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2018Made Masia Cup Champion、2018Spring Festival champion、2018yearMSI(Season Invitational Tournament)champion、2018Annual Championship。

This series of honors have to be pressedLPLOther teams are not breathing,Even a lotRNGFans,I have already started to choose the skin for the player.。
Before the palace clear,RNGThe championship is really very vast,Even the palace clearing is one of their fans.。
In the genius of the peakADCUnder the lead,All China classes showing invincible。
at that time,Who will I like it??
Even if someone hates this team,The probability is just because of the hate of their arrogant fans.,Not a team or player itself。
Unfortunately,Palace Qingwen has not seen it yetRNGWin,He has already passed。
But fortunately,This time and spaceRNG,Still like the same time, the time and space in the palace。
Powerful……Palace Qingwen is not feeling at home,Can better than this invincible teacher in the summer season。
I want to go back from cranky.,The palace clearing low-eyed mobile phone time。
afternoon4point35Minute,There is still a match time25minute,Time to meet him and Yunyi has passed20minute。
Palace Qingwen came to the agreed location fifteen minutes in advance,This is also one of the etiquette of Zhangjiao to him.。
When I went to a place with a girl?,Boys must arrive in advance,Don’t let girls, etc.。
so,Even if I have been waiting for half an hour under the Sword,There is no irritating emotion in the palace.。
I smiled again and said that I rejected it once.,The palace clear is slightly rubbed, and I don’t know when to take the sweat.。
This is already half an hour.,The eighth girl who refused,The convenience store owner that has been watching this side is,From the initial surprise to have numb。
“Palace clear?How can you come here??”
A rich Xinjiang accent,Palace clear,rookieTheir face is now in front of himself.。
“Let me guess……You should come to see my game.?”
Look atrookieThat smile,The palace clear face also reveals the smile of nature。
“Um……in a sense,Yes。”
rookieNarrate,Just think that the answered answered in the palace is a bit strange。
But suddenly some things disclosed before the boss,Compared to a matter,I found that the Qiang Qingwen’s answer seems quite in line with his character.。
“This way.,Then you come in.,The competition started。”
rookieAlso together with the palace,Sit down on a bench at the door of the convenience store。
“Not urgent,I am waiting.。It’s just that Jinjin you,Is it not going to start??How are you still here?。”
rookieSome shame on the face,Some happy expressions。
“I am waiting for my girlfriend,She is already coming.。”
Palace Qingwen stunned,Then the reaction。
rookieIt seems that there is a flower of the flower, like a girlfriend.,What is it?……What is it?。
“Small,Here is here。”