However, after thinking about it, Zhang Hao had a natural advantage in fighting mantis. Even if mantis faced mantis for five seconds, Zhang Hao had absolute confidence to blow up the opposite mantis.

In this game, Zhang Hao has decided that it is almost certain to win if his teammates don’t collapse.
Final matrix determination
Ikpik single man single fox fighting wild scorpion road is a combination of plane and wind girl
Brother Niu pik, single mantis, single Jess, wild Huang Road is ez plus Lulu combination.
In the last game, a large audience gathered behind the Internet cafe, and the Internet cafe was also opened for the convenience of watching, so that the audience who could not squeeze in could watch it from their seats.
When ik saw his opponent, they turned blue. Why did this field change again?
Chapter 237 Take a blood Zhang Hao.
It’s true that Brother Niu’s wild game is almost a game of changing places. They don’t know whether this is too strong and talented or whether they don’t respect their ik team’s wanton practice.
However, Zhang Hao bet on the opposite third game, which was really quite single. I have to say that Han Zhikang is very resilient.
But then again, Han Zhikang really has a hand. Don’t say that the performance of these two games is not as good as that of cheat people. It is no wonder that Kerry is here in the second game. He likes to play barbarian king.
Chen Yi looked at Zhang Hao’s mantis list and was thoughtful.
There is no fight between the two sides of the bureau. Both sides are testing each other, and then looking at each other’s blue buff is to detect the opposite trend
I’m going to mantis list, and I’m sure it’ll be blown up.
Yes, a few knives can kill mantis suddenly.
There is a lot of discussion among the players around them. In their minds, they may have been slaughtered at the low end, leaving a deep shadow.
But Zhang Haoxuan mantis naturally has other intentions.
Han Zhikang looked at the list and replaced it with just indifference. Zhang Hao’s mood also fluctuated. The rude words spoke by strength
桑拿Han Zhikang sneered, Let’s talk by strength.
1 minute and 55 seconds, Enron’s decorative eyes worked, and Zhang Hao went to the road steadily after successfully detecting the other party’s dynamic determination that there was no line change.
This is the end of the road, and both of them are highoutput representatives. The only difference may be that mantis is an instantaneous assassin and can harvest, while barbarian king prefers the tough guy style
Man is a human being when there is no anger and no big move, but it is almost everyone’s father to have anger.
As soon as Han Zhikang got to the line, A soldier seemed to be the first to get to 2 without being crushed by mantis.
Zhang Hao also knows what he thinks, and he doesn’t have waves. At the same time, once A soldier pulls the level in the early stage, it will be beyond redemption, especially in the face of barbarians. First of all, he can’t be timid
Of course, if a man is full of anger, he should bow his head. There is a saying that men don’t eat shortterm losses, but when he is full of anger, he still goes to death. It is a bit of a secondary school tendency. Zhang Haolun can’t do such a thing
Man and mantis complement each other. Mantis is a long sword. Three red summoners’ skill is to ignite flashes.
And the brute is that the shoes are four red and go out with the ability to ignite and sprint. It is still quite better. After all, the blue stripe can rely on Q skills to rely on the thread.
Once the mantis method restricts the development of manhood, there will be no way to play. Zhang Hao played very hard when he was in the game.
Mantis did not hesitate to draw A once while taking advantage of the opportunity of Man Wang’s reinforcement, and then instantly received a Q skill to taste the fear, but he did not suffer. The horse made up for Mantis’s knife.
The hatred value of the two sides shifted to bully their main enemy heroes, while Zhang Hao and Han Zhikang were very experienced and retreated to clear the hatred of the soldiers and continue to prepare for the line
The first wave of fighting started, and neither side was careless, but both sides were very disappointed when they fought wild. It was just a wave for gank to put gank in the road against mantis and barbarian.
There is a tacit understanding between the two sides to play wild, and they have jumped over the road. After all, this gank area is quite edependent. It is better to have someone come to gank in an instant than to flash.
The mantis also comes with its own flash, and it is easy to resolve the danger if someone jumps with ganke skills. I am not interested in such a guy if I really look at it.
Mantis and Man almost reached the second level at the same time. Man has accumulated more anger than half a tube. He can rely on Ping A and killing Batman to get anger value and then increase his output.
Han Zhikang took advantage of the mantis line to cut a knife before he went, and at the same time, he took two steps forward and cut another knife by relying on the advantage of shoes, and then an Eskill whirlwind cut turned back.
Well Zhang Hao one leng is a bit interesting.
Chen Yi is also smiling at the back. This pretty routine is good. Just a knife hit a crit of 122. In the early stage, it was simply ia.
Pretty can be said to be a show of mantis’s face. At the moment, Han Zhikang’s face is also full of pride. It is almost an injury, and the mantis’s blood volume is less than 6. At the moment, it has been hit by a little more than 4.
It’s pretty. The gap is clear at a glance. Zhang Hao is a little tangled. It’s not impossible to kill directly with such a pretty blood volume
However, mantis is absolutely restrained. It was the heroic nature in the early days that led to being temporarily crushed. Zhang Hao was not in a hurry, and he would not be too far away when mantis rose.
Thinking about the arrival of another wave of soldiers, the two sides continued to continue. A soldier Erhong Huang got Zhang Hao’s signal that he had just inserted his eyes when he was on the road. It was white.
And Han Zhikang has been excited by this wave of lines, which makes him upgrade quickly. That’s the strongest in the early stage, because his heart is tangled and confused.
Looking at this wave of lines, Han Zhikang took two knives and never made a critical strike. He finally couldn’t help but ignite and act quickly.

Looking at Xia Xue’s upturned neck, he went to his mouth and sailed backwards. It was a bit awkward to wake up and say, Hey, if you are drunk … In the middle of the words, he suddenly choked back. Isn’t that a good opportunity for him to behave? So the following words were changed to What’s wrong with you and Jin Woo? Let’s talk about it! I am also happy! Of course, the latter schadenfreude can be said to yourself in your stomach.

Lu Yuanhang always admits that he has pursued Xia Xueli, but somehow his pace is always slow, and Li Zhenyu can always win the beauty more successfully than he does. After all, it is because he is not as serious as Li Zhenyu. He admits that he is somewhat tempted by Xia Xue and has tried to pursue her, but he is far from Li Zhenyu’s determination to marry her and go home as a wife!
So now or never, he missed the opportunity in hesitation and watched Xia Xue’s flower be picked by Li Zhenyu.
Occasionally, I have the opportunity to be alone with Xia Xue, and Lu Yuanhang still enjoys it. Although I know that they are unlikely to have further development, I watched her alone in front of the bus like this evening, and he immediately couldn’t control himself and accosted her.
I didn’t expect to get him to strike up a conversation successfully, and he was abducted here to drink together, thinking that he was quite attractive.
I have no problem with him! Xia Xue put a bottle of wine in her eyes. Nai Liang smiled. The problem is that I … I can’t be with him anymore!
What what what? Lu Yuanhang immediately pricked up his ears and asked, Tell me what you can’t be with him anymore!
Curiosity has been aroused. Can it be said that the heroine was found to be terminally ill on the eve of engagement, as in many dog blood idol dramas? Otherwise, a woman like Li Zhenyu who is a bachelor will let him go easily! Unless your head is caught in the door!
桑拿网  title=You seem very excited! Xia Xue discontentedly looked at the light in Lu Yuanhang’s eyes.
Uh, said Lu Yuanhang, busy covering up his hand, is there? I am worried!
Hum! Xia Xue glared at him and said, It’s human nature to gloat!
… What to drink with when the teacher! You like to lecture people when you are drunk!
There are fewer and fewer good people in this world! Xia Xue once again raised his bottle and raised his head to drink.
Lu Yuanhang looked at Xia Xue and told her sincerely, Teacher Xia, tell you the truth. I am really a good man! Paused and then connect a way even if you are drunk drunk, I promise to do LiuHui will never take advantage of you to eat your tofu, such as stealing a kiss! Touch a little hand! Touch a small waist! Or do something more out of line …
poof! The wine in Xia Xue’s mouth gushed out and continued to stare at him angrily. Did the man let her drink happily? You are the heart!
Cough my aunt! Lu Yuanhang told the truth with a bitter face. If you are really drunk and something happens, I can’t tell if Li Zhenyu has ten mouths and can’t kill me!
He may have a heart to provoke Xia Xue, but he still has scruples about Li Zhenyu eating dinner together. It’s also harmful to drink, but if she is drunk and unconscious, he can’t afford the consequences!
Men are rational animals!
Xia Xue put the bottle with a sigh. You’re right. I’m too impulsive! It’s long past the age of impulsiveness, and sex comes at a price!
Lu Yuanhang finally caught the opportunity to ask again, What’s going on with Li Zhenyu? What’s the problem? If it’s his fault, tell me! I’ll help you get even with him!
If Li Zhenyu and Xia Xue are really yellow, Lu Yuanhang believes that he has no courage to take over Xia Xue! Public opinion in the circle alone can crush him! Take over Li Zhenyu who is tired of playing with women, then he can’t enter Lujia Gate again! It is sad to think about it, perhaps because he has too many scruples, and he will never be as reckless as Li Zhenyu.
Looking at the man with a attentive face, Xia Xue was depressed. She was stupefied, shook her head and sighed for a long time and said a word, I can’t live up to God!
Perhaps it was because Lu Yuanhang had a guilty conscience that he didn’t dare to stay in Xia Xue for too long. He drank some wine in the bar and asked the students to bring her some West Point, but Xia Xue didn’t have any taste and was not interested in sweet and greasy West Point, so he left with her.
Che Lu Yuanhang woke up the depressed woman behind him. Hey, look at your mobile phone. Jin Woo is looking for you!
It’s already dark, the city is full of neon lights, and the ocean is Xia Xue, but she feels like a boat drifting in the ocean and can’t find her sense of direction.
Section 3
She took out her mobile phone from her bag and looked through it. Indeed as expected, there was Li Zhenyu who didn’t pick it up, and there was a few words from Han Xiao. After a brief thought, she called Han Xiao back first.
Xia Xue, you finally answered! Korea’s smile or, as always, loud voice some anxiety ? Did Wu Tianyou go to see you? Alas, my broken mouth … I regret it again! You and Li Zhenyu got engaged. Why didn’t I hold back … It’s all because Lu Shasha’s fox show and love show went to the company! Seeing her coquettish appearance makes me angry! Just want to make her result …
Xia Xue rubbing his eyebrows and heart sounds incredibly gentle. There is nothing wrong with Han Xiao!
When she told this secret to Han Xiao, she thought that she could reveal this secret through Han Xiao’s mouth. She knew that Han Xiao’s personality root was not suitable for keeping any secrets, which left a chance for herself and Wu Tianyou!
Xia Wanzhen forced her to swear that she would not tell anyone, or she would be punished by thunder and lightning! At that time, Xia Xue bitterly questioned Xia Wanzhen. Isn’t her grandson also her grandson? Where in the world can I find such a vicious mother!
My heart has long been cut into thousands of tears! But she, Xia Xue, is not a rigid and foolish woman. In the face of such feelings, her mother doesn’t want to do anything stupid and filial, and she doesn’t want this secret to really rot in her stomach.
One day, she finally came up with an idea. She deliberately asked Han Xiao out for dinner alone and ordered several bottles of wine. When Han Xiao went to find her, she deliberately called Xia Wanzhen and forced herself to leave Wu Tianyou by quarreling. The real reason was said again.
Anyway, she didn’t tell anyone except Xia Wanzhen about it. Others couldn’t eavesdrop on her!
At that time, Han Xiao was stunned. Xia Xue said it almost. Han Xiao rushed to ask if what she just said was true!
The past, such as waves and tides, has made Xia Xue feel sad and distressed. What kind of cause will bear fruit! After many years, her scheming finally paid off, but she didn’t feel much excitement and excitement. On the contrary, she became more and more white, and the constant surge of heart was bitter.
Xia Xue, how are you? Korea smile anxiously low shout with years of understanding she felt Xia Xue abnormal mood where are you now? Do you want me to accompany you!
I’m fine! Xia Xue low with a sigh really all right! Han Xiao, I want to say … Here she took a deep breath and whispered, I really can’t live up to God!
55 two people ran away.
I really can’t live up to God!
Xia Xue said this sentence to Han Xiao rather than to himself! She kept waking up that she couldn’t make God bless sad again. He was not wrong!
Besides, hasn’t she been looking forward to this day? God bless really came back to her. She should be happy! But to think of Zhen-Yu Li her heart was an uncontrollable stabbing pain.
Can it be said that just two months together can be worth years of infatuation? Or time has long diluted everything. She stubbornly loves Wu Tianyou! When this day really came, she suddenly realized how wrong she was!
That emotional tragedy not only exhausted her tears, but also exhausted her feelings. When she suffered all that alone, it might have doomed her relationship with Wu Tianyou to an end long ago!
She never complained about Wu Tianyou. She knew that Wu Tianyou’s family was poor. When Xia Wanzhen asked her to bury the relationship for many years, she knew that Wu Tianyou had no choice!
If she told Wu Tianyou about it, Wu Tianyou could not help her, but might get him suspended from school and ruin his bright future. She couldn’t ruin him! So she chose to destroy her happiness and become him!
Young age young love At that time, she buried that relationship in an immature way and was injured for many years. Subconsciously, she admitted that she had carried all the pain and became Wu Tianyou.
And when she met Li Zhenyu, she met the right person at the right time after her recovery! He and Wu Tianyou are two worlds apart. He gave her different feelings and experiences, which made her novel and happy and full of longing for the future.
It turns out that she and Li Zhenyu are purely married men and women, and there won’t be much emotional mixing. Who would have thought that she was so sad when she decided to break up with him?
ah! Words that end ring Korea smile worry shout Xia Xue what did you say? Don’t … Want to cancel the engagement with Li Zhenyu? No! If this ruined Xia Xue’s marriage, she would be guilty! I can’t help but drop cold sweat when I think about it.
Xia Xue is calm to that is a kind of righteousness, cold and hard, like going to righteousness. Just let it be! I’ll go to your place tonight and we’ll meet for details!

Fu Ze eyes some complex is still sipping his lips don’t talk.

I spoke to your mother, and as soon as I got to you, she couldn’t help crying. She smiled like a child when she heard that I was going to marry you, Yan Qiqi continued.
Stop talking and get out.
Fu Ze finally spoke. He stared back at Yan Qiqi. No matter what you say, I won’t marry you.
If I want to get something, I will get it. Yan Qiqi looked transfixed at Fu Ze’s hand reaching behind her neck to untie the nepotism skirt, and threw it out with her hand.
Then take off your clothes, kick off your high heels and walk into the sanitation naked.
I’ll wash it with you regardless of the cold water pouring on the ice, Qi Qi Fu Ze looked up at Fu Ze’s hand and took Fu Ze’s glasses and threw them on the washstand.
You go out
Fu Ze yelled at Yan Qiqi, and his body was strange. All the temperature rushed to his abdomen. Now he was like an explosion, and Yan Qiqi was in front of him.
The graceful figure of women appeared in front of his eyes, even though he closed his eyes, Yan Qiqi’s shadow was like being engraved in his mind and played back again and again.
He is very, very miserable.
Fu Ze, open your eyes and look at me. I’m Yang Xiaoning. Look at it. Yan Qiqi put his hand around Fu Ze’s body and rubbed his hot body.
Small coagulation Fu Ze consciousness slowly drifted away. He slowly opened his eyes and cast his eyes on this woman.
Suddenly he woke up again and reached out to push Yan Qiqi. You are not Yang Xiaoning. You lied to me.
Tentacles were smooth and cold, and a tingling came from the fingers, just like Fu Ze’s heart in an oasis in the desert.
I can’t get my shoulder back.
Can’t help but Fu Zeling suddenly shrank back with a clear hand.
He can’t be sorry Xiao Ning.
Yan Qiqi put his arm around Fu Ze’s neck and lips and whispered, I am Yang Xiaoning. Don’t you love me? I’m here in front of you. You want me.
Fu Ze only a little reason disappeared, and his eyes were blurred. He looked down at the woman in front of him and slowly turned her face into Yang Xiaoning’s face and looked at him with a clever smile.
Fu Ze, I’m Xiao Ning. I’m back. Yang Xiao Ning sounded in Fu Ze’s ear.
Fu Ze has unspeakable excitement in his heart, trembling hands holding Yang Xiaoning’s face and lips falling on her face, eyebrows, nose and eyes. Xiao Ning, you are finally back. Do you know that I miss you very much?
I know. I know everything.
Yang Xiaoning’s lips tightly stick to Fu Ze’s lips and he walks away.
品茶  title=Finally Fu Ze struggled to suppress * * and suddenly broke out. He picked up Yan Qiqi and walked toward the outside to press Yan Qiqi to the bed.
The whole person is as crazy as a beast.
That night, Fu Ze tirelessly asked for it until the medicinal properties were over, and he stopped to lie in bed and fell asleep.
Yan Qiqi didn’t feel sleepy at all, and her body was as sore as if she had been run over. She was too tired to even move her toes.
Looking at Fu Ze’s face tilting, her fingers fell on her face and her eyes were full of unspeakable tenderness.
We have known for a long time that you have Yang Xiaoning in your eyes. You have never found another woman who has you in her eyes.
Yan Qiqi mumbles in her mouth that her eyes are smiling without a reason, and that everything she loves has a cause and effect.
She doesn’t know what to do if she walks into Fu Ze’s heart and appears in front of him in this way. Although she means dishonorable, she doesn’t care.
What is more important than staying with him? Even if he mistook her for Yang Xiaoning, she didn’t care.
The road is her choice, even if she wears her feet out, she will still stick to it.
Yan Qiqi contentedly closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep.
The next day, the hospital doctor gave Ye Ling a facetoface examination, and finally smiled and said to him, Ye Zong congratulates you on your illness and can be discharged.
Thank you, doctor! Night ling nodded thanks to the doctor.
Pay more attention to rest after going home, quit smoking, alcohol and diet, and come to the hospital for physical examination on time. The doctor told Ye Ling a few more words before he stepped away.
Duoyun has packed everything.
Can we go? Clouds glanced at night ling face no expression light.
hmm! Night ling nodded and walked away together with clouds in his hand.
A cloud in the underground parking lot puts things in the trunk and looks up at Ye Ling. Where are you going? Civil affairs bureau?
Night Ling’s heart stung slightly. Is she really in such a hurry to get a divorce?
Well, since she expects it, then he will be her.
Then go to the Civil Affairs Bureau first! Night ling said silently opened the door and sat down.
Duoyun bit his lip and said nothing. He started the car in the driver’s seat and drove away.
Night ling’s cell phone suddenly rang at this moment. It was his assistant.
Night manager, did you watch today’s news? The assistant voice is a little urgent
What’s the matter? Night ling eyebrows picked a cold asked
It’s because of you and Mrs. Night that you’d better look at it first! The assistant is awkward.
Night ling sipped her lips and said nothing. She hung up the phone and watched the news. The more she watched it, the uglier and colder she looked. At last, her face was livid.
Taking a deep breath, Ye Ling said to Duo Yun, Don’t go to the Civil Affairs Bureau first, you take me to the company, and then you take Ye Ye to the suite where we used to live. After a while, I gave you two tickets and you took Ye Ye to go abroad for a few days.
Duoyun’s brow wrinkled slightly. What’s the matter?
It’s okay, said Ye Ling coldly. There was no temperature in the sound.
Duoyun’s frown is tighter. If it weren’t for something, Linggen wouldn’t let her and Duoyun go abroad every night and park her car by the side of the road. She turned her head and looked at Yeling.
What’s the matter? If you don’t tell me, I will never listen to your arrangement and go abroad every night.
You need to do as I say. You know you don’t need to know. Ye Ling looked very cold at Duo Yun and said with a straight face. After that, she picked up her mobile phone and called her assistant to ask him to book two tickets to France for Duo Yun and Ye Mei immediately.
Cloud gas bitter what are you always so overbearing? You never care about other people’s feelings. I’m so disappointed in you.
Night ling’s eyes darkened and he said coldly, Anyway, you have been disappointed in me and it’s not bad this time. Then he reached for a cloud bag and turned out the mobile phone from the inside.
What are you doing? Duoyun screamed and reached out to grab the phone.
Ye Ling’s body gave way to Duo Yun’s hand, and she watched Ye Ling put the mobile phone into his pocket.

Give him a good time at last! Chi Yiming reached the order.

A man picked up a piece of chilled steel pipe and held it up high. His hands accumulated strength and he was about to hit Lin Mo-chen. He was so worried that he didn’t dare to look at it. He closed his eyes tightly and his body trembled like a weak willow branch in the wind 2.
Suddenly, she heard a gunshot, followed by a metal steel pipe hitting the ground. Lu You opened her eyes and saw that the bearer was Tang poetry. She was holding a gun in her hand, followed by four others. Her heart fell back to its original place. Fortunately, Tang poetry came and saved Lin Mo-chen’s life less! In Tang poetry, when Lin Mo-chen was injured on the ground, she was deeply distressed. If Lu was not moved, the man who loved her more than his life.
Tang poetry also squatted with trembling fingers, and I didn’t know where to touch him. Because his face was covered with blood, her tears rustled and dripped on Lin Mochen’s face.
As soon as Lin Mochen grasped the Tang poetry, he wanted to touch his face. Tang poetry!
This effort to name a name contains too much monstrous anger, and the Tang poet was held by him as if he had broken it. She had amnesia to deceive him, and the trick was so full that she secretly colluded with Chi Yiming to put Lu You in danger.
Brother Mochen, I hurt! Tang poetry tried to withdraw his hand, but he held it tighter.
Tang poetry struggled to break free, and her hand was unconscious, as if it were not her hand.
She got up and looked at Chi Yiming with cold eyes and anger Chi Yiming! You said you wouldn’t touch him! How can you promise me this and what do you do now?
I don’t kill him, he will kill me! What do you think you would do? Chi Yiming asked her, I just fooled you first or you won’t help me! Blame it on you for wanting to borrow my hand too much to get rid of Lu’s worries, otherwise it wouldn’t have caused the present result. All this is caused by you, not me!
Chi Yiming, you bastard! Tang poetry said to Olson, Kill him!
Miss Tang, I’m not your hand! Olson gave her a cold look. I want to show you what you’ve done to MoChen because of your stupidity! If this is what you call love, it’s killing me!
夜网论坛His poisonous tongue and sarcastic expression made Tang poetry even more blocked in the chest.
It’s not me, it’s her! Tang poetry denied that it was all about Lu’s worries.
You don’t admit it, but I didn’t expect you to wake up anyway. Olson pointed his gun at Chi Yiming.
Chi Yiming took Lu’s sorrow as a hostage and buckled his arms to block the danger for him, but he did not dare to move.
Give me the gun and I’ll kill him! Tang poetry Dao
I won’t give you a chance but you are selfish! Olson wouldn’t be so stupid to give Tang poetry a gun. She doesn’t know if it’s Lu’s sorrow, so even if Lin Mo-chen wasn’t killed by Chi Yiming, he would be so angry. He wouldn’t be so stupid.
Tang poetry turned pale. I didn’t expect Olson to say this about her, but she would do the same when she got the gun, because she made Lin Mo-chen desperate for her life and was beaten like this by Chi Yiming. Is this still the arrogant Lin Mo-chen? He is like this because of Lu’s sorrow! She hates Lu You for taking away the love of her life! Ruined her life!
Yes, I just want to kill her! It was she who did this to Brother Murchen and did this to me! Tang poetry angrily pointed to Lu’s sorrow, I even have a broken heart!
Tang poetry has now made no secret of her hatred for Lu! Lin Mo-chen lay on the ground and heard this. He struggled to get up very hard. He was in great pain, dripping with sweat. He clenched his teeth and bit his lips and tried his best to get up. His body was a little shaky and he was about to fall down.
Olson quickly held Lin Mochen in the front. Don’t be brave!
While Olson was unprepared, Tang poetry was going to grab the gun in his hand. But who was Olson? How could that skill make Tang poetry close to him? He threw the Tang poetry away violently, and she bumped into a person behind her. That person was also caught off guard. He was also knocked down by Tang poetry, and both of them fell and scraped their palms and knees together.
The man said to Tang poetry, Miss Tang, are you all right?
Tang poetry ignored the man, grabbed the pistol from his hand, picked it up and pointed it at Chi Yiming and Lu You.
Tang poetry! Stop it! Lin Mo-chen’s heart suddenly stopped when he saw the gun in Tang poetry’s hand aimed at landing sorrow.
Tang Shigen didn’t listen to Lin Mo-chen. The more he stopped her, the more she wanted to get rid of her worries about land. She pulled the trigger with strong revenge and hatred. At this moment, Lin Mo-chen felt that the blood in his body was frozen. He couldn’t control his own serious injury. He broke away from Olson and supported the whole people to pounce on Tang poetry, but Chi Yiming pushed away his worries about land at this critical moment. It was a fatal blow for him to raise his gun at Lin Mo-chen skillfully.
The Tang poetry can successfully hold Lin Mo-chen in his arms. Olson also shot Chi Yiming’s hands and legs neatly. The gun in his hand fell and then blood dripped from his body on his knees. The scene was very chaotic. Except for Olson, they all fell down. Olson brought his hand. He quickly made Chi Yiming want to fight back, and he was also loosened to save her tears. She was still in shock. This is the first time that she has a real experience that she will never forget.
Her hands were tied and her wrists were worn out by the friction with the rope, and her blood was soaked in the rope. Lu You ran to Lin Mo-chen when she came together, but she fell down because of her physical weakness. She still gritted her teeth and climbed and rolled to Lin Mo-chen’s side. Lin Mo-chen fell to the ground, and Tang poetry protected him. It was unclear who it was or the two of them.
Husband, how are you? Lu sorrow trembled, and fear floated in her heart and flooded her like a tide.
Still won’t die … Lin Mo-chen smiled with relief and Lu You smiled, but the tears also fell.
Olson directly pushed Lin Mo-chen’s body against the Tang poetry to open it, but the Tang poetry hand gripped Lin Mo-chen’s clothes tightly. No!
She struggled to spit out these two words, shortness of breath, a ferocious bullet hole in her left back, and blood was constantly flowing.
Brother Mo Chen … Tang poetry called Lin Mo Chen.
Lin Mo-chen watched her gradually lose her color, and her face seemed to be the most beautiful flower in spring.
Don’t talk to keep your strength Lin Mo Chen light way

Well, Haiweila heard a face of disappointment.

But you can ask your brother to help you when you have you and your brother. With Chen Mo, hey hey grinned
Ha, ha, ha. Then Havilla will be his private property!
There are many powerful players in the game, but I’m afraid he’s the only one who has a np beauty like Hai Weila and can eat tofu at any time!
Really? I like the adventurer brother best! Hearing the horse, Haiweila was happy again and swooped down on the silence.
Grandma bear is such a root that people can’t hold it!
Chen Mo’s clutches can’t help but slide in the sea, which is smooth and attractive.
But while wandering in Chen Mo, I was thinking about other things.
Up to now, Chen Mo has become more and more aware that this game is unusual. Normally, it is unlikely that he and Hai Weila will appear in the game, but it just happens that if there is an accident, he and Hai Weila should be friendly enough to go further.
Chen Mo has affirmed that the Genesis game was not issued by a certain country, otherwise it would not have been issued. Even if there were few such games, it would be impossible to install them in the first generation of virtual games after several generations of games.
And Chen Mo also speculated that even if the game is run in the hands of the state, there is no way for the state to modify the game, otherwise these will definitely belong to the castration list
There are more and more doubts about this game, but he can’t find the answer. Thinking that he is now making the dormant warehouse also belong to black technology, Chen Mo shook his head and stopped thinking about it.
In his arms, Haiweila was flushed, her eyes blurred and her body was soft, and she was panting in the silence …
Lord Dunis has reported that the hand Haizu Haiweila is missing!
I didn’t chase Chen Moduinis and went back to prison in a rage, but it didn’t take long for Rasha to rush in with an anxious look.
What? Is Hyvila gone? Dunis frightened
Peradili can forget it, but if Havilla disappears, he will be in big trouble!
The manufacturing method of bloody poisonous fog in exile is to obtain this exile from the sea clan, and it is necessary to ensure that Haiweilaan.
Hevela is afraid of life and has always been hiding in the hunting ground lake. She can’t escape and she is very safe.
It must have been an accident to suddenly disappear now!
Have you found any news! Dunis forced himself to calm down and asked Rasha
I asked some adventurers in exile, and some of them said that they saw a hunter and adventurer pour poison into the lake and forced Haiweila out and finally killed him, Rasha said with pale face.
Tell her the news, of course, is a bloody guild and Shuiyunlou. They were killed by Chen Mo and came back with a grudge. Rasha asked about it. Of course, they colluded to frame the silence.
That’s what so many adventurers say. Hunting Mediterranean Vera is also disappearing. They can’t believe it or not.
Dunis sank back into his chair. He knew he was really in trouble this time.
Here we are!
It was just getting dark in the middle of the night, and Chen Mo was far away from the coastline before it got dark.
It took Chen Mo nearly a day to return to the coast of Donghai City before, and this time it took him less than six hours to return to the vicinity of Donghai City with the help of Hyvila.
You let me hide my brother by myself at the seaside, and I’ll come to you when I’m busy in Donghai City. Remember to pay attention to what curious things Ann sees and don’t hide around and wait for me. Chen Mo told Haiweila that he was very worried about this guy who didn’t know anything.
Don’t worry, brother adventurer, I let the clam shell sink to the bottom of the sea and let the sediment cover it up. No one can find it! Hai Weila said confidently.
Chen Mo thought it was also in the hunting ground. He went to the lake to look for Hyvila, which was how he escaped his search.
He is so careful that people can’t find the roots of other players.
Not far from the coastline, Chen Mo once again told Haiweila to hide well, and he swam back to the coast alone.
Soon he landed from the coastline.
It has been five days since the Hai people besieged the city, which may be due to the night. There are not many players on the coast.
Chen Mo walked back to the East Sea City and saw a lot less players.
Occasionally, he will hear some players complain that the experience here is too low, saying that he would never come to Donghai City unless he failed in the talent test.
Chen Mo came here for nothing. Donghai City is the most severely punished for defeat among the three major cities. The high price here, not to mention the experience gained from killing monsters, is the lowest choice among the three major cities. Players will of course choose to go to the other two major cities.
And if it weren’t for learning skills, I’m afraid more players would choose to send them to some small towns to avoid experience punishment.
Five days ago, Chen Mo was still in ruins from Donghai City to Donghai City. Now, five days later, Chen Mo returned to Donghai City and found that Donghai City had done a lot of repairs in just five days.
All the ruins of buildings have been cleaned up, revealing a neat city street. Most of the buildings on both sides of the street have been halfway completed. It is estimated that in a few days, the city will be able to restore a general outline.
Of course, Chen Mo knew that it would take a long time for Donghai City to return to its original appearance.
You come back? Also killed Havela and got the Poseidon necklace?
品茶论坛Chen Mo went to Joanna. Joanna couldn’t help but be surprised to see the silence.
Damn it, this woman really didn’t expect him to succeed! At the beginning, I gave him such a verbal agreement because I wanted to gamble my luck at the minimum cost!

As it grows, the mark on your palm will also change. The more you grow up, the more you need to learn Xuanli every day. If Xuanli is insufficient, it will try its best to make up for it. Shi Jinghua glanced at Jun Qian lightly. It is better to practice with heart.

The lesson of the predecessors is that Jun Qian has realized what it means to have to bow under one roof
Stone flower seeds are a double-edged sword. If he is not diligent enough to make progress and keep up with the growth of stone flowers, he will be squeezed dry by this little thing sooner or later.
If it is drained by some beautiful woman, it is worth it; It’s too wrong to be sucked dry by something that doesn’t know whether it’s a flower or something else
My daughter is entrusted to you. Shi Jing took one look naively and began to wander. Jun Qian frowned slightly and looked at Jun Kuang as if she had a little regret.
What’s not at ease? Jun picked his eyebrows wildly. It’s not certain that he is qualified to make flower fertilizer; If he is not enough, I will send your daughter back to you, and you can always raise her.
Smell speech Shi Jinghua slightly, and that’s true
Is this a person talking? Jun Qian is not stupid. Can you not hear that Jun Kuang is deliberately poking fun at his slow progress?
He was crazy to quarrel with him, but he didn’t expect him to cross over. The latter looked seriously outside the stone room.
What’s wrong with you? Qin Xiao also looked up at you crazy from her new bracelet.
Someone came into my abode of fairies and immortals, you said crazily. I still have some impression of the fluctuation of Xuanli, but it is unexpected that the prohibition of abode of fairies and immortals can be resolved so easily.
Now that you have guests, I won’t be wordy. Shi Jinghua dumped them and took a good walk and don’t send them attitude.
Qin Xiao turned to look at her shoulder and quietly fell on fire. Lotus gave a hand to Shijinghua. Won’t the elder come with us?
I want to stay and guard the abode of fairies and immortals, Shi Jinghua said. The prohibition of this abode of fairies and immortals can kill people. The contemporary emperor is famous enough. If there is no convergence, the monks who come here will even have piles of bones.
You don’t have to worry about him, and I didn’t stop him. If you want to go, just call one or two old departments to watch him for ten years and don’t come back. The voice has not fallen, and the crazy man has disappeared
Chapter four hundred and sixty-six Unexpected outsiders
You crazy place is in such a hurry to go to the mouth of the cave. No, don’t fall into the weak river because of people.
Why are you here? Jun was crazy to think that it might be that the students had met once or twice before they hurried over, but they didn’t expect to see a very beautiful weak water in Bai Niao.
If you want to be sarcastic, can you pull my body first? Peng Diao Queen stopped struggling and looked up and stared at Jun crazy.
Jun smiled apologetically and made a snap of his fingers. The weak river disappeared and was replaced by a dark mire.
The Queen of Pengdiao was instantly blackened when she didn’t check the tail feather falling into the mire. She flapped her wings and jumped to the shore to turn into a human figure. She glared at Jun Kuang angrily and walked inside with a muddy skirt.
I said, don’t be angry, Queen. You touched your nose wildly and knew that you were doing something wrong, so you quickly chased it.
The flaming lotus is gone, but the illusion of the lotus pond surface attack array is still running. If you accidentally get close to it and get caught off guard, there will be more misunderstandings. What’s more, the promenade in front is even more difficult for people to cope with the real prohibition of the enemy, unlike the previous practice for Qin Xiao and Jun Qian, even if you can go in without something real, you will be beaten.
Being crazy with you for a while, the Queen of Pengdiao stopped when she saw Qin Xiao and Jun Qian coming out. Looking back, there were a few eye knives. Crazy Emperor, this is a joke. She intended to look at the dirty skirt.
I’m sorry, you waved your hand wildly, and some water flew out of the lotus pond and turned around the skirt twice, then took all the stains away.
My body saw you come in for a long time, even what’s the danger inside. Come and have a look.’ Peng Diao Queen gently coughed a crazy attitude towards you.’ After all, our three groups of alliances were employed by Qian Shan College to be responsible for external security; And I’m in charge of supervising this experience. You guys are killing each other.
It’s tiring for the queen. Jun compensated with a smile. But what’s wrong with my own abode of fairies and immortals?
This is the mad emperor’s abode of fairies and immortals. The Queen Peng Carved an Epiphany expression and didn’t know whether she really knew it or not.
Jun crazy picked his eyebrows unlike
It’s hard to imagine just looking at the top of the mountain, but it’s quite like coming in. The Queen of Pengdiao looks around and is full of stone walls. It’s uneven, but it’s obvious that she can’t leave her heart when she digs them out at will. And it’s very narrow. How casual is it to build a abode of fairies and immortals in such a small place with such a big mountain?
The Queen also knows that I, Xuan Huang Dalu, have always been short of materials, and I am very satisfied that there is no decent resource to have such a mountain. You are still mad at talking nonsense.
Wen Yan Peng carved the queen and looked at him funny. Crazy Emperor still thinks I’m an ignorant woman to fool?
That can’t be Jun Kuang quickly denied remembering that he was able to deal with Lei Peng’s carving clan in a peaceful way and adopt the concept of deceptive language to make the Queen of Peng Diao miss the six realms. It’s really a shame that he is poor and destitute.
At the beginning, thanks to the fact that Peng Diao Queen didn’t care about it, otherwise, they called Lei Peng Diao gens they nest to stir up the spiritual world upside down, and the war clan and the fierce thunder fog wolf teamed up to stop a careless move that attracted the mythical beasts. That was really a big joke.
The strength of Hu Leipeng’s carving clan can be said to be the overlord of the spiritual world at present. Even if most of the forces in the spiritual world unite, they may not be able to compete.
I’m just afraid that you’ll come and have a look at the unexpected situation in the abode of fairies and immortals. The Queen of Pengdiao gave you a crazy look, but nothing happened to you. She said, looking at your crazy face as if she was worried that you would drive her away as an uninvited guest.
Qin Xiao and Jun Qian came to see such a absolute beauty beauty leng on the spot.
This is Junkuang and Pengdiao Queen, which is very interesting.
It’s so boring for you to know such a beautiful woman that you’ve been hiding anything. Jun Qian ran over and turned his elbow, and the corner of Jun Kuang was stuck with Peng Carving the Queen’s Body.
My body has seen the report and Princess Jun Tian. The attitude of Peng Diao Queen was modest and polite before she changed. My body is the Queen of Hulei Pengdiao, who is employed by Qian Shan College to supervise the experience of the back hill and protect the safety of all the students; It took too long to see the three of you when you entered the abode of fairies and immortals. I didn’t expect you to laugh when you stepped into the trap.
Qin Xiao, the queen of Pengdiao, doesn’t know her, but she has heard of this name.
I don’t know what a good thing it was that I chose Junkuang to take Pengdiao Queen Street for a tour. The clever words made Pengdiao Queen woo this story. Now Junkuang once traveled with Pengdiao Queen hand in hand. This story has been adapted into several teahouses, theaters and other places. Even the street casually pulls a person to ask Junkuang and Pengdiao Queen. If it is heard, it is only a matter of time before love is like oxygen sealed the princess.
This remark sounds like a joy to others. After a meal, I can talk about it. Qin Xiao didn’t see how to get out of shape here. The story is still a good story, but it is particularly twisted and makes people feel greasy.
Qin Xiao once attributed this feeling to eating inferior dog food and man and beast, which made her indigestion for several days. She didn’t have much appetite for food and didn’t eat much worry. She almost ran to Jun Kuang and Huo Jiujian for help.
Now, when I meet the real Qin Xiao, I have to admire Peng to carve the queen. She does have a proud body and a mysterious and powerful atmosphere. It is really a good match with Jun Kuang. No wonder the world always puts these two people together.
The queen is so beautiful that my siblings are stunned, Jun Kuang said half jokingly.
Qin Xiao and Jun Qian listened and stared his one eye crossly.
I want to say that Princess Jun Tian is really stunning. Peng Diao’s queen feather fan half-opened her mouth and chuckled. Female cultivation has always been a practice for a long time, and people have become more and more refined. This is the result of many years of practice; And the princess’s face is not childlike at an early age, and her figure is not yet long, so Guanghua shines on people. Even in a few years, she will become one of the best in the world. She has a lot of compliments, but it is not harsh.
The Queen has such a good eye. Jun Qian recognized that this was a nice talk and he would not miss the opportunity to make friends. I wonder if the Queen is married.
However, you are crazy, but you hear a little different from what Peng Diao Queen said, and your face is not as good as before.
Chapter four hundred and sixty-seven Don’t look at his face pig teammates
According to common sense, when Jun Kuang and Qin Xiao got married, Peng Diao was a gift. There is no reason not to know that Qin Xiao is the mad emperor queen.
Even if Qin Xiao is not impressed with her, she may not know the ins and outs of him and the little girl. If we know the reason for playing dumb at this time, it is really understandable.
约茶If we know that Qin Xiao is the Empress Dowager, it is not impossible to bow before Qin Xiao and call the princess Qin Xiao. Either she refused to acknowledge the identity of Emperor Qin Xiao and deliberately made provocative actions.
Junkuang doesn’t want the latter.

Hua a Vivian body golden light instantaneous dim.

At the same time, Wu immediately changed the armor of the glacier, and the extremely cold shock appeared.
This is an extremely cold impact injury. Although the damage is greatly reduced in the face of Defense of the Ancients’s high resistance … But as he guessed, it is not Vivian who is out of the light shield together, and even himself can also cause damage to Defense of the Ancients.
At this time, Defense of the Ancients only has the last point of life.
Wu immediately changed the flame cloak and the green flame ignited.
Defense of the Ancients’s bloody head disappeared directly, and he and his body were running at top speed. Suddenly, they became stiff because of inertia and slipped out for several meters before they barely stopped.
Then the skeleton war horse’s hair grew a mournful cry, and it was wrapped in black dead air. The naked eye saw that the light in its eyes drifted rapidly, and the light in its eyes also gave out a faint rustling with the disappearing bones, and it was scattered from head to toe …
Until the skeleton horse was completely incinerated, Defense of the Ancients, Wu and Vivian finally stepped on the ground.
Defense of the Ancients suddenly looked back at the red light in his eyes and stared at Wu slowly raising his hand in Frostmourne …
Vivian hurriedly stood in front of Wu, but she heard Defense of the Ancients suddenly send out a strange and old sound. I can feel the body energy is passing away, but can you capture my soul and strength like this? You are wrong. Abaddon will not die. Everything in Abaddon will always belong to the great Lich King. In the future, the power of the Lich King will come back. Long live the Lich King!
With that, Defense of the Ancients suddenly inserted Frostmourne into his chest for a second. His body turned into a pile of black ashes like a skeleton horse, like a solitary grave.
Frostmourne is stuck in the grave bag, and it still flows like a living cross telling something.
Masked legion, this way
You laugh when you are cheap, and you have quickly sent Wu information to everyone.
What does the director mean? How come I didn’t see the first killing notice? The director was not full of confidence before leaving. Why would he suddenly say this?
桑拿会所  title=Not two bunker some surprise asked.
Yeah, what’s going on? They also expressed their opinions in succession.
When you are cheap, you laugh and shrug. Eldest brother didn’t say anything, and I don’t know what might have happened. We don’t know the accident. After all, Eldest brother told us that he needed us to make arrangements, but he didn’t tell us what he wanted to do.
But … we just wait? Did the director tell you where he is now, or let’s meet him? Although the director has a clever plan, it’s not easy for him and Wei to fight with so many guilds. Buer Bunker frowned and suggested.
I didn’t say anything. I smiled and shook my head as soon as I saw you, and said, I said the same thing as you, but eldest brother said that we should either see the handbrake or wait for 5 minutes at the most, and that this is an order. What else can I say?
Smell speech and they were all nai sighed.
If you don’t kill the first thing, you won’t have a hundred … That bastard won’t be in any danger himself, will he? Suddenly there was a sweet girl in the sigh.
They looked to talk. It was after Wu made a fuss and almost walked away in anger. Finally, she was persuaded by the Queen to come back, but she has been sitting on the side and doing nothing. Xiao Su lin xi is Su Mengying
At the moment, although I can’t see her whole expression because of the black cloth, I am frowning into a ball, and the charming eyes of arch eyebrows are shining with light, but they are full of meaning.
See all onlookers Su Mengying almond eyes a stare immediately grunted, see what see me, I just casually ask is definitely not the heart he he such a jerk is dead? I don’t think he should die in the hands of those fish, it’s a shame.
The Queen, who has been standing beside her, showed a warm, ignorant look and smiled sourly. Yes, eldest brother must not die in those hands, even if he dies, he will die in someone’s pomegranate skirt.
Persuaded for so long, her bold personality also hit it off with Su Mengying. At the moment, although they don’t talk about words, they have also improved a lot. It’s normal to be half a best friend and have some jokes.
Su Mengying immediately recognized the meaning of the Queen’s adult and took a white look at the bifurcation topic: Hum, I’m too lazy to ignore you, but even if he dies, he deserves it. Who told him not to take me? Although my blood volume is not as good as Wei’s defense, I’m not as high as Wei’s, and I’m not as obedient as Wei. But I, I, I’m more mature than Wei, and the key moment may be bigger than Wei’s play.
The queen eyed Su Mengying and pointed and laughed. This is true. It is much more mature than Wei … Wei.
Where do you want to go? I said it’s mind. My mind is more mature than Wei. Oh, if you want to do this again, I won’t be with you. Su Mengying was threatened by the Queen’s dalliance, but she said to everyone, I want to say that everyone is waiting. Why don’t we split up and go out and look for it? Maybe it can really help.
But the eldest brother ordered … They hesitated.
Su Mengying got up and said anxiously, This is no time to care what orders don’t command you …
Just then, a golden notice floated out, Congratulations on the completion of the first killing reward experience of Abaddon, the undead commander and death knight. This honor will remain in history forever!
First kill the great god (director, eldest brother, 101) did it! ?” Masked legion all science stare big eyes unbelievable but screamed with surprise.
Just one second later, a golden notice flashed, Congratulations to Baiyi for getting the first epic (golden) equipment of the gameFrostmourne reward experience, the 4point artifact list has been refreshed.
Chapter one hundred and twentynine Show mercy!
I’m a duckling, making baby baby!
At the same time, Wu has taken off his face cloth and disguised himself as a stupid player who is short of people. He is walking along the forest path alone, humming a tune.
The word disguise is quoted because in fact, he is not pretending at all. If he is not stupid and lacks normal people, especially a normal man, who will jump and laugh like a sunflower and hum that kind of mental retardation to the extreme and still be sick in the game?
But I really can’t blame him. What just happened really deserves to be so happy.
After all, it was not long ago that he returned to Defense of the Ancients for the first kill, but it turned out to be so easy in the end, and not only did he get the first kill, but even Frostmourne really broke out. This is definitely a pleasant surprise.
Although I heard Vivian say that Defense of the Ancients took Frostmourne and secretly imagined that it would be nice if it could explode, it was just thinking about it. After all, this activity is quite wonderful. Before killing those undead monsters, you can get meritorious service, have no experience and don’t drop coins and equipment, let alone even think about it.
Of course, Wu has no hope for Frostmourne. I want to kill the first song and get sick of it. Find yourself, laugh and involve the Queen in the guild.
But now …
Frostmourne, epic equipment and a lot of money.
Wu doesn’t know how to express his mood at the moment.
After Vivian killed Defense of the Ancients, Wu had taken the lead in arranging for her to return to the city alone, and she chose to take a detour. After all, there are still many things to deal with.
Ann Wu is not worried about others, Vivian, but the duke who dares to do anything to others?
Moreover, the activity is over until now, and it is necessary to wait for all monsters to retreat to the edge of the map. I believe that all guilds will soon understand this, so that they will have no need to be distracted. After experiencing the past, every guild will hold its breath. Then a huge encirclement and suppression of masked legions operation will inevitably show up quickly
Wu himself hardly showed his face from the end of the activity to the end of the activity. Now there are scattered players everywhere, and his appearance is so ordinary that he can’t hide his eyes and ears from himself
But Vivian is different. Vivian takes off her mask. It’s the goddess of the United States. The duke wears a mask. That’s what everyone in the guild has to do. How can the masked legion attract attention?
So when he was able to let Vivian go first, he also said that Vivian would strongly oppose clinging to herself as before the activity. Unexpectedly, this time Vivian agreed to Shi Shiran’s return home without thinking. This contrast made Wu feel a little lost.
It is estimated that it is a trick again. Wu can comfort himself like this, but suddenly he thinks of something. Oh, by the way, fat should have been online with the masked legion now?

And the later the game, the more opponents Barcelona has, and one of them is the time!

Guardiola root doesn’t want to change people to wave.
Now he has no time to change people.
After the game resumed, the army retreated to Liverpool and ushered in the Barcelona attack.
Pedro was stabbed by Johnson from behind in the process of receiving Iniesta’s direct plug, and Skrtel kicked the ball out of the sideline with a big foot.
Liverpool substitution!
The last substitution place Koeman sent veteran Carragher to the field to replace Johnson.
Johnson’s slow walk caused dissatisfaction among Barcelona players.
When Harvey came to urge Johnson, Johnson simply argued with the other party in the same place.
I have been running for more than 9 minutes and I am very tired. Can you make me very tired? I can’t run now, so I will be changed. You let me go faster, I can’t walk fast. Are you going to carry me back?
Johnson solemnly explained to Harvey.
Harvey held out his hand and said that Nye said to him, Don’t act. You just want to delay.
Johnson nodded his head and said solemnly, Yes, I would have done the same thing if I were you when I was procrastinating in acting, and no one in the world felt wrong in doing so. This is far from the real acting school in Barcelona.
Harvey simply ignored Johnson, and Johnson continued to walk to the field. When he turned his back on Harvey, he muttered, It’s like giving you one or two more minutes to make a reversal.
Carragher sat on the bench after Johnson Coleman hugged him.
As the game continued, Carragher entered the penalty area and other teammates formed a close defense.
Barcelona frequently fell on the periphery, and then a longrange shot did not threaten Qin Xiong. At this time, he returned to the backcourt to keep an eye on Messi in Baines and Diot, and he didn’t even have a chance to touch the ball in the last few minutes of the game
As time went by, the referee finally blew the whistle for the end of the game with Barcelona’s long attack!
The Champions League final score is fixed.
Liverpool 6:4 Barcelona!
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. 1377 is at a loss.]
The referee blew the whistle at the end of the game!
The final of the 21/2011 European Champions Cup at the new Wembley Stadium is over!
Defending champion Liverpool defeated the previous year’s Champions League champion Barcelona 64!
Liverpool achieved a great record and became the first defending Champions League team after the Champions League restructuring!
At the same time, Liverpool also won the Champions League for the seventh time in history!
In another game, the two teams scored a total of 1 goal to tie the record of single goal in the Champions League final!
Half a century ago, Real Madrid scored a goal in a single game in the Frankfurt final. Real Madrid beat Frankfurt 73 to win the championship.
Today, at the new Wembley Stadium, Liverpool scored 6 goals, Barcelona scored 4 goals, and the two teams with the strongest offensive firepower in European football scored a total of 1 goal to tie the record!
After half a century, we saw the most powerful attack. It was the first time for many fans to witness a shocking war in the Champions League final!
Really fight against the real peak!
It’s not that the two teams don’t pay attention to defense, but that both teams have interpreted the attack to the realm of terror!
We saw that the respective teams of the superstar Qin Xiongmei Xi played a great role in attacking the city and pulling out the village.
The two teamed up to arrange half of a goal, while other stars showed their magic!
Congratulations on Liverpool’s success in defending the championship. They will show the strong color of defending champions as soon as they pass through the season, which also tells us that Liverpool’s rule over European football is in progress!
Then that European terror red army create by Shankly Paisley went on wave after wave has complete a great rejuvenation!
They are a new generation of European football kings!
A new generation of red army dynasty!
We would also like to say that after winning the championship in Liverpool, Qin Xiong Raul achieved a great record respectively.
Both of them have won the Champions League five times in their careers!
Raul won the Champions League five times in 1992, 222, 2211.
Qin Xiong won the European summit five times in the middle of 2426221211!
There is no doubt that Raul is already a strange man. If he retires today, he will be strange, but Qin Xiong still has enough time to write more brilliantly!
This belongs to the Qin Xiong era!
Will Liverpool become the ruler of European football in the next few years?
Let’s wipe our eyes
Audience friends, please don’t come. We will also broadcast the Champions League award ceremony live.
The game is over, and the spectacle of the stands of the new Wembley Stadium is like boiling water, and the spectacular red wave is rolling in the stands.
Red Army fans were ecstatic to celebrate the team’s success in defending their title.
Many fanatical fans are screaming at the top of their lungs. They keep repeating great words.
Liverpool coaching staff bench players are stands in suits and Suarez have rushed into the stadium!
The players rushed together to celebrate, laughing and excited about the perfect ending of the season.
Many Barcelona players collapsed to the ground!
They really worked hard and gave everything, but in the end they lost the last and most important game of the season.
品茶论坛Just as Qin Xiong is now illuminated by several magnesium lamps, Messi also gets the attention of reporters on the sidelines.

This hunter must have a way to make him attack with a certain or great chance of crit damage, otherwise it is impossible to crit twice in a row.

And they speculated that there was nothing wrong. Chen Mo did have a way to make the attack 100% crit
夜网论坛Chen Mo caught a 25level mantis monster in the border area between Donghai City and Shadow City yesterday.
There is nothing else about this mantis monster, but there is one who doesn’t seem to have passive skills, which is called twentyone explosion
This twentyone outbreak will make the mantis monster attack the nineteenth time in a row, and an attack, that is, the twentieth attack, will definitely lead to a critical strike.
This skill is really a bit lame. After all, it’s a bit embarrassing to have a crit only after 20 times.
However, Chen Mo still found a way to benefit from this passive skill.
He has a pet, Cecil. He changes his equipment and attacks Cecil 19 times. After 19 attacks, he will get a buff that lasts for just 5 seconds. One attack, that is, the twentieth attack, can hit 100% critical damage.
Buff is very short, but it is enough for Chen Mo. Both of them died in the passive skill of mantis monster.
The first skill of sealing the cage ring is occupied by this chicken rib skill.
If it weren’t for this fight with hunters, Chen Mo wouldn’t copy this chicken rib skill. After all, he doesn’t have it at ordinary times
However, in the special eye environment, this chicken rib skill has become a killer in Chen Mo.
The big team of hunters became more careful.
But it doesn’t make much sense to be careful about the gap in vision.
They can hardly find Chen Mo and Chen Mo, but they can easily find their flaws.
A few minutes later, Chen Mo killed a mage again.
This guy seems to choose a mage to kill!
Arihoshi hate hate said.
But he didn’t finish his words. How often did Chen Mo sneak attack and kill a summoner?
There is only one summoner in the team. They never thought that Chen Mo would find an opportunity to steal and attack the summoner in one fell swoop.
This guy may have to trap us!
Killing the priest, the mage and the summoner, one of the hunters, has already seen Chen Mo’s plan
Chen Mo does have such a plan to pick up hunters. This group of people are harassed by traps from time to time.
Trap is not a sea spear that can’t attack people in seconds.
Chen Mo’d like them to try the whirlpool trap, but they are prepared. It’s hard to do effective harm to them when a blood soldier walks in front of the whirlpool trap.
Ten minutes later, Chen Mo killed two more people.
The numb of hunters who dy at his hands has reached nine!
Fifty people died, nearly 2%!
Some elite hunters are impatient, but ordinary men and stadium tyrants are still calmer than Chen Mo, who can’t help but have an ominous premonition.
Another one!
Sneak attack again and kill a bowman in the team. Chen Mo flies back again.
I see where you are going this time!
But Chen Mo didn’t escape too far. Two people suddenly appeared in front of the passage.
It’s a crazy lion and thick soil!
Berserker, a priest!
Chen Mo’s face was slightly heavy, and finally the average man in Whitestorm was so calm.
They have been trying to block his way all this time, and now they have finally succeeded.
But there are two people on the other side, and Chen Mo is not afraid.
Two people were killed in a swift shadow attack in Cecil West Sea.
The mad lion and the thick earth did not hide or flash, as if they had given up, and were generally involved in the hurricane by themselves.
However, before being swept into the hurricane, the thick soil was a staff move and blessed himself with a brown energy shield.
As soon as Chen Mo’s pupils coagulated, he saw that Hurricane energy shield’s skills in Cecil Sea caused poor damage to thick soil, and each attack caused less than 500 damage.
Haha, I’ll let you fight! Crazy lion is sneer at a way
He’s losing a lot of blood, but he’s Berserker. Too much blood can’t hurt him. The less blood, the faster his attack power, attack speed and moving speed will be!
Anyway, it’s all about getting rid of the blood volume. He asked Chen Mo to help him get rid of the excess blood volume.
Chen Mo didn’t polite to him. He not only let Cecilo attack himself, but also changed his crossbow to slam the crazy lion.
If it weren’t for the sea spear weapon, Chen Mo would definitely take out the phantom sea spear and give the crazy lion a hard blow to see if he was dead or not.
Not good! This guy’s skills are a little weird. His health is less and his defense is higher! After the hurricane skill is over, I will kill the pursuer behind him, but I will soon catch up with him. If I continue to pester him here, it will be difficult to escape after being chased by the pursuer!
The mad lion’s blood volume seems to be very low, but Chen Mo suddenly found that the mad lion’s defense has changed significantly
There is no experience in fighting with Berserker Chen Mo, but he can still tell that the mad lion will never be killed by him like this.
After thinking about it, Chen Mo’s body moved and he wanted to take advantage of the hurricane skills to control the crazy lion and he took the opportunity to escape
Where to go!
But the crazy lion was a heavy figure, but he got rid of the hurricane skill control and intercepted Chen Mo’s way
Chen Mo narrowed his eyes.
It was the second time he saw someone who could take the initiative to get rid of the hurricane skill control. Once, the weapon island met Mount Tai, but the crazy lion was more horrible than Mount Tai. Mount Tai made the gold necklace get rid of it, but the crazy lion wanted to get rid of it directly. The strength of the two was not at the same level.
Haven’t met Chen Mo knew this Berserker will be difficult to deal with!

It’s none of my business. I’m responsible for my patient. Dr. Kobayashi left his pie mouth and tore a prescription for him. All right, Yang, it’s time for you to show your chance. Go quickly. Don’t let the God of Wealth wait.

Dead girl will pick you up later. Say that finish, Master Yang trotted away.
Holding his head in his hand, Dr. Kobayashi murmured flatterer
A few minutes later, Gu Ge had a single lying needle and tied the bedside. Shao Qian shook her hand tightly and looked at the pale and bloody face with mixed feelings at the moment.
Her eyes flitted across her flat abdomen, and there was excitement in her eyes, where their children were born, and their blood came again without any warning.
Gu Ge slowly opened his eyes when a bottle of infusion bag or bottle was finished. The whole person was still a little groggy, but it was much better than before.
Shao Qian breathed a sigh of relief when she opened her eyes. How is it better?
Didn’t speak Gu Ge nodded his head.
Wife looked at her unblinkingly Shao Qian gently called a.
Well Gu Ge should feel a twinge of pain all over.
We have a baby, Shao Qianrou said, with a gentle voice that almost overflowed with water.
Lying there, gu ge didn’t slow down for a long time, so he stayed for a long time to find his own voice what did you say?
You are pregnant and we are going to have a baby. Shao Qian said again, holding her hand and kissing her lips. I’m sorry I didn’t take good care of you.
I’m pregnant Gu Ge murmured.
I found it when I checked just now. Shao Qian smiled. Wife, you are great.
Lip angle slightly raised Gu Ge smiled silly
Gu Ge was pregnant again, and both Shao and Gu caused a sensation. When they got home, Shao and Qiao Yueshan were already waiting there, and a large group of family members came soon.
You said that you were careless and didn’t even know you were pregnant? Looking at that sallow little face, Xie Wanru said with a distressed face, What do you want to eat? Mom will make it for you.
Mom, don’t be busy. I’m not hungry, Gu Ge said.
Take good care of yourself, you know? Xie Wanru said, stroking her forehead, taking care of everything in her eyes. Well, you have a good rest first.
Well Gu Ge nodded and looked at Xie Wanru and slowly closed his eyes after going out. After a while, he fell asleep again.
Sleep Qiao Yueshan asked softly.
I came out when I saw that she was still a little tired. I guess it’s time to sleep, Xie Wanru replied.
You said it was all my fault that I didn’t notice it at all. Qiao Yueshan’s voice was hard to hide his guilt.
It’s okay, she’s not a child anymore. She’s careless and young, and she’ll raise it slowly when she gets over the cold. Xie Wanru smiled.
Well, Qiao Yueshan nodded. Did you hear that? Xiao Qian Xiao Ge, but we must take good care of it after being a great hero in our family, you know?
Know mom this time is really my carelessness plus something happened the other day and I didn’t care about her. Shao Qian said.
Grandma and mom are going to give me a little sister? Xiao Huaxuan came running and plunged into Qiao Yueshan’s arms.
Yes, are you happy? Qiao Yueshan teased Xiao Sun with a smile.
If anyone dares to bully her when she is happy, I can fight for her, Shao Huaxuan said proudly.
Fight field people couldn’t help laughing.
Xuan Xuan, you just want a sister, can you fight for her? Gu Tingyan asked.
Yes, isn’t it natural for boys to protect girls? Shao Huaxuan said naturally.
Well, I can teach you that it is reasonable for people to say that nephews follow uncles. In those days, my wish was to have a clever and lovely sister. In that case, if anyone dares to bully her, I will severely beat those guys. Later, they failed to get what they wanted. When Gu Tingyan said this, his tone was hard to hide.
约茶When his sister needed him, he was on the other side of the world, and he felt ashamed every time he thought about it.
Are you dead? It’s uncomfortable if you don’t provoke me for a day, isn’t it? Xie Wanru’s eyes are red again. Gu Ge has always been an unspeakable pain in her heart. Even if she can see her often now, she will still have an unreal feeling for fear that this is just her dream, just like that in the past twenty years.
Well, it’s all my fault, Queen Mother. Gu Tingyan smiled.
When Gu Ge woke up again, it was already sunset outside the window, and she was still a little breathless, perhaps because she had slept too long. She felt a little heavy and sat up with a strong hand. She shook her neck and saw the bedroom door slightly open a crack, and then a little head got in and saw that she had woken up, cried and revealed a smile, and then pushed the door open and came in. Mom, you are awake.
Son gu song smiled.
I’m so worried that your grandmother and father all say that you are ill. Shao Huaxuan said, kneeling before sitting on the bed, he reached out and tried her forehead. Are you still uncomfortable?
Not hard Gu Ge smiled and shook his head.
Mom, I love you and Shao Huaxuan gently printed a kiss on her face.
I love you too, baby. Hug him and Gu Ge kissed him on the forehead.
I woke up and cooked some porridge. Do you want to get up and eat? Shao Qian came in and looked at the warm scene of the mother. His heart was filled with happiness for an instant.
Good Gu Ge should be true. I can’t lie down any longer. I feel my bones are sour.
Mom, I’ll get your clothes. Shao Huaxuan quickly jumped out of bed and soon dug out a suit and took it. Then he looked at her eagerly. Mom, can I help you?
No, thank you, son. Touch his head and Gu Ge laughed. You go out with your father first, and your mother will go to play with you after washing for a while, okay?
Uhhuh Shao Huaxuan nodded and then took Shao Qian hand and went out.

No matter whether you make witchcraft or not, come back with us first! Elder Jane said coldly

Is your new’ wang’ let you to catch people? Ling Fei raised his hand and pointed to Huang Rong who fell asleep. This is your new Wang. You must be mistaken!
What are you talking about? Come back with us honestly! Elder Jane took one look at Huang Rong’s theory and didn’t believe that Hong Qigong would give the position of Wang to this delicate little girl.
Rong Er, explain to them! Ling Feiyang bent down to pat Huang Rong’s shoulder, but Huang Rong reacted and stretched out his hand to pinch her, but Huang Rong was bound to sleep.
Elder Jane, don’t talk to him. Arrest him first! Elder Liang has a grumpy personality. He raised the Nine Ring Knife and cut it down at Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly flashed to the side, and the elder Liang fell with a knife, and then he screamed and chopped three knives, and the light shone very fiercely and quickly. Ling Feiyang avoided three times in succession, and then his left leg slightly flexed, his right arm bent and his right palm drew a circle and pushed it forward!
Ling Feiyang’s palm was posing and didn’t carry Li Liang, but the elder was startled and cried, Kang Long has regrets? How can you defeat the dragon with ten hands?
This is what your former leader Hong taught me. Of course I can do it! Lingfeiyang avenue
Hu said this dragon ten palms even four of us nine bags of elders failed to learn how can Hong Wang teach you? Even if you really know this trick, you must be stealing! Elder Liang nu way
Then dozens of beggars poured in from the stairs to surround Ling Feiyang and Huang Rong.
Give me these two people! Elder Liang ordered these beggars to raise swords, spears and sticks to attack Ling Feiyang!
Chapter 14 Single Palm Wars Yueyang Tower
Don’t let them hurt Rong Er! Ling Feiyang thinks that the left hand here will pick up Huang Rong’s right hand and hit two punches to fly the first two beggars.
It took less than five minutes to avoid hurting these beggars Ling Feiyang. At the same time, however, four beggars have rushed over Ling Feiyang’s right hand and rushed out in lightning, grabbed a wooden stick and then swept the four beggars to the ground with a wave of his hand.
Ling Feiyang held Huang Rong’s martial arts in his left hand, unable to display it, and unwilling to let these beggars struggle to get out of the window, only to see that Elder Jane happened to be blocked by the window.
Ling Feiyang kept pushing the Beggars’ Brothers to the stairs step by step. Just after stepping on the first step of the stairs, seven Beggars’ Brothers rushed down the stairs to block his way!
Ling Feiyang used Wang Chuyi to teach him Iron Foot Skill to fly up and kick a man in the chest. This man immediately rolled down the stairs and knocked down several beggars’ sect brothers behind him and rolled them together.
Ling Feiyang took the opportunity to walk along the stairs to the second floor with a silk screen inscribed with ancient poems. Ling Feiyang was about to bypass a sword and suddenly pierced the screen to stab Ling Feiyang!
Seeing that the blade is less than a foot away from Ling Feiyang’s other, Ling Feiyang’s middle finger suddenly stretched out the punctual sword face Cang solicitation and bounced the sword out! This fingering is exactly what Tan Chuduan once taught him fingering!
Ling Feiyang’s teaching time was less than one year in total. These martial arts, such as Iron Foot Skill and Finger Pen Skill, have all learned some fur, but now they have achieved more and more success after practicing the Jiuyin Zhenjing Yi Jin Forging Bone, and even these martial arts have entered the country greatly.
This sword is really diabolical. Fortunately, my martial arts is greatly improved now. If I put it two months ago, I would have been killed by a sword … Ling Feiyang bypassed the screen and saw an obese old beggar waving a long sword and cutting it to himself. It was Elder Peng! It turns out that Elder Peng immediately returned to Yueyang Tower after regaining his sanity, and waited for an opportunity to give Ling Feiyang a fatal blow!
Unexpectedly, Ling Feiyang’s martial arts skills were extraordinary, and he escaped his sword. Elder Peng raised his sword and rushed to Ling Feiyang’s place. He didn’t hide or flash his right hand, folded his fingers, punched and pushed out. It was a trick Don’t hide the dragon!
Although this move lacks left hand movement, its power has not weakened too much. Elder Peng was immediately shocked and flew out with a sword. His fat body hit a fairy table and crushed this wooden table to pieces.
Ling Feiyang held Huang Rong in his left hand and immediately went to the stairs leading to the ground floor. Seven Beggars’ Brothers rushed over. Ling Feiyang used the snake-running raccoon dog turn technique in the Nine Yin Sutra to weave back and forth among the seven weapons, but none of them could touch his skirts!
For a moment, Ling Feiyang has come to the lobby on the first floor, and the figure flashed in front of him. Elder Liang has then made a tinkling sound from the nine-ring knife in his hand, and split it to Ling Feiyang as a pledge!
Ling Feiyang bowed their heads and dodged but heard the wind coming from behind. It turned out that Elder Peng had also chased to the first floor and stabbed Ling Feiyang in the middle of the back with a sword!
Ling Feiyang’s nine-ring knife has attacked Ling Feiyang’s left arm again, and he can’t make it better to continue to retreat. At this time, the beggars’ brothers have closed the doors and windows on the first floor of Yueyang Building, apparently to trap Ling Feiyang in the lobby on the first floor.
Ling Feiyang’s martial arts skills are higher than those of Liang and Peng, but he holds Huang Rong in his left hand and has the right hand to defend the enemy. Besides, he is afraid of hurting these beggars’ gangs, and all kinds of constraints around him have made it difficult for him to defend himself.
I’ll spare your life if you give up quickly! Elder Peng has just been teased by Ling Feiyang, and his heart is already very angry. A sword is like a sword attacking Ling Feiyang’s arms and he is still in a coma. Huang Rong!
This elder Peng is really despicable! Ling Feiyang was thinking about scoring points to resist the situation of Elder Peng’s sharp sword for Huang Rong, and he couldn’t help secretly complaining.
If you don’t hurt others, you will definitely defeat these two elders! Ling Feiyang’s dark luck will kill Elder Peng.
But if you hurt Elder Peng, the beam will get even bigger. How can Rong Er be the leader? Ling Feiyang immediately thought of this problem again.
Ling Feiyang hesitated in his heart, but Elder Peng was merciless. Seeing that Ling Feiyang was about to resist, Elder Jane suddenly came from the stairs and shouted, Beggars brothers, stop!
Elder Jane is the head of the clean clothes sect of the Beggars’ Sect. The three elders have the highest status. When they heard this, all the Beggars’ brothers stopped.
Sneaking against more deceives less what a hero! Ling Shaoxia, let me meet you! Elder Jane said, taking a steel staff from his brother next to him.
You put this girl’s hands on the ground to fight with me! Elder Jane said, You can rest assured that our beggars are aboveboard people and will not hurt this girl!
Ling Feiyang did not put Huang Rongfang, saying, I can beat you even with one hand!
What an arrogant guy! Elder Jane has never been so despised, and he can’t help getting angry. He used a trick, The staff presses Wutai Mountain, and the steel staff hit Ling Feiyang’s head from the shoulder!
Elder Jane, the mighty and abnormal strength of this staff is far better than that of Ke Zhene Iron Staff Ling Feiyang. I dare not neglect it and immediately move aside. This staff is hitting the blue brick on the floor, and this brick will be smashed to pieces!
Lu Youjiao, the leader of the martial arts and dirty clothes Sect of Elder Jane, is much higher than the two elders Liang and Peng. At this moment, Lu Zhishen, a hero in Liangshanpo, is using the crazy wand method to fight with Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang is worried that the staff wind swept to Huang Rong’s place, but it is not simple for the elder to play hardball. It is constantly jumping and dodging the opportunity to attack a trick and a half, but it can often force the elder Jane to defend herself. They fought for dozens of rounds and unconsciously approached the stairs. Elder Jane used a trick to sweep the wild pig forest and swept the steel staff to Ling Feiyang, holding Huang Rongteng and jumping several steps. Elder Jane’s steel staff swept from the handrail of the stairs and smashed the wooden guardrail on the handrail one after another!
Elder Jane stepped on the stairs and pulled out a trick pulling the weeping willows upside down. The steel staff was picked up from Ling Feiyang. When Ling Feiyang saw that the head of the staff was about to walk, his right palm was erected at his waist, and then he waved it sideways. It was exactly half the move of seeing the dragon with ten palms, but it was mixed with the self-tactic in the fist.
Elder Jane felt that the steel staff seemed to hit a mass of soft cotton wool, and the inertia of his body was almost out of balance. However, after all, he was the first master of the clean clothes Sect of the Beggars’ Sect, but he did not make a fuss in a hurry. He quickly handed the steel staff to his left hand and made a move to punch Zhenxi and slammed his right fist at Ling Feiyang’s chest!
Ling Feiyang tilted his head but didn’t seem to be able to avoid it. The punch was hitting his right scapula!
Ps: Ling Feiyang held Huang Rong’s right hand in his left arm, but he met Lu Zhishen, a Liangshan hero, and Elder Jian. I wonder if Ling Feiyang can turn Gan Kun around and make the beggar master win back the position of leader for Huang Rong?
Today’s question: Who is the leader who pretends to be a beggar? Who supported him? I asked this question a few days ago, and the answer was revealed one day.
Chapter 149 True and False Wang
Not good! Elder Jane hurt Ling Feiyang and quickly withdrew his fist, but looked up and saw Ling Feiyang unscathed as usual!
It turns out that Ling Feiyang has been able to use the word everywhere to transfer the enemy’s strength to the outside of the body after practicing the article Yi Jin Forging Bone to the fourth floor, thus completely unloading the power of Elder Jane!
Pepe! Elder Jane knew in her heart that she was not the young man’s opponent. She surrendered her fuels and said
约茶Everyone together! Elder Peng shouted that he wanted to incite Beggars’ brothers to encircle Ling Feiyang.
No one is allowed to start work! Elder Jane shouted, Don’t you see that if Ling Shaoxia really used the killer just now, this Yueyang building is already a corpse!
In the field, the group of beggars realized that Ling Fei was whisking away and whispering in succession.

Tiaote meireles has done a good job of making boateng more and more irritable but unable to display his abilities.

In the 35th minute of the game, Tiaote successfully broke the ball from boateng’s foot, and Liverpool immediately launched a fast break in the frontcourt.
Steven Gerrard took the initiative to pull the ball to the right and then he also took the initiative to insert Qin Xiong before moving to the restricted area. strasser was dazzled by Liverpool’s dazzling attack.
When Qin Xiong ran horizontally in front of him and successfully stopped the ball after receiving Gerrard’s ball, strasser immediately started to explode acceleration along Qin Xiong’s running direction.
However, Qin Xiong easily pulled the ball back behind him and stopped. After turning around, strasser’s center of gravity changed and he didn’t slip to the ground directly!
spa会所He made a fool of himself. A Milan fans will probably sympathize with him.
He is not the first player to make a fool of himself in front of Qin Xiong, and he is definitely not the last player to be 2 years old in front of an absolute superstar. He is so young.
Qin Xiong pulled the ball back behind him and sent a straight plug of the external rotation ball obliquely to the instep of the right foot of the goal.
The football rolled over Stadio Silva, and the outside spin ball bypassed Tiago Silva. Raul’s forward insertion was probably interfered by jankulovski. He could run diagonally and control the ball near the baseline.
Raul immediately swept the ball in front of the goal
Meireles listened to the previous Qin Xiong’s suggestion to insert the restricted area more frequently.
This can create a confusion in Milan’s defense
This time he dumped Starr and grabbed points in the middle of the restricted area.
However, he was a little unprepared. After abbiati rushed out, he shot and hit the ball directly on abbiati!
Bouncing out, the football landed on Qin Xiong’s foot outside the restricted area.
A moment ago, I got up again. strasser came directly to the shovel. Qin Xiong calmly swiped the ball horizontally and then dodged strasser
Poor strasser almost shovel boateng from behind Qin Xiong to that ground!
A Milan defence is a mess.
After Qin Xiong looked at the direction of the eyeball door, he spun a curveball and shot the ball at the goal.
See the football bypass Silva body outside to fly behind him.
A Milan players look a little desperate together.
Liverpool’s continuous attack on abbiati is definitely not fully prepared.
But listen to bang!
The football hit the outside of the goalpost and bounced off the other sideline. Steven Gerrard made a mistake because he stopped the ball on the side just where the football came from, and the football was blocked by him.
A Milan escaped.
Liverpool is really unlucky today! After Steven Gerrard shot and hit the crossbar, Qin Xiong was determined to win a shot and hit the goal post. We saw the chaotic side of Milan’s defense line. They may have done well three minutes after losing the ball, but now they are back to normal and don’t defend well. Why does Milan have a higher Liverpool? Don’t say that there is a threat like Raul in Liverpool’s front line, and don’t say that Gerrard is threatening in the frontcourt. If Qin Xiong wants Qin Xiong, you must first defend well! This must be the case or you will be punished!
The Anfield stadium echoed with sighs from the fans, but after the sighs passed, the fans applauded warmly.
Liverpool’s wild attack made A Milan unable to cope, but failed to score the second goal.
Besides, because it is Qin Xiong, they will miss the goal and regret it, but they will not have negative emotions, but will support him more!
Because of his presence on the court, it means that his team is working hard to win.
On the contrary, look at the A Milan striker.
Pato estimated that his body had cooled down and Ibrahimovic was going crazy. Robinho was also frustrated after running aimlessly.
Liverpool is getting braver and braver! to be continued
[The first roll of sword has been absolutely suppressed before it is drawn]
Being suppressed by Liverpool for a long time, the defensive line is unstable and the score is behind A. Milan backcourt players finally show signs of irrepressibility.
They were going to make a wave of resistance before the halftime. Seedorf gave the ball to winger jankulovski in front of the penalty area just after the 45 th minute of the game, and the latter immediately rushed forward with the ball.
Meet boateng in the middle is like being beaten with chicken blood, which suddenly breaks out and rushes forward.
Robinho caught jankulovski’s ball in the frontcourt, and then quickly boateng made a twoone hit against the wall.
A Milan saw the dawn when meireles was beaten through by two and one.
It seems that their attack glowed with powerful firepower.
However, when Robinho was influenced by Johnson’s tackle when he was cutting the middle of the road on the side, his dribbling rhythm went wrong and was stopped by Mascherano’s precise crossmove.
Ibrahimovic waved angrily in the restricted area, Pato sighed in the back position, and boateng shouted at Robinho and ran towards the backcourt.
Robinho seems a bit kooky, but he also responds to the different reactions of his teammates.
Liverpool, on the other hand, launched a fast break at the end of the first minute of injury time.
Fact a Milan is going to walk into the dressing room after the attack and ask them to grasp the rhythm, then the success or failure of the attack will consume 1 minute of halftime stoppage time.
It’s a pity that Pirlo wasn’t on the pitch and Seedorf couldn’t run, which led them to lose the ball before the injury time was officially over and gave Liverpool enough time to play a fast break.

Qin Xiong went to Steven Gerrard and whispered to him, We must strengthen the flank attack and tear the Chelsea lateral defense line to create more opportunities.

Gerrard nodded and said, But we still lack something in the attack from the middle. You know Harvey.
Although Xabi Alonso is a good midfielder, as summarized in Fleet Street, Alonso’s biggest shortcoming is his lack of repeated impact ability. He is a midfielder, but he is not a b2b midfielder. Alonso stays in the backcourt most of the time and Mascherano can’t easily advance.
Then Steven Gerrard moves to the side, leaving Qin Xiong alone in the middle or being watched by his opponent, which obviously can’t make Liverpool’s attack improve significantly.
Qin Xiongnai said, Let Glen Johnson assist in the risk of wealth. Anyway, I don’t want a draw. It’s better to put all your eggs in one basket and lose.
Gerrard was shocked.
In fact, he may have had an idea that it is a good result to take a draw at Stamford Bridge. Acceptable may not be satisfactory.
But hearing Qin Xiong’s words seems that Qin Xiong can’t even accept it! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has become a front 153 world wave before it is unsheathed]
Even though Qin Xiong’s Real Madrid didn’t have a happy ending △↗
However, his threeyear career in Real Madrid still had a profound influence on his football philosophy.
Pursuing victory!
Strive for victory even if you die!
Of course, if you pursue victory rationally, it will vary from person to person.
But after all, Qin Xiong’s football philosophy was baptized.
This is not just as simple as what I said in my heart when I was a child.
Never give up and always pursue victory, which anyone can easily say.
But when it comes to a major event in the stadium, especially a football game, countless interests are involved. When honor is the dignity of the team, who can be scrupulous about promoting it is to pursue victory?
If you lose less, you will win. If you have a draw, you will win. A utilitarian goal will win the madman.
Now Qin Xiong has completely let go of his selfstate and looked at every game rationally. When he has the opportunity to take away the victory, he will never rest on his laurels and build a fortress to hold on to what he has achieved.
Gerrard was deeply infected after listening to Qin Xiong’s words and feeling Qin Xiong’s mentality.
He stopped talking nonsense and asked Alonso to talk to Glen Johnson before the ball.
Qin Xiong first went to the left side of the frontcourt to push forward the offensive, and then defended a halfhigh ball on the side of Bosingwa. The football bypassed the defenders, but it was a pity that Torres was blocked by Terry in the middle and failed to touch the football. Instead, Qin Xiong gave Ashley Cole a ball.
Ashley Cole launched a fast break immediately after stopping the ball.
Ashley Cole regained possession of the ball in the frontcourt after Ballack Lampard fell three or two times. He sent the ball with one foot. This time Carragher headed the ball before Drogba.
A minute later, Steven Gerrard created a longrange shot for Qin Xiong after controlling the ball in the frontcourt. Qin Xiong shot the football from the left position in front of the penalty area and bypassed an arc to fly to Chelsea goal.
Hilario was at his wit’s end to watch football fly in his heart and pray.
Maybe Emperor heard his humble prayer that the football would fall into the goal by 20 centimeters and end up in the Stamford Bridge stands.
Chelsea are also trying to change the new attack routine. This time, Arka is at the fulcrum of the frontcourt, and Arka creates opportunities for another heavy gunner, Ballack!
The Germans shot a cold shot 30 yards from the goal and flew out of the baseline almost in the blink of an eye. If it hit the goal range, it might be that Reagan didn’t respond.
In the fourth minute of the game, Glen Johnson assisted to the frontcourt along the right side, except that Ashley Cole would bring him defensive pressure, and the Chelsea midfielder was distracted.
This time Glen Johnson intends to form enough before Kuyt Torres moves forward into the penalty area and drives the Chelsea defender back to the penalty area at 45 degrees.
Johnson’s goal sent to Chelsea was a big surprise.
Because football doesn’t fly to the restricted area
But fly to the front of the restricted area!
Barak made a mistake in anticipation. He was retreating. At this time, it was too late to make an emergency stop and move forward.
He watched the football fly by in front of him, and Gerrard hoped to touch the ball, but Essien pestered him. Gerrard took advantage of the situation and simply Essien fought fiercely to let Essien touch the ball.
Essien gnashed his teeth, but getting rid of Steven Gerrard is not that simple.
He was going to interfere with Gerrard first and then go to the rescue himself, but now Gerrard has delayed him!
He had a bad feeling in his heart.
Because he saw Qin Xiong and also saw Qin Xiong and Lampard!
Qin Xiong obliquely inserted in front of Gerrard’s right!
That’s where football come from.
Essien’s way to stop Qin Xiong’s return to Lampard is running fast.
After Qin Xiong rushed to Gerrard’s parallel position, Lampard was two positions behind. He saw Qin Xiong swinging his legs to volley. Lampard resolutely chose to put the shovel!
The stands at Stamford Bridge Stadium exclaimed.
Everyone stared at Qin Xiong, the Liverpool No.7.
Glen Johnson’s halflob didn’t land, but Qin Xiong volleyed it into Chelsea’s goal with a beautiful kick.
Football is like a meteor shell flying directly to the right corner of Chelsea goal without a trace of uncertainty, a world wave
Wonderful and shocking!
Hilario may have prayed again, but this time he didn’t make a save, but Emperor didn’t respond to him.
He tur his head and saw that football rolling out of the goal.
He hung his head vigorously.
spa会所Just as the Red Army fans were preparing to celebrate crazily in the visiting fans’ stands, they were silent.
There is also a scream from Qin Xiong that is drowned in the noise.
He came with a shovel after Ling volleyed, and Lampard brought him to the ground. His left supporting foot was badly sprained!
Although Qin Xiong had selfprotection at the moment of the crisis and took the initiative to lose his balance and let his body fall to the ground, Lampard shoveled his left foot and was injured!
He fell 32 yards from the goal where he shot.
Screaming is consciousness. At this moment, he curled up sideways and put his hand on his injured place.
He is sure that he is hurt because he can’t get up unless he is on one foot.
Although Lampard got up at the first time and came to Qin Xiong to apologize, it made the players of the two teams calm down and the fans restrain their emotions.

Auxiliary Gong Liqiang manipulated Morgana and set a weakness for Lu Xi ‘an.

Lu Xi’ an saw some danger and quickly handed over the flash, and Lin Tian followed suit. Once again, the two knives went, and the other Lu Xi’ an didn’t get treatment, so Lin Tian got a blood.
Anne’s evacuation speed was a little slow, and she was also killed by Devon Morgana.
Steady for so long, always got two heads, Lin Tian couldn’t help laughing.
But before he could laugh, the pig girl in the river dared to come over, flashing Q skills to control Draven in Lin Tian, and then the pig girl took a set of skills and took away Draven who had just got the double kill.
Lin Tian has no skills, and he can’t help being killed.
But no, he has already made a lot of money this wave.
They have developed steadily for so long, and his passivity is very high. When he killed Lucian, the additional money could have made some economy more.
The ability to seize opportunities is a bit fierce, Xingyu Lin said
Slice, that’s not still killed? This wave is a small profit, said Lin Qi immediately.
Sister, you are going a little too far. Han Xiao rubbed his hand and was dissatisfied.
He knows his sister’s temper better than anyone else. This time Lin Qi looked at people with colored glasses, and Han Xiao wanted to wake up a few words.
What is too much? I …
Lin Qi wanted to argue, but she saw Chen Ran with a black face and got up.
What’s so noisy? There are so many people here, can’t they live in harmony? I’ll leave my words here, and whoever bothers again will get out!
Chen Ranxin has always given people a kind feeling, but this does not mean that she has no anger. On the contrary, in her anger, whether it is Lin Qi or Han Xiao is instantly quiet.
Chapter 20 Anger
One by one, where are those smelly problems? Enjoy the game!
At this point, Lin day record has been getting better and better.
After the double kill, he bought a killer sword, and assisted Shen Sheng to do a good job of road vision. Lin Tian took out his fierce side and suddenly attacked the other road group.
The road has a huge advantage, and several people quickly took off the first little dragon.
This set is stable, and this Draven has an advantage in the early stage. While the front row of the other side is not well equipped, this Draven is expected to play a group.
You’re wrong, Chineydy. If I’m right, the killing side will be over!
What do you mean? Xingyu Lin some don’t understand, at this time, Lin day has the road to life can’t take care of themselves, it’s not killing?
At this time, it’s time to play the group steadily and take the other side away.
Don’t you see?
Han Xiao said this not to one person, but to everyone.
Something is wrong? No?
I didn’t see it either.
You said he didn’t go, but kept going? Chen Ran heart looked for a while, suddenly said.
That’s right
What does he mean by walking? It would be nice to join the group. If you take such a line, something will happen.
You’ll see.
Elder brother, what did you find? Can you make it clear? Although Lin Qi has been angry, she is still attracted by Han Xiao dialect at this time.
You look, just captain Meng Fan said, playing through the road is qualified, and Lin Tian is small, and he is going to blow everything up.
Display, Lin Tian has been hovering in the road, and the other road combination root dare not appear. He almost easily broke the other road tower.
At this time, the opponent’s singles and fields are coming quickly.
But Lin Tian didn’t mean to retreat at all.
The other side assisted Annie to flash over, an R skill, trying to stun Levin.
Auxiliary Shen Sheng is very quick to respond, and directly sets the shield.
Lin day seemed to have anticipated these, he did not retreat, carrying two rotating flying axes to Anne A.
Wang Nuo has been observing Lin Tiandong.
He is now AC in Z team, and Lin Tiandeng replaced him. He was terrible and Lin Tiandeng was too dazzling, and then he took his place.
He and Lin Qi are very good, otherwise Lin Qi wouldn’t have so many opinions about Lin Tianyou.
This AC is too unstable, he deliberately said.
A few people didn’t answer the words, still watching.
Sure enough, the monitor Levin still rushed into the other highland and got stuck there.
It’s very much like some first Devon style, abusing springs.
In this game, Lin Tian’s performance was remarkable. He killed the other side of the road and blocked it directly at the gate of the base. Whoever came out died, but Lin Tian was also killed several times, which led to a long battle.
桑拿会所Until the end of the game, Lin day pick headphones, long breath.
Meng Fan walked past, looked at Lin Tian’s record and read it aloud. But to Lin Tian’s surprise, those people all looked calm, as if they were used to this scene.
Reluctantly, the participation rate of the group battle is not high, and it is too wave in the later period. At this time, Lin Qi also came along, so she said.
Lin day is wrinkly to knit the brows, did not answer the words.
At this time, Han Xiao also came over and said, Actually, it’s very good, but shall we try a few sets?
Although Han Xiao is the coach of Z team, his level is extremely high, and all members of the team sincerely admire his skills.
Now AC Wang Nuo is Han Xiao’s apprentice.
Good Lin Tian did not refuse.
When the first game was in Level 4 Lin Tian, he got a blood, and he frowned.
I just focused on mending the knife and consumed some blood. At this time, I was directly killed.
In the second game, Lin Tian was not so steady, but he was still killed.
After a few innings, Lin Tianji was given a blood. He took the lead in mending the knife, but the other side posed as Saburo desperately, which made him have a headache.

Hi Kyle, what’s up?

I received some news from Hernando.
Qin Xiong is an invisible shareholder of Liverpool, but he doesn’t participate in some important matters of the club and knows it.
Freddie is the bridge between the top management of the club.
Well, what exactly is it?
Liverpool may sell him.
Because he can make money and Torres’ performance is not good enough this season, the board will worry that he will not be able to sell such a price in the future if he goes uphill. Besides, Coleman has put pressure on the board to come up with less than 20 thousand pounds in winter.
Qin Xiong looked up to heaven and thought about it carefully.
It may not be true how much money Liverpool earned in the season. Although the Asian market is very exciting, considering that the board of directors of Liverpool really intends to build a new stadium and does not want to bear huge debts rashly, it is normal to live within the limits of business.
In the summer, less than 40,000 euros were invested in the signing. meireles’s Tiotestrink actually signed Raul, but he gave a huge signature.
It is not too much for Coleman to ask for another 20 thousand pounds in the winter, but the board of directors can’t invest the team as a bottom hole
Okay, I get it.
You have no opinion?
No, I said I’m not involved in management. I don’t want to complicate things.
After Qin Xiong finished, Freddie said goodbye to each other and hung up.
He looked at the sparkling sea and gave a long sigh.
It is not only Liverpool’s unilateral idea to sell Torres, but also Torres’ agent put pressure on Liverpool’s board of directors to get a bigger contract because of olive branches from other teams in the summer
This is human nature, but Liverpool is not as rich as the outside world thinks.
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. 1255 The way to go is narrow]
read; After the fifa match day, Qin Xiong returned to Melwood training base to prepare for the Premier League weekend together.
He obviously felt that his teammates were tired after returning from the national team.
But Liverpool’s Premier League schedule this year is also extremely unlucky
After the fifa match day, there will be a Merseyside derby and a visit to Mei Acha in the middle of the week to challenge Inter Milan.
On the afternoon of January 16th, the Merseyside Derby started first at Goodison Park.
Liverpool, exhausted by soldiers, faced Everton with a fierce battle.
Shortly after the game, aurelio was knocked down and injured by yakubu while filling Mascherano’s position!
The fourth official of Coleman was furious and argued that the opponent’s collision was too big, which led to the injury of Liverpool players.
Insua was ordered to play at the critical moment.
Carragher was injured in a fight in yakubu two minutes before halftime!
Coleman’s face turned livid this time.
Agger field replaced Carragher.
It is difficult to unify the rhythm of Liverpool team in the same pace.
In particular, the defensive line is full of mistakes, so that Everton can seize the opportunity to play a threatening fast break
Mascherano’s performance is disappointing. Obviously, his physical load from South America to Europe is too heavy, not only because of the travel and competition, but also because of his jet lag twice.
Everton took the lead in the game at halftime. Cahill answered Osman’s flank and scored a low shot. Osman broke through the defense line. It was insua who guarded the left side.
Less than ten minutes after halftime, Agger headed the ball to clear the corner, not far from Arteta’s goal outside the restricted area, and then he shook Alonso and went straight to the goal with a long shot.
Merseyside are two goals behind Liverpool!
Coleman can’t look at him at this time. Lucas changed Kuyt and added a midfielder to defend, taking the lead in ensuring that the midfield defense will not be penetrated by the opponent and increasing the mobility of the midfielder to the wing.
Only then can Liverpool keep a firm foothold in the game and attack in front before the defense is stable, so as to continuously put pressure on their opponents.
Qin Xiong seems to be alone in this game. Most of the time, he can’t cooperate with his teammates. His rhythm is too fast.
It didn’t improve until after the halftime substitution.
He Raul Gerrard attacked the Everton defence in the frontcourt.
In the 71st minute of the game, Qin Xiong Alonso Raul made a triangle pass in the frontcourt. After cutting the running position, he answered Raul’s return ball. Qin Xiong slammed the door hole and pierced the fingers of American goalkeeper Howard!
Liverpool pulled back a goal.
Everton coach moyers made a defensive counterattack tactical adjustment, which allowed Everton to control the situation in the last 2 minutes of the game.
In the third minute of the game, insua assisted him from the left and sent the ball to the other side of the restricted area. Steven Gerrard headed the ball there and made goalkeeper Howard save and let Raul fall to the ground when he made up the shot.
The referee decisively awarded a penalty.
Qin Xiong resisted the pressure and took a penalty kick to help Liverpool equalize the score away from home.
Although Liverpool still showed the courage to attack at the last minute, the goals passed by repeatedly and failed to reverse the drama again.
At the end of the game, the fans of both teams were quite unwilling.
Coleman and moyers also had an argument.
Coleman was upset that yakubu had hurt aurelio and Carragher.
At the press conference after the game, Coleman expressed regret that the team failed to win the game.
Liverpool may have played less than 7% of its real strength today! The fifa game has a great influence on the players’ state. You know Mascherano just returned to England from Argentina the night before yesterday. He is very tired and needs to rest, but we have to play such an important game. Liverpool needs him and so do other players.
But Qin Xiong didn’t go back to Asia to take part in the competition. He went on holiday.
So Qin Xiong scored two goals in the game and was the best player. It’s a pity that we couldn’t win. Now we are going to prepare for the Champions League in midweek.
夜生活Fifa virus has a great influence on the top teams in Premier League.
Chelsea: it may not be enough to draw Aston Villa, but Manchester United’s twogoal lead in the team was first given by Evra Oolong, and then the old goalkeeper van der Sar butterfingers’s lowlevel mistake made the opponent equalize the score, which simply caused the Red Devils fans to collapse
There was also Arsenal’s 21 win over Burnham, which seemed normal.
After the round, Liverpool continued to lead the table with 2 points, followed by Chelsea with 19 points.
Arsenal had a catchup posture after 13 points.
Manchester United’s 11 points are three points less than Manchester City’s fourgame winning streak, which makes the Red Devils look down.
After finishing the Merseyside derby, Liverpool went to Milan, the Italian capital, to prepare to challenge Inter Milan in Mei Acha.
The two teams really have a narrow way to go.