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First17world,This is a planet completely covered with forest。

A man with a spear lurks beside a fallen tree。
Logically,After entering the planet,At least there are very few ambush killers in humans。After all, the mental power is swept away,Nothing to hide。
However, this man seems to be against common sense,Very hidden。
If you look closely,It can be found that the area of his body surface controls the light,Countless light changes,Directly let him, this black robe man, completely integrate with the surrounding environment。
A few minutes later,A man with a dark purple flying weapon flew by the fallen tree with a panic face。
When he passed by the moment the tree fell the shortest distance,A spear sticks out like a poisonous snake。
Silently,Stabbed a spear head from his head。
Put away the spear,Hong didn’t stay anymore,The figure is also glide in the jungle like a poisonous snake。
Just a few seconds later,Three warriors wearing the same black force suit also appeared beside the fallen tree。
“Damn,Ziying was killed!”These three warriors looked at the body of the spiritual teacher who was hunted down by them.,Could not help but swear。
God knows that the three of them joined forces to severely inflict this list on a spiritual teacher whose strength is above any of them.‘Purple Shadow’How much energy was wasted。
But the three of them quickly left,After all, it can kill Ziying,I’m afraid the strength is above any of them。Although the three are teaming up,Even if you encounter those strong who understand the origin of the law, you can suppress it,But there is also restraint among different masters。
Who knows if the other party will restrain the three of them?Before you have enough points anyway,They are not going to deal with those masters who have stepped into the origin of the law。
And at this moment, Hong, who is ambushing thousands of meters away,Actually, he paid the same attention。Although his strength,Has already entered the origin of the law,But as the number one killer on earth,In this hunting and elimination environment,Still showing a fighting mode like hunters or beasts。
Fight hard,But I will never put myself in danger and get hurt。
Under this,Hong’s points may be slower,But almost no injuries。Even outside,Many strong people have noticed this slippery autumn,A little guy with a killer assassin style。