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The body of the three-eyed toad was swallowed and turned into an irregular mushy body of tumbling magma.,It’s squirming fast,Continuously collecting lava blood sprayed around,Where,The monsters all run wildly,Qi Ling let it toss,Milky white mist is slowly sprayed from the nostrils,Wrap Li Tianzhen around。

What surprised Qiqi Ling,Li Tianzhu’s spiritual consciousness is much stronger than he imagined,The trauma suffered is not serious,It’s just that the mental strength is completely exhausted,The soul of the fierce blade blade has not really disappeared,But lack of vitality,Hiding in Li Tianzhen’s body,This is when he is most vulnerable。
“Such a stubborn temper,Really‘Lord of Seven Flames’Old character,But he didn’t recover much,I want to reproduce the power of the past,I’m afraid there is still a long way,Nothing,This time I’ll rely on you once,Know yourself。”
Qi Ling was talking to himself for Li Tianzhi quickly uprooting the spirit of the unicorn beast,This kind of breath is extremely domineering,Specifically erodes the power of the soul,And extremely stubborn,Don’t talk about ordinary magicians,Even the true god can’t resist。
And the other side,That weird irregular shape has completed the collection of all lava blood,Rotating slowly with a black mist,Faster and faster,After a while, it stopped slowly,A new dragon-shaped head is formed,Swish and fly to the necks of the three unicorn beasts aside,After shaking it twice, it is as good as ever!
“You know how good you are now?”Ling Qi,At this time, Li Tianzhen’s body of consciousness gradually recovered,After being slapped with a slap, turned into a light and shadow and left the magic town tower。
“I am not convinced!”
“Dissatisfied?I made you!”
Three unicorn beasts growl with teeth。
“Let him go,Protect him well,If you don’t accept it,I will let you taste the fire of Shenyuan。”
Three unicorn beasts are still angry,But dare not yell again,Suddenly a bright star flew out of Qi Ling’s eyes,A puff fell into the yin and yang of the unicorn beast,“If not obedient,You will suffer!”
“You go too。”Qi Ling looked at the primordial spirit of the three-eyed toad hiding in the corner,“Maybe occasionally,You can reshape the body。”
Two rays of light,Flying out from the magic town tower one after another,Disappear in the black sky。
Sea of vitality,Boom,Two loud bangs,Soaring,Shocked the weak golden man,He quickly hid behind the rock,Look at the place where the noise is made,Although the sea is very shallow,But it is rising fast at a speed visible to the naked eye,Two monsters came out of the mist,A black unicorn stepping on the fire cloud,A green three-eyed toad followed far behind,Seems nothing special,But the three eyes of this thing are like a beacon in the dark mist,Extremely dazzling。
“Damn,What kind of monster is this?”The little golden man immediately became nervous,Ancient monsters appeared in Li Tianzhen’s sea of vitality,Won’t be so scary?Although he knew that Li Tianzhen rushed into the Demon Suppression Tower again,But apart from fighting,He can’t imagine what this guy is doing again,These two guys right now,Was it pulled out from the Demon Town Tower??
If so, it would be bad,The little golden man stared at each other anxiously,How can two monsters be so powerful?I am afraid that all have entered the realm of great gods and demons,Especially the unicorn beast,It’s a rare wild animal,In this way,Why don’t you end your days of enjoying yourself?
Thinking wildly,Suddenly the little golden man’s eyes flashed,The unicorn beast has arrived somehow,A huge dragon-shaped head is facing him,Burning lava heat erupted from the thick nostrils,Two eye beads like lanterns are trying to focus,Finally saw the appearance of the little golden man,Its new head is still very bad,Tensile to use。
“little guy,Who is the last name??”
“Who are you?”The little golden man backs down,The exhausted body can hardly bear the pressure of the unicorn beast。