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Chapter 21 Return and the Three Realms

“Zi Zi Zi”Three thousand worlds turned into a big array,A small star is constantly annihilated under the squeeze of the formation。
The most,The big array collapses inward,Three thousand worlds all turned into a chaotic force。
Chaos Force,Crush this star completely。
But as the stars shatter,A large amount of blood-like liquid drifting away。
Ok,Yes,This is not a star,But a special creature。
Kind of like stars,Huge creatures。
This star life is not easy to mess with,Five powerful explorers landed behind the stars,The star stretched out countless tentacles to attack。
but,Just like the plant creatures we dealt with before,The power of the ancestor god,But the mysterious moves are too weak。
After the five might escape,Li Ming directly cast a large array to trap him, refine and kill。
But it’s a pity,Even after killing this star creature,But didn’t get any benefits。
“Collect the blood of these stars,It might be useful!”Zhuan Xu’s Hand,Take out a mysterious black jade bottle。
“Less than two thousand years,I think everyone just go back to the Three Realms!”Eight years,Zhuan Xu’s tone can’t help but have a trace of fatigue。