentenced to death.,I don’t have an old age.,No age is not murderous。
It is, such a legal vulnerability, let these people are even more unscrupulous.。
According to Li Hui’s understanding,It is a ten-year-old child as long as it is active murder.,That should also be sentenced to death,Don’t say that it is 14 years old.。
For the move of Lu Dahai, he doesn’t want to stop。
Laozi revenge and hesitation,have nothing to say。
soon,Lu Dahai directly tied a few children directly on the rope on the motorcycle.。
Three of them have never have signs of life.。
And the remaining two,It is also a slaughtering.。
Lu Dahai saw a few children lying on the ground could not die.,Pull out one directly。
“Just now they call you two,There is also the old five,Know why I didn’t have a direct result??”