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“I.No clothes,Can i wear yours first?I can dry my clothes tomorrow morning。”

Drumming in my heart,In my memory,Situ Yan seems to have always loved cleaning,You can tell by looking at this room,Ask the exit at this time,Also a little embarrassing。
Lonely men and widows are a lot to think about,Still wear his clothes now,There was an unconscious blush on her little face。
Situ Yan was startled when he heard the words,Warm and warm, wearing school uniforms at this time,Empty-handed,Suddenly feel a little cute,Like a homeless rabbit?
Scared by my own thoughts,Situ Yan’s deep eyes flashed,Thinking of the scene in the alley this afternoon,Thin lips pursed,Finally said nothing,Pointed to the front bedroom。
“Sleep in tonight,I sleep on the sofa,Clothes are in the closet。”
Hear words,Strode to the bathroom。
Heard the sound of water in the bathroom,It’s warm and warm and relieved,Walked slowly to the bedroom,The little hand holding the door handle is a little nervous,Warm and warm can feel my palms sweat。
His bedroom is the same as his,Clean and clean,But also very deserted,Simple gray tones,The wardrobe on one side is quite big,There are some shirts or some whiteT,Feel free to hold a white shirt。
Wearing men’s clothes for the first time,It’s warm and warm, feeling a touch of electric current across your fingers,Burning my nerves,His clothes still have a faint mint smell。
While she was thinking,Situ Yan has finished the bath,The one who just came in was too rushed,Forgot to take clothes,Walked out with only a towel。
Man just took a shower,There are still wet drops on the body,One or two drippers fell from his neat shattered hair!Warm and Nuan saw the drop of water across the abdominal muscles in front of the man with his own eyes,Finally slid to an unknown place。
Swallowed,Hurriedly looked away。
“Sorry!Sorry!I don’t know you are going out so fast!”
“Ha ha,”A man’s chuckle came in my ear,I looked at her red face like a cooked crab,Situ Yan asked suddenly:“Does it look good?”
He got too close。
Warm and warm, I clearly feel the man’s exhaled air passing by gently,Bring a stream of heat,I feel a little uncomfortable all over。
“Uh.good looking。”