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American Media: Online education creates India coding prodigy

Report Message Network reported on October 28th, issued a report on October 27th, "9-year-old codec display India how to lead online education", the full text is as follows: Over the past, Hiwank Pattle Has been learning to write software code, he has developed some application software, one for donating food to the street children. He is also building a platform that helps doctors track premature infants. Paters in New Delhi is 9 years old. In India, the online coding class for primary school students has begun until the new crown pop-up acceleration allows the learning mode to turn online.

Promoting this boom is the needs of parents, they think that programming knowledge is as important as writing and arithmetic, they have suffered from how to make people in the trapped home during the crisis. India is a hotbed of an electronic learning experiment.

Home is headquartered in Bangalore, Bangalore, a company with online courses such as mathematics, science, humanities and language.

CB Venture Capital Corporation, the top unicorn company, the founder of the Facebook, Mark Zachberg, and his wife Pu Xira · Chen and other investors funded by 11 billion US dollars, It is one of the most valuable education technology startups in the world. At the headquarters of India’s reede management consulting company, Abiku Gutta said: Coding courses may become the next large-scale export product in India.

He put the code courses and the country’s outsourcing boom in the 1990s. One of Beizers, the CEO of Prossas Investment Company Lari Irg said that India has the world’s largest computer science graduate talent library and a large number of low-cost English labor. Course has a unique advantage in building an industry. He said: a group of new Indian start-up companies have emerged.

More than Just In August spent $ 300 million in acquisition coding startup enterprises in white cap children.

This headquartered company has 120,000 pay users, half of which is mainly in India, mainly in the United States, starting to provide courses in the United States this year.

The company’s CEO Karan Bajie said that people’s interest is also hiking in the UK and Australia. He said: The whole world is a market that encodes live courses. Baj Jie founded a white cap children in 2018. At that time, the company’s coding live courses were just widely raised in the United States and Europe, but in India almost absent. Bajie has worked as a 30-year executive in P & G and exploration channels, working in the United States and India, have written three novels. As a father of two little girls, he said: Speaking of the code, the sooner the better. White Hat Children has a multiplayer teaching team, mainly from India, but there are some from the Philippines. The demand for its services is so large that up to 250 teachers will be added daily. Its 8-hour initiator program package can teach basic code knowledge, 48 hours can help children develop a basic application software, while 144 hours of course packages even programmed for aerospace simulation, such as drawing astronauts to Mars trajectory or trajectory Create a virtual model of the black hole.

The charge is from $ 25 per hour to $ 35. The company has recently been online advertising: 7-year-old codec; 21 years old became the CEO of Microsoft: Bill Gates.

Another advertisement showed the image of Zuckerberg, as well as the image of him or a little boy. Advertising: effort to encode.

Create history.

The 27-year-old Aisha Sidik is a teacher of the Capko Children.

This single mother living in Southern Haizaraba gave up the low salary dentist for earnings about Wan Ru (about $ 204) every month after seeing the advertisement of the Cap Children’s Advertise, INSTAGRAM. Sidik started to Australia and Indian children from two o’clock in the afternoon; after a break, she began to pay for the United States and Canadian children.

Her monthly revenue has reached 100,000 rupees, she said: After a few years, if you don’t know how to encode, people will think that you are outdated.

Experts say that the correct teaching course can help children cultivate creativity and innovation. MIT’s Media Media Laboratory Lifelong Kindergarten Team headed team leader Michel Reznik said: If you have a professor as a way to creatively express your own way, it is worthless. The 9-year-old codewoman Pattle is a 28-week premature baby, and the weight is less than 2 pounds (1 pound boy).

This fifth-grade student hopes to publish its application in Google Play store to help parents and doctors monitor the health of premature infants.

Patel said: Learning coding makes me see new challenges every day.

I want to develop applications to solve daily problems.

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