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But make the foxhride on one side,Naturally, I will not look at the mother’s top.,See the other party,Stand out immediately:“Bride!Let the disciples will try Jianzong’s Kung Fu,If the disciple’s gas is not happy,You and Master fight with them!”

Linghu rushed to provoke:“Adult,You have left Huashan for a long time.,The teacher is not arguing,To return to Huashanmen,I also have to see my Master’s meaning.,But even if he is the old man,The rule of this door is also the first gatekeeper.,You have to call me a master brother.!”
and……Let the Linger finished,I grabbed the broom in front of the corner.。
Not worried about anger,But I understand my heart.,This Hua Mountain School’s little disciple,Also play with yourself。
“Ah,how?Gas disciple,Now I don’t have the sword.?”Not worried。
“Arrival,Grass wood is the sword!”Linghu Chong, a deputy, is a big man.。
certainly,In fact, it is practical——Don’t look at the old age,However, his internal strength and the Chu Deirers are all worse.,And practice is just Huashan gas religious《Inert》,distance“Flying flower deciduous,Can hurt people”,I am afraid that there is a distance of at least two turtles.。
Just make the foxz know your own weakness,I understand that I am really playing.,This can’t worry, although Jian Zong is born.,But the age is,Internal force is definitely better than him,instead……The sword trick is his biggest advantage!
But use the sword,It’s easy to be straightforward,And broom……
“kindness?This Huashan disciple,Is it so powerful??”Mu Yuqing asked the Chu Deirers。
“The sword method is indeed,But if it is true sword,It is not worrying to go out——Born with him a sword,After that, I killed my sword.……What is the use of the sword?But with this broom,Go directly to him、Face sweep,He is not worried, it is a senior person.,How can I get it??”Chu Deiren explained。
This idea is this idea.,As long as you don’t worry,It will definitely be by his“Munition”Disturb,Broom with chicken dirt,Instead, more than internal force,More well!
“How to press you……It seems that the advantage of Jianzong is internal force,The advantage of the gas relief is the exquisite?”Mu Yizhen,A pair, are you kid of my tone。
“You don’t know this,How about Jianzong’s sword?、Sword,Affirmation is also practicing internal work,After all, I have made many old brothers.,Linghu brother……Negative intelligence,But there is another adventure before the sword。”Chu Deiren explained。
Soonken,I got verification,Linghu rushing to use a broom,Make all kinds of fine swords,Forced to get dangerous。
Huashan Jianzong’s sword,Sudiliaries may have never seen it,However, the Fox Chong has long been practiced along with the method of cracking in the cave.!
Finally, can’t work, still,Using the sword to cut the broom,I hurt the fox。
Although the perspective of competition,How to see it is not worried,Just the scene,Inevitable look——How about this kind of disciples,Sensitive sword law,And Jianzong’s elders,Instead, it is necessary to win?
And it is also unfair to know,So winning、No face,Under the umbrella,Also wanting to squat。
However, the Haiqiu machine will take the fox airs.,After the dust,I have opened the long sword that can’t worry.,Ren is the sword,But the dust of the hill。
It’s a little calm.,Self-knowledge,I don’t dare to blame the hill.,Just a stuffy:“The first game is what I won.!”
Chu Deirers said in the small voice.:“These people are dead,If you change to me,Now a certain call,To sweep the sink、Sword gas,And you must use this warline,Jianzong knows more than the gas‘Sword gas’Reason……”
Chapter 156 Borrow
Linghu Chong this“Although defeated”,The scene is just awkward,Surround quiet,I am fully listening to Chu Deirers,But whether it is Jianzong、Or gas,I don’t mean it.。
Use the original Zhong Yue unqualified training Yue Lingshan——Put it in thirty years ago,Jianzong、When the gas is the most fierce,Huashan disciples dare to say“Sword gas”,It’s going to be part of it in a hurry.……Because“Be more”that is“Not heavy”,I have to kill her both sides.!
Originally, Yue Lingshan expressed“Sword gas”Idea,Map is being reprimanded by Yue Yue,And use the cruel situation of the year,actually……Yue Yue’s personality,Probably the buried root buried。
All the same part of the same party,for“Sword”It is necessary to fight for the head of blood,Not only time to meet,And what is the means,In this kind of environment、Take over the entire youth,How can it be a gentleman??
Even if the people of Jianzong today,Now it will also practice the internal strength is not low.,Gas’s Yue Yue……It looks great,One day and disciples stressed that you must not take the Jianzong,In fact, I also pursued the three fairy swords in the back.——Jianzong’s most typical sword method!
However, you will definitely say these on your mouth.,Even the priests that fox rushing,I have already made Yue Yue in my heart.,At this time, there is a good face.。
“Large,Helping your master brother to hear。”Yue Yue did not care much about the fox。