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And these gangsters walking in the gray area,More or less channels,Those taboo things,You can think of a way on them!

Chapter VII Satisfied
As the sea turtle template is upgraded to10level,“defense”The strengthening of the physical body by the skills is more and more amazing。
Plus the integration of iron cloth,Wang Hong estimates small-caliber pistols,It’s hard to break through his physical defenses。
Judging by the news that I heard in Pingan Town,There are only three innate strong in Jinghong County。
Are the leaders of the three major forces in the county,I usually practice hard,Almost hard to see。
And the Menglin County below,Only a few acquired warriors are in town,Who Wang Hong needs to watch out for,That is the warrior of this level。
The man in black killed in the Ten Thousand Monster Forest that day,Should be the acquired warrior,Otherwise, how toxic is sodium cyanide,No infuriating suppression,He definitely can’t last that long。
Infer from the man in black,Wang Hong’s physical strength now,Should be stronger than the acquired martial artist。
Even most of their attack methods,Can’t break Wang Hong’s defense。
Defense is strong enough,But his attack methods are quite cramped,The power is also somewhat insufficient。
Crossbow arrows cannot be fired continuously,It’s hard to shoot the acquired martial artist in singles。
As for the Tongmenquan that Wang Honggang learned,Bullying a small gangster is naturally powerful,It’s a joke to the martial artist。
So he urgently needs a powerful attack method,Otherwise, even if the defense ability is strong,Once you meet an acquired warrior,Will be tortured to death。
Originally, Wang Hong wanted to use explosives to make grenades,I don’t know the martial artist,Can take the opportunity to seriously wound or even kill them。
Now there is a better choice,He naturally wouldn’t think about grenades,This kind of troublesome and prone weapon。
Red-haired brother’s name is Lin Cheng,Thirties,Have been mixed for ten years,It’s one of the biggest gangsters nearby。
The people sent out were wiped out,Hong Mao exposed information,Lin Cheng knew soon,But he didn’t take it seriously,Even if he can fight, he can still hold a knife?