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I can buy this pen wash in one go。

do not worry,I will definitely give you a fair price。of course,The auction house also has other shareholders,I can’t help but give you an explanation,I can’t give you the price of five million。”
Speaking of which,He pretended to be troubled and pondered for a while before saying:“How about this,One price,2.8 million。As for the commission, I won’t charge you anymore!”
Five million suddenly became 2.8 million,Yizhixing naturally feels eaten
425 Buy shares
Gong Daoming complained:“Special,Where are you so profitable!I drove here from Shacheng for you over two million。How nice are you,Do nothing,Will be able to distribute over 1 million in dividends!”
Chen Xiu naturally knew he was ridiculing,But can have money to collect,The ghost cares about him teasing。
“The auction house is so profitable!”
Tang Yuanyuan on the side said:“I also want to buy shares!”
Gong Daoming said in surprise:“Isn’t it,Tang Damei,Your big boss can still see our little business,Are you joking!”
“I never make jokes about business matters!Let me not buy shares?If you don’t let me buy shares,I guarantee the points of your magic capital
426 Jiuzhai
Chen Xiu made a red face for his ignorance,But Jianyizhixing is so clear about local things,I’m sure I’ve been here before。
The car drove three times on the bumpy dirt road、There is no way to go before four kilometers,Chen Xiu had to pull the car over。
“Easy old,No way ahead!”