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It’s just that after Xia Chenglong carefully probed with his spiritual sense,Only then began to realize the extraordinary place of that big tree。

as expected,The lone wolf gently hands,Posted on top of this big tree,And then immediately,I saw a soft white light around him,Swallow him directly。
After the white light swallowed him,In the blink of an eye,The lone wolf just disappeared。
When the lone wolf disappeared behind that big tree,The rickshaw driver at this time also picked up his car,Ready to leave,But at this moment,The face of the rickshaw driver was also suddenly changed.。
There was a little dignity on the expression,At this time, he said coldly:“Your Excellency has come now,So timid,I’m afraid it wasn’t the work of a knight!”
Xia Chenglong at this time heard that voice,I also know that someone must have found himself,So the corners of his mouth are slightly raised,Evoked a playful smile。
At this time, he didn’t plan to hide himself again,On the contrary, he came out generously。
Xia Chenglong clapped her hands gently,Like a compliment to that person:“Not bad,Not bad,Can actually find this seat,Your cultivation is really good!”
Because Xia Chenglong didn’t plan to tell this person to leave alive,So at this time, he released his own strength without reservation.。
And when that person felt the aura from Xia Chenglong’s body,His face suddenly tightened,He never expected Xia Chenglong to be so powerful。
At this time, Xia Chenglong’s mouth was slightly raised with a playful smile.,To be honest, he likes to watch the big things that opponents want to beat him,But look helpless,Although to be honest,It’s a bit nasty like this,But he likes it!
That person didn’t talk any more nonsense with Xia Chenglong,After all, I have been in this golden triangle for a long time,Everyone knows that words and promises are the least valuable things!
That person quietly condensed spiritual power in his own hands,Although it seems secret,But Xia Chenglong still saw it。
“Your Excellency is very strong!”
“maybe,Strong for you,But it might be very weak for others,This thing always has to define a standard!”
“No matter how strong you are, stay here today!”