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The best partner to stay up all night in the World Cup, come pick

The best partner to stay up all night in the World Cup, come pick

With the 2018 Russia World Cup in full swing, do you feel that the number of fans around you has suddenly increased?

How many of them are true emperors, and how many of them are fake fans?

“Fans rating test” H5, it is said that only 10% of people can survive to the end?
Many senior fans have a natural sense of superiority towards fake fans, but this year, this situation seems to be reversed.

Since the start of the World Cup, each game has been frequently ups and downs. It can be described as “just in a row”: Russia’s “rise”, Germany and Brazil’s upset, Ronaldo’s “1 kick 10”, and Messi panic .… In the prediction of this year’s results, “Know the Ball Emperor” planted a big heel, and there was a sorrow in the circle of friends, and even the rooftop had to be shaken.

On the contrary, the slightly understand Emperor and the pseudo-fans who have not studied the data and technology in depth have instead hit each other by accident and are more popular.

No wonder this year, fans circulated a slogan “Football is bought instead, villas rely on the sea.”

  Fortunately, entering the final round of the World Cup group stage, each game is a battle of life and death, the strong team finally awakened.

After Portugal and Portugal were promoted in the early morning on the 26th, Argentina escaped last night, thrillingly guarding the facade of the giants.

  In the fierce atmosphere of the game, no matter whether it is a real fan or a fake fan, there is no time to take into account the views of the portal and devote all their attention to the game.

However, since the game also started at 22:00, the fans must have prepared the beer barbecue crayfish and started to fight all night long.

However, after staying up late, the body will inevitably have oral ulcers, gum swelling and pain, bad breath, pharyngitis and other oral fire symptoms, to fight against the fire, fans need to stay up late to watch the ball’s good partner-Baiyun Shankou Yanqing particles.

  Baiyun Yamaguchi Yanqing Granules can effectively treat the symptoms of oral irritability, and no longer have to worry about repeated attacks of oral ulcers. It is an essential medicine for fans to stay up late to watch the ball.

Regardless of whether the emperor understands the ball or the pseudo-fans, he did this cup of Yanqing Pass, and we are carnival together tonight!

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