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Five reasons for irregular menstruation in women

Five reasons for irregular menstruation in women

Irregular menstruation is a common gynecological disease, which is manifested by abnormal menstrual cycle or bleeding volume, or abdominal pain and systemic symptoms before and during menstruation.

So, what are the causes of irregular menstruation in women?

In many cases, women’s irregular menstruation is caused by their bad living habits. The following editor will introduce the reasons for women’s irregular menstruation.

  Reasons for women’s irregular menstruation: First, cold women suffer from cold during menstruation, which leads to vasoconstriction in the pelvic cavity, leading to ovarian dysfunction, which can cause too little menstrual flow and even amenorrhea.

  Second, if the pressure is at the age of birth, if the woman is under stress for a long time, feeling suffocated or in a bad mood, it will inhibit the function of the hypothalamus pituitary. She will no longer secrete female hormones and ovulate.

  Third, constipation Constipation may cause menstrual disorders in women.

After the rectum is overfilled, cervical cancer is tilted forward and the uterus is tilted backward.

If the uterine reclining occurs repeatedly, the veins in the broad ligament will be compressed and not open, and the uterine wall will become congested and lose elasticity, causing back pain and menstrual disorders.

  Fourth, drug abuse or frequent use of antibiotics may cause menstrual disorders, anovulation, and amenorrhea for women.

Because these drugs inhibit, it hurts the body’s own resistance and leads to body dysfunction.

  Fifth, electromagnetic waves During the use of various household appliances and electronic equipment, different electromagnetic waves will be generated, which will adversely affect the endocrine and reproductive functions of human females, causing endocrine disruption and menstrual disorders.