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He thought,At least enter the eternal kingdom through tokens,What dominating methods,Delve more into the unity of mind and force,comprehend by analogy,Accumulate,I hope to realize。

but,He may have underestimated his accumulation of three cycles,In fact, his will,I’m not inferior to any one who dominates。
Even at different times,Different rules,And represents countless creatures‘soul’But they are more connected。
The accumulation of three cycles,Add a touch of understanding,Actually put his《Heart formation》Pushed to the third and fourth stages of the method of unity of mind and force!
Do not,Can’t say yes《Heart formation》The fourth stage。
Reach this level,Li Mingcai understands,When one’s own Taoism is completed,There is no specific method of unity of mind and force,One’s own mental strength and true spirit absolutely fit,Absolutely fit with mana。
Before Li Ming,Also must work hard into the formation,Only then can the three forces be perfectly displayed,If it is close combat,It must be based on the mysterious formation of the melee method。
But now,Li Ming’s every move is perfect,The perfect combination of mind and mana。
Random tap with finger,Power has soared to an incredible point。
The time and space in the stone wall of the golem is easily torn。
“No wonder the Heart Sword Emperor was dominated by the enemy—At least before the heart is exhausted,His swordsmanship with two levels of power surge is no less than three masters。”
Li Ming’s with a hint of joy—Next,As long as the ultimate formation breaks through,He is invincible in the entire endless territory。
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Golem World,Alien in the cave,Surrounded by nine stone pillars,Above the altar,The man in a green robe opened his eyes。
And by his side,A sharp rise in breath,It is a phantom fate that appears beside him。