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Gao Deju came over,Sitting next to Xia Jian,Then he sighed and said:“A friend invited me out for dinner,Unexpectedly, he himself was drunk first”Gao Gao said and laughed。

It’s really surprising to meet Gao Deju Xiajian in this place,Sometimes the world is really small。Xia Jian chatted with Gao Deju,Suddenly,Gao Deju leaned his head over,The mouth is almost on Xia Jian’s ear。She whispered:“Wanting is coming out”
“what!Really!I don’t feel so fast,So I haven’t dared to ask you”Xia Jian said in surprise。
Gao Deju smiled and said:“This kid is very proud,I have done a lot of work in it,So every year,Let me tell you,She will come out tomorrow”
“Really!Then I will pick her up with you?”Xia Jianyi excited,No matter what,I blurted out these words。
Xia Jianyuan thought he would be very happy to say that Gao Deju,What he didn’t expect was Gao Deju shook his head and said:“Thank you kid!There are some things you have to grasp。For example, between you and Wanting,You can only be friends at any time,So you can’t give her any thoughts,Do you understand me?”
Xia Jian suddenly realized,He couldn’t help but nodded。He always thought,Gao Deju is a rough man among women,I didn’t expect that she also has her own delicate side。
Xia Jian knew,Before Lu Wanting went in,She has been very tired of him,This can only show one problem,That is Lu Wanting likes him。But Xia Jian always regarded her as a little sister,Or say good friends come。But Lu Wanting doesn’t think so。
She has been fighting hard。She even took people to Pingdu,For Xia Jian,She can afford everything。She went to jail this time,She is more or less a bit Ingredients for Xia Jian。
“All right,Do you know this。Wait a while,You can come to her at home,Don’t come recently,I don’t think she wants to see anyone”Gao Deju finished,Patted Xia Jian’s back gently,Then got up and left。
Xia Jian was stunned for a while before returning to the private room,Several old people have finished eating,Playing with Xiaochenchen。Xia Jian greeted everyone,Then picked up Xiao Chenchen and walked out。
Xiao Chenchen wanted to skin for a while,But when he saw Xia Jian’s unsmiling face,The child is honest,In fact, he is still quite afraid of Xia Jian。
Back to Beishan,Push open the courtyard door,I saw Xiao Xiao holding his hands on his shoulders,An angry face。