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but now,This carboniferous workshop has been dismantled by Qi people.,Oh,So not accurate,It should be said to provide carbon charcoal for Qi people.。

So,If Yushu City’s Zhou Jun still has to fuel,Then you have to go out to cut wood.!To know,Two hills near this,They have been hacked by them.,I have to go further.。
Just now,They can’t get it in the distance,Those places,Has been given by Qi Jun。So after the winter,Wei Xia widen is likely to encounter a big trouble。
Food is still,However, there is no way to make these foods.!
Gao Biyi apparently knows where the Soft’s soft rib,Passing a lot of fine righteous teams,Ambush investigation around Yusheng City,Once you find Zhou Jun’s outstanding city,Immediately signal,Contact Surrounding Qi Jun Raising Team jointly stranded。
After eating a few times,Wei Xiaoxuan does not want him to think,I don’t send people out of the city.,He also honestly stayed in Yushu City,Look at the sun and fall in the sun again。
Human sometimes poor,In many circumstances,Often you know how to do it?,In the end, it can only be slowly killed in the bureau.,Because I know how to break is a matter,Ability to break,It is another thing.。
“Order,Time tires。Drink water unified time,No longer give any soldiers alone。”
Wei Xia wida has a very wound,But have to do this ordered。
He saw that Xin Dao seems to stay.,For a long time,So frown asked:“Why don’t you go to the army??”
Wei Xia width is not pleased。
“Let’s go down like this……Really meaningful??”
Xin Dynasty is like a muttering。
“This is not what you have to care.,Go to order。”
Originally wanted to get fire,Subsequently, in fact, certain things can’t be quilted.。Wei Xiaoxuan is tired and tired,I don’t want to explain too much.。
“Laleuan,Overcast。Tianzhi,Four wild。
Heaven,Wild。Wind flipgrass。”
It’s getting late,Gao Bao sang in the North Dynasty folk song,Stand“Broken city”The main city building,Soak the fire,Look forward to“Partition”Yushu City。
Just see the unclear partial contour,Some dreams of dreams。At this time,It seems that the star is generally,The moon completely disappeared,I don’t know where to hide.。
“Moon,When your father took the lead in the army, you sang this song.,Avoid the defeat of the army。I heard this song today.,How do you think?”
At that end, the law of the law was first,I participated in this war.,Did not die in Yushu City,It’s really a life.。For this paragraph is not a good memory,He really doesn’t want to say more。
Moreover, Gao Bi sang still did not have his 律 金 金。
“The Dado Governor has been prepared for,I want to come here.……”
The Light is still going on,Even afraid that he is a flag of Gao Baoyi,Even busy,Shouldn’t tell those words。
Gao Bao fell to see Zheng Minmin asked。
“All supervised。”
Zheng Minmin did not move the color of a ritual。
“Take my six strings,I have to install today……吭 吭 吭 歌,Divergently。”
Gao Bao said excited,None of the tension before the war。
Take a short while,Six stringed piano in the future,Holded by Zheng Minmin carefully,Finally handed Gao Baoyi。
Gao Tongovernor is gently dialed with a string,Nodding,Um,This is this taste。
“the brightest star in the night sky,Can you hear it?;
That is looking up,Lonely and sigh of your heart;
the brightest star in the night sky,Can you record?;