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Liao Wenjie:one`′one

can not read,He guess that this neuropathy is really fake.。
“Since you have no problem,Then I will flash first.。”
Lyon collapsed hoes and folding stools,Put your beloved lily flower:“Ager,starting from tomorrow,I will always have a few of the security special training that I have seen here.,Solve the soul of the night.,Do you want to sign up??”
“no need,You slowly toss them.。”
Liao Wenjie watched the cold sweat,Lyon’s special training is known as the fear,The fact is a disgusting person,Not playing rice fields, just and like a hot kiss,Whoever takes this!
“whatever,Say there is an empty side,I will tell some kind of grasp of ghost skills,Listening to you is not bad。”
“Wait a moment,You can’t go now。”
Liao Wenjie refers to the body of Mr. Li:“Waiting for the police,You still have to record”
“s,Don’t say,I have passed many times.。The police came over and sent me into the mental hospital.,I will go back.,I can’t trouble them.。”
Finish,Lyon Long,A back shadow of black is dragged on the ground,Pulling very long。
Liao Wenjie thought,This neuropathy is a bit。
The police arrived,Drake the body of Mr. Li,By the way, call a ambulance,Mrs. Li sent to the hospital with the blood。
According to the security of the security,Mr. Li lived in killing,And Li Msai hinds the truth,I want to kill people after I am discovered.,Falling from high buildings,It’s not enough to die.。
Mrs. Li,Waiting for her from the hospital,Less less, stay in it, live for a while,Son Xiaolong was taken care of relatives。
Liao Wenjie completed the mouth,Nothing did n’thing tonight,But after all, he was the first witnesses who found the body.。
the next day,Liao Wenjie did not leave,Go to the company directly,Anyway, his current work is to overlook the file.、Drink tea、Look at the beauty,More comfortable than at home。
I thought it was a smooth water today.,Never want to,Received the phone from Cao Dahua at the afternoon,Zhou Xingxing gun,Now people in the hospital。
“Others are fine.?”
“People are fine,It is a bit more blood flow.”
Under the story of Cao Dada,Liao Wenjie understands this,Zhou Xingxing’s international school is soused in terrorists,He led the flying tiger to annihilate it.,Though injured,But I also have a great effort。
“Ager,Tell you,This time Axing is developed.。School students are unfounded by individual families,A student is not hurt,His iron must be promoted to the salary,At least the governor begins。”
Also promoted and salary?
Liao Wenjie smiled:“Give me a break,What is the difference between he?,Not a crime,Then be sent to the undercover。”
“makes sense。”
Cao Dahua laughed directly:“No matter the degeneration,Uncle, I have a great effort this time.,Say you may not believe,A Xing this time,Thanks to my full support and Bible leadership。”
“Confidence,Go out。”
Liao Wenjie,Ask the hospital in Zhou Star,Prepare to visit after get off work。
“Ager,You go out with me.。”
Tang Judi pushes the office door,Men’s beauty style,Very good。
“OK,Jude sister,Whereast?”