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Because in case,Wang Lin hit his face with Gao Bao,So the Greater Corporate can also use Xiao Yu’s son to Xiao Wei as the banner,Play“Reorder”Slogan,Passing the soldiers to attack Jingjing。

This is called“Master”。
Although this kind of possibility is very small,But Gao Biyi is already a hand。
When Gao Biyi explained these to Li Der Lin,This once claimed“Northern God”Young man,It is also a sigh.。
how to say,It can only be said that Gao Baoyi is trying to understand the hearts of people.,It’s really god.。
Wang Lin knows that Gao Bi is sent to Xiao Yu to Beizhou.,What do he want??
Of course, I am grateful.!Perhaps you will feel worried,After all, the road on the North Zhou is blocked.。but,He still wants Gao Bao to send Xiao Yu to。
As for killing,That’s more。
Because, once Xiao Yu killed by Gao Baoyi.,So,People who revenge for Liang Guoguo Jun,It is no longer Wang Lin.,But Gao Baoyi。
Wang Lin is playing,It is revenge for the country,You kill the enemies,What can I do?,Do you make me a lot of hands??
So I will send Xiao Yu.,For Wang Lin himself,For Gao Biyi,It’s all the best choice。
“The main public is planning to be south.,Negot to Wang Lin??”
Li Delin is longer than political,Soon, I understand Gao Baoyi’s intended。
“Really。Our soldiers,All in mind,It belongs to Yuxi energy calculation。Resist the weekly army with such lineup,Do not say,It is difficult to at least be big and cheap。
So this time I urge you to return to the city from the tiger.,Just want to hear your suggestions。”
Li Delin has just arrived today,He before, Tiger Guan, Shenqi, Zengjun stationed,Until Zhang Wei came over there,I only got Gao Baoyi’s own letter.。
“The main public is thinking,With Wang Lin army attacked Yiyang?”
Li Delin was shocked by this terrible idea.。
Look at the ancient map,If you don’t have a tiger,So between Yucheng to Yiyang,There is no way。
However,If it is from Jingbei,In fact, there is a small road that can be traveling for the army.,Can insert Yiyang from the south。If the North Zhou Jun is beforehand,Guild Wars in Luoyang and North Qijun。
Niyang lost in the southwestern direction,Then it means that it will be abdominal.!
The winner of this battle came out.,leftover,I will see how the army is trying to play.。
only,This matter has a premise,That is Gao Bao, can say Wang Lin from。
Connect these joints,Li Derlin outlined the whole battle of the entire battle in the brain。Pingyang in the North Line,Fight against fight,Part of the Zhou Jun is attracted there。
Luoyang here as the main battlefield,Defensive counterattack。to be exact,It is the one pot of the Zhou Jun with Gao Xiaoyu.!
Waiting for this wave,Gao Boyi should add one“Jiu Tong”What,Away from that position,Just one step away.。
Because of his military power,Is enough to explain the problem,Domestic also has no further opposition power,Moreover, I also watched Wang Lin slammed the forter of the family.!
This step,Really critical,If it is,Will be great to speed up the pace of Dengji。
Think here,Li Delin’s breathing is a bit more。
He is just the side of Zhaoji Li’s,It’s almost a cold door.。Now it seems to be mixed from the dragon,Why not?
Do not,It’s hard to cool,It’s a gift of fate.!
“Leader,What do you need?,Below is willing to apply the liver and brain,Do not say!”
Li Delin that has always been very calm,At this moment, I can’t stand it.。
“You got up again,There is really something now, let you help go.。”Gao Boi to Li Delin’s ear,嘀嘀 咕 咕 说 说 天 天。
NS1149chapter I don’t owe you.
Some time ago,Gao Boyi fake models leave the city,In fact, I have already prepared it.。as predicted,Gao Rui、High-rise,Being behind him。
He will funerate with Gao Rui and high.,Decreated a truth“Good person”。
after all,Gao Rui is not a Gao Boyi killing,That is, this is killed after fighting the army of the Robumin.,The sword on the sand field is free,Eat this bowl of rice,Don’t blame others.。
And high,Be“Struggle”Kill,Even if you know,That is also the skinny and with people,The reason is that he wants to vote from Gao Baoyi.。