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Wang Youcai woke up suddenly,He saw plums,Turned around and said:“Don’t run to me during the day,Don’t you be afraid of others talking about you?”

“Love to talk!Mouth grows on someone else’s body,I can’t control,But I tell you one thing,I’m pregnant”Meizi said in a low voice。
Wang Youcai listened,Hurriedly turned around,He asked anxiously:“What did you say?what happened to you?”
“I’m pregnant,Did you hear clearly this time??”Meizi raised her voice a lot。Wang Youcai stood up when he heard it,He looks nervous。This time it finally got a fire again,This woman seems to have said before,She wears a limited contraceptive ring,How could she get pregnant??
Wang Youcai took a breath,Calm down,Then sneered at Meizi:“You can still sprout just planting things in this broken land?”
“About thirty days,I just told you,Don’t wait to be born,You don’t admit it”Meizi said very calmly,I feel like she is Wang Youcai’s wife。
Wang Youcai’s face changed and said:“Didn’t you say you were on the ring??How can you get pregnant?”
“how could I know?Anyway, my aunt didn’t come last month,And these two days are very disgusting,Like to eat sour things。This is a sign of pregnancy,If you don’t believe,Let’s go to the hospital”Meizi said in a low voice,I feel this is very common for her。
Wang Youcai can’t sit still,He quickly started putting on clothes。He wears,While cursing softly:“You girl,I can’t control my own situation,What should we do now?”
“What to do is up to you,Anyway, this is yours。These three months,You have been occupying this land,Don’t try to make excuses”Meizi said,Glared at Wang Youcai。
The dressed Wang Youcai yelled softly:“You clean up, let’s go to the city,Do you really want to be born?”
More than eleven o’clock,Wang Youcai took Meizi to a private hospital in Pingdu,The result of the test is that the plum is really pregnant。But the doctor said,Just pregnant now,If you don’t want it,Problem solved,But if a period of time passes,It’s impossible not to have surgery“
Out of the hospital,Wang Youcai said to Meizi with a smile:“Get rid of it!I will give you some compensation“
Meizi smiled and said:“Little things,As long as you are responsible。wait for me a while,I go to the toilet,Let’s discuss what to do when it’s over“Meizi ran towards the hospital after speaking。
Wang Youcai shook his head helplessly,This woman is really a hillbilly,When I was in the hospital just now,Not go to the toilet,Now coming out and running back。
Meizi enters through the front door of this hospital,Sneaked out from the back door again。She walks,What are you looking for。
When she saw the telephone in front of a grocery store,Walked over。
Wang Youcai sitting in the driving seat of the jeep,Eyes closed,When he was thinking about how to deal with plums,Suddenly the car door was pulled open。
“Don’t move,Don’t say anything,Otherwise this knife won’t have eyes long“With the deep voice of a man,Wang Youcai suddenly felt something cold against his neck。
Sudden change,Wang Youcai didn’t react for a while,He thought it was a dream。But when he was pulled out of the car,Only then did he know,This is real,Definitely not dreaming。