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[Banxia powder and soup]_ effect _ effect

[Banxia powder and soup]_ effect _ effect

Pinellia, a Chinese medicinal material, is not noticeable in life, so even if many people have seen Pinellia, they do not know what it is.

However, Pinellia ternata was previously planted in large areas, so Pinellia ternata is often used in traditional Chinese medicine.

The pinellia powder is a pill developed mainly by pinellia. It is mainly used for cough and other symptoms, but pinellia is poisonous, so try to eat less.

So what is the practice of Banxia San and Soup?

Shaoyin disease, sore throat, Pinellia powder and Tangzhuzhi Pinellia (washing), Guizhi (peeled), licorice () are divided into three flavors, divided into sieve, and treated together.

Self-drinking kimono square inch dagger, three times a day.

If you can’t disperse it, fry it with seven liters of water and boil it for seven times;

[Notes on Selection]Chapter Xugu: Shao Yin’s veins, the straight one goes through the throat, the outer evil person, the yang cannot stretch, the depression and the fire, the burning sore throat, still use Xinwen Kaida, soThe solution of evil to the outside, the internal fire dissipates, this pushes the root and governs.

If you see cold sore throat and throw in the cold, then closing the evil will be more serious (“Typhoid Essentials”).

Cao Yingfu: Shao Yin disease has sore throat, and there was licorice and Chinese bellflower soup soup before.

This is more a list of Banxia San and Banxia Tang Fang. Neither the pulses are the same, and there is no evidence to distinguish them. The reason is that the middle school teacher has the same disease. What is the reason?

Of course, the previous article said sore throat, and this article speaks of sore throat.

Fang Zhong used raw Pinellia ternate, which was anesthetized to relieve pain, and it was used to reduce sputum to remove phlegm, and the meaning was the same as that of the laryngeal injury.

. But Guizhi blindly cannot understand.

According to the modern “Wu’s Throat and Secret Collection”, there is a cold pharyngeal paralysis-card, which briefly states that the lung meridians are slow and cold, and the color is not very swollen.

If you take cold medicine by mistake, it will be rotten for a long time.

There are also Yin Yin, dumb sound, six-pulse late thin Yin card, using ephedra three money, Guizhi one money, Xixin two money.

However, the pain in the pharynx, the pulse must be slow and slow, its color should be purple, and its swelling should not be very.

However, Zhongzhi’s use of cinnamon sticks is also decided to declare Tongyang ears.

Because of its cold in the blood, it is necessary to use cinnamon sticks instead of ephedra, and it is not appropriate to blame him for sweating because of Shao Yin (“Severe typhoid fever”).

Xu Lingtai: “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Pinellia treats sore throat and Guizhi treats sore throat.

This is the main medicine of the larynx.

(“Typhoid Prescription”)