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This Liu Ying is gone,Wang Youcai lay down on the big bed,Suddenly I felt a trace of pajamas。What medicine did Doctor Lu prescribe him this time?,How can it be so powerful,Can’t even sleep。

At dawn,Wang Youcai wakes up by the knock on the door。He turned over and sat on the bed,Found that the sun had shot in from under the curtains。
“Wang Ge!It’s half past eight,There are so many things waiting for you”Liu Changgui’s voice came from outside。This isn’t Tian Baby’s getting married,If it wasn’t for Wang Youcai to call,Liu Changgui is still at home and doesn’t want to come out。
“it is good!You do yours,I am up now”Wang Youcai said loudly,Put on clothes quickly。
The yard has been cleaned again,Looks very clean。Several tables in the cafeteria,All moved out,Arranged in order。
There are stools around the table,There are sunflower seeds and candies on the table。The workers are up,All standing in the yard talking and laughing loudly。
Wang Youcai walked over,Waved to them and said:“I cleaned everything up today。Put on new clothes if you have new clothes,No new clothes,Wear it clean。you,Wash your hair,And your shoes,Also change”
Wang Youcai shouted,These people hurried and dispersed。Migrant Workers,Dealing in the dirt every day,They are used to this。Wang Youcai asked them like this,They feel unnatural。
“Wang Ge!Tian Wa is already driving your car,Took his daughter-in-law to the town to do her hair,He will bring his brother-in-law’s family when he comes”Liu Changgui smiled,Whispered behind Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai turned around fiercely,Stared and asked:“Didn’t it mean that only Wang Xiaomei’s brother and sister-in-law?Why did a family pop up again?”
“Don’t you have two children??I heard it’s coming too。Tian Wa I’m sorry to tell you,So just told me quietly。In addition,Four people will come to Tian Wa’s home,He originally planned that he didn’t want the second brother and second sister to come,As a result, they have to come for whatever they say,Tian Wa can’t help it”Liu Changgui whispered to Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai’s fire when he hears it,He couldn’t help cursing:“Bastard!Just say now。Isn’t there four more people??”
“This is easy to handle!Originally planned a banquet for ten people,One more person per table at that time”When Liu Changgui said this,Liu Ying just passed。