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Unambiguous,Own wife,Own husband,Also very happy with each other。

Xiao Fan thought that if the rice cakes grow up in the future,Do you want to join them in their mutual conflict?,Still small rice cake,I will watch them in a calm manner。
Thinking of that scene, Xiao Fan couldn’t help but smile,After hanging up the phone, Xiao Fan and Gu Jin didn’t stay longer。
Anyway, nothing happened,Then Xiao Fan needs to make some decisions,Xiao Fan can handle those things remotely。
It’s not too late to wait till you get home,Besides, he also wants to rest。
These days because of Shen Lin,And some company matters,He spent a lot of effort,After all, the spies at the head office haven’t caught them yet。
Chu Yao was also sent to the company,So Xiao Fan is thinking about letting myself rest recently。
Don’t know what will happen in the future,Always recharge,Plan for the next step。
Everyone should have a plan in their life,Isn’t it?So Xiao Fan and Gu Jin went to the mall where Lin Yuner and Bai Chen were。
Lin Yuner and Bai Chen just came down when they arrived,So they went to dinner together,I ate in a Chinese restaurant。
But this restaurant is not owned by Xiao Fan,Just come to meet often,Because Lin Yoona likes this dish very much。
She also liked the taste of this dish very much when she brought Bai Chen,So everyone came together。
There was no place when I came,But the four of them are not simple characters,So the boss temporarily arranged a top-class box。
The four of them accepted it comfortably,After all, they are also spending money here,So it’s not too much of treatment。
The education they have received since childhood and the treatment they have received since childhood can make them feel at ease,I wouldn’t dare to bear anything,Dare not bear,Afraid of owing someone else。
This is the right one,Like-minded,That’s why the four of them played so well。
And even though Lin Yoona and Bai Chen didn’t know each other before,,But after getting acquainted, I also talked a lot about my own thoughts and some three-view questions,I found that the two people really fit together。
And then developed good friends,Fortunately, Gu Jin is also making a home here,Don’t plan to go backmOver there。
He also plans to develop Kunlun Ruins here,And when I saw Master last time I also mentioned this thing。