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“What a special magic refining method~”Fuxi fetched a long shuttle flying magic weapon,This magic weapon is a pure Yang super grade magic weapon,Countless prohibitions attached to it,The power of the magic treasure is comparable to the innate high-grade Lingbao,But it’s a bit less mysterious。

Fuxi Discussing Techniques,Is also among the top ten in the Three Realms。
“how about it,Although my mana is at the Taoist level,Not bad,But there is no magic weapon to take advantage of。”
“Ming Daoyou,It’s okay to exchange for magic weapons,But if you want to change Chaos Spirit Treasure or Chaos Magical Weapon, it’s not so easy.。”
Chaos Lingbao,Is a simple magic weapon,Chaos magic weapon refers to the magic weapon created by the refining body of the gods and demons.,Power is no less than a magic weapon,But the method is much more single。
Three Realms,The number of Chaos Lingbao is very small,Even Dao Ancestors have only a small number of Chaos Lingbao。
Leaders must have Chaos Lingbao in their hands。
But the top Taoist ancestors only partly have Chaos Lingbao。
Ordinary Taoist,There are only a few lucky ones to get Chaos Lingbao。
Chaos Lingbao is basically owned by Taoist ancestors,Won’t exchange it at all。
“No need for Chaos Lingbao,But I hope you will help me get a set of magic weapons like Zhoutian and stars!”
“Zhou Tian Xing Chen Zhu,Or similar magic weapon。”
The magic weapon of Zhoutian and stars,It is the most common type in the Three Realms,There are seven stars、Eighteen stars、Thirty six stars、Even three hundred and sixty stars、Three thousand six hundred stars and many types。
Although Li Ming’s current formation has surpassed the category of stars,But it is still very smooth to use the stars,Li Ming also yearns for such a magic weapon。
after all,Now he is two bodies,Naturally, there is no need for as many magic weapons as before。
Law is precious and not too expensive。
Li Ming has innate treasure【Xuanjin Change】,Incorporating chaos restraint can be comparable to ten innate treasures of ten square sword formations。