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This is also the reason why the round is finally decided to expose.——Indeed,He will definitely be stared,Is no longer“Human animal harmless round master”,But still do it“Round master of the butcher knife”,So I can’t expose the extent that I can’t expose.。

“As for Yu Sanyuan……Indeed due to poor,Yu Yuanxia wants to revenge,Poor is nothing to say,Just ask Wu Dang, don’t misunderstand Shaolin、Error,I hope this is here.。”Roundly,耷 耷 重 重 的,The palm has come to the front of Yu Lianzhou.。
“And slow!Since the circular brother is really confession,Yu 2nd……What you are, Yu San Xia was abolished.,What is the relationship with the round real teacher??”Muanxun breaks the road。
“When Yu Sanxia was killed in the year,You can in Wudang?”Chu Deirers directly。
Although it is very rude,But……At this time asked,Yuan really has to answer。
Yu Yuyan,It was sent by the dart to Wudang Mountain.,Cheng Kun, who was faked by Wuwang。
“This……Indeed nearby。”Round really unreasonable。
“Round brother,You can practice‘Great King Kong’?”Xuan Qi immediately asked。
“This is not,Poor self infected,Did you learn those killing efforts。”Roundly,Sadly shaking the head。
“World people know,Yu Sanxia is hurting the hand of Qi Jin Kong,This matter is with round brothers……”
Mysterious is halfway,I was interrupted by the Chu Deirers.:“good、good!There is a coincidence.!only……How is it so clever?,Then the sunny day is still in the world.,Ming teaches time to day,Sudden violent,And after Xie Xun’s things,The person behind this is the master of Shaolin.?
More than ten years ago, Yu Sanyuan was abolished,It is this Master Shaolin.,And Yu San Xia hurts the hand of Qi Jin Kong!
Seven years ago Wuwang Zhen people hundred years old birthday banquet,Set《Pure Yang Polancence》,Seven Man comes again,It is also the Shaolin master leaders to Wudang.,Fame、Righteousness,On behalf of the rivers and lake righteousness, Zhang Wu?
three years ago,North and South Gang in my big brother,Rehever,When the first big signature of the world is bright,Another Apricot Forest?And this apricot forest……
Next passerby,People whispering,But ask a sentence,My big brother’s parents are all from Nansonglin.、The teacher is the mysterious master of Shaolin,And I took him away.‘Brother’,Your Shaolin can dare to be Tan Gong、Tan Po、Zhao Qian Sun’s face,Take a chest,This‘Brother’Not your Shaolin?
I am a passerby,Whim,Is it your Shaolin and the world’s second major,Forever eight characters?How is it so clever??”
Chu Deee began to make a beaded output。
Said to see Tan Gong、Tan Po,And Zhao Qian Sun, covering the chest——Before this, I want to bother Shaolin and Wudang.,The result was taken back by Qiao Feng.。
Zhao Qun Sun This head,It is indeed almost to make the group,Just, I immediately had a result.,So the flag。
“Come!Tan Gong、Tan Po,There is also Zhao Qi Sun Li,You dare to promise a sentence……Raising a big brother is a Shaolin、If there is a loss of concern,Just as the place where he is dead、I am also a small man.!”Chu Deirers stared at the outstanding experience of the year。
“you……I……”Zhao Qian Sun is said to have a big color,Finally, by internal injury,Spit,Halo。
“It seems that no one wants to gather.,That‘Brother’Not Shaolin’s people?Then, no matter what big monk exactly,I said a sentence……I have a murder of my big brother.,It may be that the thief is still extinguished.!No one can see my big brother to kill people.,Let him believe in Shaolin?”Chu Deirers see the pavilion is enough,So the big light。
Change in us,Even if the Chu Deirers are raised“Big big brother”,Just the prestige of Shaolin itself,It is enough for him to set it out,However, now……
From Ming Education、Go to Wudang,Go to the gang,A string of things is twisted by the Chu Deirers,Shaolin This is not awkward.!
Mysterious、Silver and heart refute,However, I will see that Tan Gong Tan Po will know.,This“Brother”,It’s true from Shaolin、And it is their Nan Shaolin。
Add abroad……The two have seen a round of sadness.,Feel some heart tired。
Other martial arts,At this time, I also discuss it.——Originally thought,North Shaolin does not pay attention to Qiao Feng’s things,So I only sent a round word.,A lot of age、However, the status of the event is a general master,How……This is really so“Big”Origin!
The reason why Shaolin makes circular,Will it also have any calculations??
Chu Deiren“Dial”Later,Originally determined“Qiaofeng is the category of the rivers and lakes、frenzied,Even if he is tall,Everyone dares to condemn him”Wulin people,At this time, the opinions are also differentiated.。
Some believe that Shaolin、Some believe that Qiao Feng,The most, the most believed:Qiao Feng is not a good person,Shaolin……It seems that it is not clean now.!
In short, the mind of Qiaoof swears,All fall,Most of them think——Unclear,Anyway, he is a Manzhou,Not nothing,I will not have the next future.……
Chapter 2110 尴尬 Heroes Conference