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Misuse of mask five years old


Misuse of mask five years old

When will you apply the mask?

Morning, noon or anytime, anywhere?

Everyone loves facial masks. This thin layer of cloth or a layer of nutrients can make your skin look beautiful immediately.

But most people don’t know the golden moment of applying a mask. If an inappropriate mask is applied at an inappropriate time, it may make your skin five years old!

Let’s understand the golden rule of the mask and make it really work.

  Do not think that all the masks are applied for 15 minutes. Do not think that all the masks are applied for 15 minutes. In fact, there are time regulations on the descriptions of different brands.

There are many factors that determine the length of time the mask stays on the edge. Brands are also marked after careful consideration, but not just casually.

  Golden Moment: In terms of material, the dwell time setting of the wash type in the mask, and the dwell time setting of the non-woven material.

It also affects the residence time of the mask. It also has effects and active ingredients. For example, it usually has a short exfoliation and whitening function, especially exfoliating masks. If the application time is too long or even harmful, these masks stay longerFive minutes is enough; while the high-concentration, nutritional mask should shorten the staying time, otherwise the skin will not absorb enough and the nutritional components will be wasted.

  Double the effect: almost all the masks find a reasonable residence time in the manual, but the ambient temperature is not stated. In fact, the temperature is very important for the mask. The ideal mask temperature should be around 25 ° C. Now this time indoorsA lot of dry, insufficient skin activity, you can warm the sheet mask with hot water, while the cream mask can be rubbed on the palm before applying on the layer.

If a humidifier has been used in the room and the temperature is high, the amount of oil on the skin will increase after the mask is heated, so not only can it not be heated, but the time for applying the mask will be reduced.

  One tablet a week?

Every day is a good time for the golden moment: There is no standard answer on how often to use the mask, it depends on the effectiveness of the mask.

For example, moisturizing masks can be used every day, especially in this season; whitening masks are about once or twice a week; anti-wrinkle masks are about once a week; deep cleansing masks, oily skin under normal room temperature and humidity once a week,Dry skin is best once every two weeks.

If you want to focus on the beauty treatment of a facial mask for one week, you can use this: one deep cleansing mask, two moisturizing masks, and a dual-effect mask between the two moisturizing masks, such as anti-aging and whitening masks.

  Double the effect: The prime time for using the mask is at night, between 11 pm and 5 am the next day. The best effect is the repair type mask.

Adrenocortical hormones are strengthened from 4am, so 4 am-6am is most suitable for eye masks that can tighten eye circulation to tighten the eye bags; from 1pm to 3pm, using essence with firming mask works best;From 4 pm to 8 pm is a good time to do beauty treatments. High-nutrition masks such as silk masks can be used.

In addition, the most high blood pressure is the time between 8 pm and 11 pm, which is actually the most unsuitable time for mask application. At this time, the skin’s microvascular resistance is weakened, blood pressure drops, and the skin is susceptible to allergies.Are not suitable.

  The sleep mask is actually not related to sleep from 11pm to 3am the next day. During this time, cell growth and repair are most vigorous. Cell division is 8 times faster than usual. The skin’s absorption of skin care products is particularly strong.The repair mask has the best effect, so many people like to use the sleep mask. The biggest feature of the sleep mask is that it is disposable and repaired at the correct time is definitely a favorite of lazy people.

  Golden Moment: It may be the name of “sleeping mask” that has caused many people to misunderstand. I think it must be applied while sleeping, and then scrubbed after waking up.

In fact, the sleeping mask does not always have to be applied overnight. This depends on everyone’s skin condition and indoor temperature, such as oily skin. At night, the secretion of oil is particularly strong. You only need to use the sleeping mask for half an hour until the skin is absorbed.It can be washed away.

Although the mask has a moisturizing effect, if the mask itself dries, it will eat back the moisture in the skin. The heating in winter is very powerful. If the humidity in the room is not enough, do not use a sleeping mask. After the sleeping mask is dry, it will block the pores and cause dry lines and acne.Acne and other issues.

  Double the effect: The design of the sleep mask is mainly based on gelatinous macromolecules. The purpose is to effectively lock the small molecules of water and others in the skin. Therefore, apply a layer of moisturizer or essence before using the sleep maskWould be much better.

In addition, people who are not suitable for applying the mask all night can consider using it at noon, and can take a nap for beauty.