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Fu Ze eyes some complex is still sipping his lips don’t talk.

I spoke to your mother, and as soon as I got to you, she couldn’t help crying. She smiled like a child when she heard that I was going to marry you, Yan Qiqi continued.
Stop talking and get out.
Fu Ze finally spoke. He stared back at Yan Qiqi. No matter what you say, I won’t marry you.
If I want to get something, I will get it. Yan Qiqi looked transfixed at Fu Ze’s hand reaching behind her neck to untie the nepotism skirt, and threw it out with her hand.
Then take off your clothes, kick off your high heels and walk into the sanitation naked.
I’ll wash it with you regardless of the cold water pouring on the ice, Qi Qi Fu Ze looked up at Fu Ze’s hand and took Fu Ze’s glasses and threw them on the washstand.
You go out
Fu Ze yelled at Yan Qiqi, and his body was strange. All the temperature rushed to his abdomen. Now he was like an explosion, and Yan Qiqi was in front of him.
The graceful figure of women appeared in front of his eyes, even though he closed his eyes, Yan Qiqi’s shadow was like being engraved in his mind and played back again and again.
He is very, very miserable.
Fu Ze, open your eyes and look at me. I’m Yang Xiaoning. Look at it. Yan Qiqi put his hand around Fu Ze’s body and rubbed his hot body.
Small coagulation Fu Ze consciousness slowly drifted away. He slowly opened his eyes and cast his eyes on this woman.
Suddenly he woke up again and reached out to push Yan Qiqi. You are not Yang Xiaoning. You lied to me.
Tentacles were smooth and cold, and a tingling came from the fingers, just like Fu Ze’s heart in an oasis in the desert.
I can’t get my shoulder back.
Can’t help but Fu Zeling suddenly shrank back with a clear hand.
He can’t be sorry Xiao Ning.
Yan Qiqi put his arm around Fu Ze’s neck and lips and whispered, I am Yang Xiaoning. Don’t you love me? I’m here in front of you. You want me.
Fu Ze only a little reason disappeared, and his eyes were blurred. He looked down at the woman in front of him and slowly turned her face into Yang Xiaoning’s face and looked at him with a clever smile.
Fu Ze, I’m Xiao Ning. I’m back. Yang Xiao Ning sounded in Fu Ze’s ear.
Fu Ze has unspeakable excitement in his heart, trembling hands holding Yang Xiaoning’s face and lips falling on her face, eyebrows, nose and eyes. Xiao Ning, you are finally back. Do you know that I miss you very much?
I know. I know everything.
Yang Xiaoning’s lips tightly stick to Fu Ze’s lips and he walks away.
品茶  title=Finally Fu Ze struggled to suppress * * and suddenly broke out. He picked up Yan Qiqi and walked toward the outside to press Yan Qiqi to the bed.
The whole person is as crazy as a beast.
That night, Fu Ze tirelessly asked for it until the medicinal properties were over, and he stopped to lie in bed and fell asleep.
Yan Qiqi didn’t feel sleepy at all, and her body was as sore as if she had been run over. She was too tired to even move her toes.
Looking at Fu Ze’s face tilting, her fingers fell on her face and her eyes were full of unspeakable tenderness.
We have known for a long time that you have Yang Xiaoning in your eyes. You have never found another woman who has you in her eyes.
Yan Qiqi mumbles in her mouth that her eyes are smiling without a reason, and that everything she loves has a cause and effect.
She doesn’t know what to do if she walks into Fu Ze’s heart and appears in front of him in this way. Although she means dishonorable, she doesn’t care.
What is more important than staying with him? Even if he mistook her for Yang Xiaoning, she didn’t care.
The road is her choice, even if she wears her feet out, she will still stick to it.
Yan Qiqi contentedly closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep.
The next day, the hospital doctor gave Ye Ling a facetoface examination, and finally smiled and said to him, Ye Zong congratulates you on your illness and can be discharged.
Thank you, doctor! Night ling nodded thanks to the doctor.
Pay more attention to rest after going home, quit smoking, alcohol and diet, and come to the hospital for physical examination on time. The doctor told Ye Ling a few more words before he stepped away.
Duoyun has packed everything.
Can we go? Clouds glanced at night ling face no expression light.
hmm! Night ling nodded and walked away together with clouds in his hand.
A cloud in the underground parking lot puts things in the trunk and looks up at Ye Ling. Where are you going? Civil affairs bureau?
Night Ling’s heart stung slightly. Is she really in such a hurry to get a divorce?
Well, since she expects it, then he will be her.
Then go to the Civil Affairs Bureau first! Night ling said silently opened the door and sat down.
Duoyun bit his lip and said nothing. He started the car in the driver’s seat and drove away.
Night ling’s cell phone suddenly rang at this moment. It was his assistant.
Night manager, did you watch today’s news? The assistant voice is a little urgent
What’s the matter? Night ling eyebrows picked a cold asked
It’s because of you and Mrs. Night that you’d better look at it first! The assistant is awkward.
Night ling sipped her lips and said nothing. She hung up the phone and watched the news. The more she watched it, the uglier and colder she looked. At last, her face was livid.
Taking a deep breath, Ye Ling said to Duo Yun, Don’t go to the Civil Affairs Bureau first, you take me to the company, and then you take Ye Ye to the suite where we used to live. After a while, I gave you two tickets and you took Ye Ye to go abroad for a few days.
Duoyun’s brow wrinkled slightly. What’s the matter?
It’s okay, said Ye Ling coldly. There was no temperature in the sound.
Duoyun’s frown is tighter. If it weren’t for something, Linggen wouldn’t let her and Duoyun go abroad every night and park her car by the side of the road. She turned her head and looked at Yeling.
What’s the matter? If you don’t tell me, I will never listen to your arrangement and go abroad every night.
You need to do as I say. You know you don’t need to know. Ye Ling looked very cold at Duo Yun and said with a straight face. After that, she picked up her mobile phone and called her assistant to ask him to book two tickets to France for Duo Yun and Ye Mei immediately.
Cloud gas bitter what are you always so overbearing? You never care about other people’s feelings. I’m so disappointed in you.
Night ling’s eyes darkened and he said coldly, Anyway, you have been disappointed in me and it’s not bad this time. Then he reached for a cloud bag and turned out the mobile phone from the inside.
What are you doing? Duoyun screamed and reached out to grab the phone.
Ye Ling’s body gave way to Duo Yun’s hand, and she watched Ye Ling put the mobile phone into his pocket.

Tiaote meireles has done a good job of making boateng more and more irritable but unable to display his abilities.

In the 35th minute of the game, Tiaote successfully broke the ball from boateng’s foot, and Liverpool immediately launched a fast break in the frontcourt.
Steven Gerrard took the initiative to pull the ball to the right and then he also took the initiative to insert Qin Xiong before moving to the restricted area. strasser was dazzled by Liverpool’s dazzling attack.
When Qin Xiong ran horizontally in front of him and successfully stopped the ball after receiving Gerrard’s ball, strasser immediately started to explode acceleration along Qin Xiong’s running direction.
However, Qin Xiong easily pulled the ball back behind him and stopped. After turning around, strasser’s center of gravity changed and he didn’t slip to the ground directly!
spa会所He made a fool of himself. A Milan fans will probably sympathize with him.
He is not the first player to make a fool of himself in front of Qin Xiong, and he is definitely not the last player to be 2 years old in front of an absolute superstar. He is so young.
Qin Xiong pulled the ball back behind him and sent a straight plug of the external rotation ball obliquely to the instep of the right foot of the goal.
The football rolled over Stadio Silva, and the outside spin ball bypassed Tiago Silva. Raul’s forward insertion was probably interfered by jankulovski. He could run diagonally and control the ball near the baseline.
Raul immediately swept the ball in front of the goal
Meireles listened to the previous Qin Xiong’s suggestion to insert the restricted area more frequently.
This can create a confusion in Milan’s defense
This time he dumped Starr and grabbed points in the middle of the restricted area.
However, he was a little unprepared. After abbiati rushed out, he shot and hit the ball directly on abbiati!
Bouncing out, the football landed on Qin Xiong’s foot outside the restricted area.
A moment ago, I got up again. strasser came directly to the shovel. Qin Xiong calmly swiped the ball horizontally and then dodged strasser
Poor strasser almost shovel boateng from behind Qin Xiong to that ground!
A Milan defence is a mess.
After Qin Xiong looked at the direction of the eyeball door, he spun a curveball and shot the ball at the goal.
See the football bypass Silva body outside to fly behind him.
A Milan players look a little desperate together.
Liverpool’s continuous attack on abbiati is definitely not fully prepared.
But listen to bang!
The football hit the outside of the goalpost and bounced off the other sideline. Steven Gerrard made a mistake because he stopped the ball on the side just where the football came from, and the football was blocked by him.
A Milan escaped.
Liverpool is really unlucky today! After Steven Gerrard shot and hit the crossbar, Qin Xiong was determined to win a shot and hit the goal post. We saw the chaotic side of Milan’s defense line. They may have done well three minutes after losing the ball, but now they are back to normal and don’t defend well. Why does Milan have a higher Liverpool? Don’t say that there is a threat like Raul in Liverpool’s front line, and don’t say that Gerrard is threatening in the frontcourt. If Qin Xiong wants Qin Xiong, you must first defend well! This must be the case or you will be punished!
The Anfield stadium echoed with sighs from the fans, but after the sighs passed, the fans applauded warmly.
Liverpool’s wild attack made A Milan unable to cope, but failed to score the second goal.
Besides, because it is Qin Xiong, they will miss the goal and regret it, but they will not have negative emotions, but will support him more!
Because of his presence on the court, it means that his team is working hard to win.
On the contrary, look at the A Milan striker.
Pato estimated that his body had cooled down and Ibrahimovic was going crazy. Robinho was also frustrated after running aimlessly.
Liverpool is getting braver and braver! to be continued
[The first roll of sword has been absolutely suppressed before it is drawn]
Being suppressed by Liverpool for a long time, the defensive line is unstable and the score is behind A. Milan backcourt players finally show signs of irrepressibility.
They were going to make a wave of resistance before the halftime. Seedorf gave the ball to winger jankulovski in front of the penalty area just after the 45 th minute of the game, and the latter immediately rushed forward with the ball.
Meet boateng in the middle is like being beaten with chicken blood, which suddenly breaks out and rushes forward.
Robinho caught jankulovski’s ball in the frontcourt, and then quickly boateng made a twoone hit against the wall.
A Milan saw the dawn when meireles was beaten through by two and one.
It seems that their attack glowed with powerful firepower.
However, when Robinho was influenced by Johnson’s tackle when he was cutting the middle of the road on the side, his dribbling rhythm went wrong and was stopped by Mascherano’s precise crossmove.
Ibrahimovic waved angrily in the restricted area, Pato sighed in the back position, and boateng shouted at Robinho and ran towards the backcourt.
Robinho seems a bit kooky, but he also responds to the different reactions of his teammates.
Liverpool, on the other hand, launched a fast break at the end of the first minute of injury time.
Fact a Milan is going to walk into the dressing room after the attack and ask them to grasp the rhythm, then the success or failure of the attack will consume 1 minute of halftime stoppage time.
It’s a pity that Pirlo wasn’t on the pitch and Seedorf couldn’t run, which led them to lose the ball before the injury time was officially over and gave Liverpool enough time to play a fast break.

Daughters are also immediately quiet after hearing Zhao Yi’s words. Although most of them are physical strength heroes, it is true that they have not reduced their damage skills … Nai can also admit that Zhao Yi chose to make trouble after all.

But at this time Lanaya jumped out. I’ll come, too. After all, I can resist harm by refraction.
Looking at Lana’s seriousness, Zhao Yi also thought of a problem … The ultimate skill of continuous damage like extremely cold ghosts is also the refractive nemesis.
Besides, if you let her go, it’s better for Zhao Yi to go by herself. After all, Zhao Yi can resist more injuries, but it’s a bit risky.
According to the rules of this world, there are some special injuries that cannot be resisted. I just don’t know if the ultimate skill of extremely cold ghosts hurts like this. I don’t know. Just …
You can’t … your refractive weakness is too obvious. Zhao Yi easily said that she didn’t pay attention to the expressions of the younger sisters. She turned her head directly to look at the extremely cold ghosts. These three people are my good partners. By the way, I hope that the extremely cold ghosts can abide by the betting rules and don’t turn their faces and deny human beings. That would be boring.
Hum … that’ll have to wait until you win. The extremely cold ghost face is also disdainful
Seeing this expression, Zhao Yi can feel that this younger sister will not turn her face and deny her personality. That’s good …
While the three women were in a relatively small position, Regvo was calm in the middle, while she pointed her ass directly at the extremely cold ghost. There was no disrespect … it was just that her bristly back needed this to give full play.
品茶论坛  title=Mercury, on the other hand, is very calm to talk to her … The world is not rooted in wanting to kill her skills directly, and she herself is so simple to recognize and help Zhao Yi. Mercury will naturally be more active.
Medusa has a shield that looks the same. This shield has helped Medusa through several difficulties, which is also her core skill …
Extremely cold ghosts didn’t care about the gesture of these three people. They nodded gently towards Zhao Yi and saw Zhao Yi’s confident smile, which soon released the ultimate skill towards the three people.
A strange white energy bombed the past towards the position of three people, and it directly stimulated the cold in the moment of hitting three people.
Bang! As soon as the exaggeration rings, three people are enveloped by an exaggeration chill … and the energy of frying white is also gone.
The cold seeped out from the three of them, and suddenly some teeth ached. Not only that, the limbs of the three people were all turned into ice, and the cold was still rising rapidly … It seems that the ultimate goal is their hearts.
However, even the expressions of the three people who were shrouded in these exaggerated chill did not change much.
Regvo’s posture is a little strange. Her back seems to bear a great part of the cold. Even if the cold wants to spread, Mercury has some purple energy. While blocking the erosion of the surrounding cold, she is still thinking about reflecting some energy outside. Some of these cold are derived from these strange purple energy and fed back to the surrounding enemies …
Refractive ghosts can reflect some of the damage they suffer and will be fed back to the surrounding enemy units according to the distance!
Refraction is a ghost. An agile hero can also bear quite a lot of damage. Core skills … Coupled with barren meat and output, you have the skills. What is a ghost not an enemy? Not to mention a little cold ghost …
Those chills on Medusa’s side were blocked by energy shield, and they didn’t receive much damage, but the magic loss was more, but this is not a problem. After all, there are many Medusa magic preparations.
Seeing this situation is extremely cold, ghosts seem to understand the reason why Zhao Yi is so confident. Even her ultimate skill can’t run rampant across the mainland like that in the past … Thought of this, she sighed slightly. She knew that she lost the bet, but she felt a little relieved that there are so many powerful and normal heroes in the mainland, which should be a good thing … It will definitely not throw the whole mainland into chaos like that in the past …
Ice crystal detonation is extremely cold ghosts. Select a continent and an area. The farther away the area is from the extremely cold ghosts, the wider the range. When the ice crystal explodes and flies towards the target direction, the enemy will enter a negative state in the middle. When the enemy is hit in the target area, the enemy will suffer some magical damage and then go into a negative state. This negative state will make the enemy unit recover its health value. How to recover the health value is effective and slowly reduce the health value. When the enemy unit continues in a negative state, its health value will be directly turned into ice and die. The spike effect is effective for skillinfected units …
The ultimate skill of extremely cold ghosts, a powerful skill, can kill all units with low health. Zhao Yi can’t take risks casually and let the three sisters play, but she still has a certain degree of certainty … If these sisters don’t follow Zhao Yi, even if they don’t ask extremely cold ghosts to follow themselves, they must never take risks …
When the ice crystal detonation lasted, it soon reached the third sister, who was still fine … and the three people who suffered these injuries were very calm and looked at Zhao Yi except that Regvo felt very cold and kept breathing.
Holding hands with two people, Zhao Yi said, It’s really hard for the three of you. Are you okay?
Know see mercury and medusa silently shook his head Zhao Yi this just rest assured but neglected Rigovo is some not refreshing way you this guy is too eccentric! I am so cold! Come and warm my hands quickly … Haqiu!
Seeing Rigovo sneezed a lot, Zhao Yi also felt very interesting. He laughed and warmed his hands. It’s just a small matter … Zhao Yi directly reached out and Rigovo really caught Zhao Yi’s hand with a cold feeling, and Rigovo’s expression eased a lot.
Mirana saw that all three of them made it, and also put them in suspense. Extremely cold ghosts and Zhao Yi bet that I hope you can fulfill it.
She is still a little worried that this extremely cold ghost will turn against people … and the extremely cold ghost is very calm and smile.
Showing a longterm style, I don’t care about these young people. Just call me Calder … Don’t worry about my apprentice. Don’t look at me like that. I will fulfill my promise and come with me.
Said the extremely cold ghost turned around and drifted in directly towards the castle made of ice.
The repairman glanced at it. Will there be any problem?
Then Zhao Yi gave it away … Actually, extremely cold ghosts won’t tell their real names if they want to go back on their word. For them who are so old, their real names are quite … you know.
I don’t trust others. How can others be our partners? Zhao Yi said, and pulled out his hand … and followed it directly.
Daughters are nai looked at each other directly with.
Entering this ice city, you can feel a very exaggerated cold breath … and these ice walls have been confirmed by many women more than once that the real world is made up of ice! I can’t find anyone else who can do this except a few heroes who are particularly good at frost.
And the extremely cold ghost action is getting faster and faster, and then the daughters are taken into a very spacious room.
There is an ice cube, and there is a woman sitting on the table.
And Zhao Yi recognized it at first sight … and then she felt an egg ache. She should have thought of it! Once in the background introduction of that hero … she came to the Blue Heart Glacier! And learn frost element control here! However, Zhao Yi didn’t expect that … she turned out to be Calder’s apprentice …
Crystal Maiden!
Sitting on a platform made of ice is her! And once … she left Zhao Yi in the name of wanting to become stronger directly. For her … Zhao Yi didn’t feel much, but she didn’t know how the other person felt …
And this time meeting Zhao Yi also confirmed … Crystal Maiden has become stronger! A lot stronger!

I was shocked.

What does he mean?
Isn’t letting me go giving me complete freedom?
What I expect is that I will never see him again, and we will never see each other again. It is enough to remember each other occasionally when I am old.
But he said he would not divorce me …
Although we are married in the army, if he wants a divorce, there is naturally a way.
What exactly is it?
I pushed him away and stared into his eyes. "Is it because Miss Gu is in danger that you still need me to be the second lady of Ye Jia?"
Or he told me to leave, too. Take the enemy’s eyes off Gu Changyu.
No wonder Gu Changyu said he hurt me.
No wonder she pretends to be worried about me …
Ye Xiangyuan touched my face and interrupted my thoughts. "You think wrong. I’m not her."
I sneer
He gently sighed and held my fingertip to his lips and kissed him. "You believe me, nothing happened between me and the little fish."
Section 27
I don’t believe him at all.
If he and Gu Changyu are really innocent, what about the video?
He turned over my hand and kissed my palm. "It’s my fault to make you and your baby suffer … You should take good care of yourself after going abroad and don’t want to keep your body well … You like to open the window when you go to bed at night, but Ayi said it’s good to leave a seam or it will hurt later … You like to drink cold water, so you should drink more hot water …"
I heard it very strangely.
It’s not like him to talk about things.
I can’t help holding him in my backhand and eagerly saying, "What’s the matter?"
Will it be with the Li family?
At this time, I don’t care about him and Gu Changyu. I am more worried about his safety.
Maybe he’s going to try his best to settle accounts with the Li family completely.
In this way, there is great risk.
If it fails, Li jiaqi will be implicated not only in Ye Jia but also in following Ye Xiangyuan.
I can’t help wondering whether he let me go because he was afraid that I would suffer with him, or whether he deliberately sent me abroad to attract the attention of the Li family and protect Gu Changyu.
Ye Xiang kissed my face from a distant relative and said, "Don’t think too much that I am reluctant to let you leave."
I stared at him incredulously.
He looked back at me calmly, and his eyes were clear, as if he really didn’t hide anything from me.
I became silent.
Then I realized that I had just worried about him.
I can’t believe I still can’t let him go …
This makes me feel depressed.
Therefore, my tone became a little aggressive and asked, "What deal did you make with Han Qingshan?"
This time with Ye Xiangyuan silence.
He looked away from me.
My heart suddenly asked, "Is it with me?"
He gently touched my hair judo "with you, you are my wife, how can I trade you?"
I still stared at him suspiciously.
But he stopped talking.
I’m a little anxious and resentful that he kept it from me.
He was about to press him again when he suddenly got up and said, "It’s late. You should have a good rest. Take good care of yourself these days and don’t think about those worries."
And then left.
I watched him walk out of the room and leave a figure, which gave me some bad feelings.
Pan Dong came in at this time with his hands, dragged the two carers away and said to me, "Sister-in-law, sleep peacefully, and I will be guarded by bodyguards outside."
I, uh, I …
He paused. "Sister-in-law, you have to trust the chief."
I sighed, "Do you think I should trust him after all that has happened?"
桑拿网Pan Dong Lou hesitated and didn’t speak.
Of course, I won’t be difficult for him, let alone angry with him. He glanced at him and said, "Thank you for this."
Pandong shook his head. "That sister-in-law has a rest."
Say that finish with the door.
I am very grateful to Pan Dong.
I asked him to do that appraisal. I thought he would refuse or report it to Ye Xiangyuan, but I didn’t expect him to really help me.
At that time, I was thinking that even if he told Ye Xiangyuan, it wouldn’t matter much. Anyway, it’s not a bad thing for me to have a showdown with Ye Xiangyuan sooner or later and let Ye Xiangyuan know about the video earlier.
But Pan Dong actually kept Ye Xiangyuan hidden for me.
This makes me feel moved and guilty.
I doubted him some time ago, but I didn’t think he would help me in turn.
Although I don’t know what he will help me, I am really grateful to him.
And tonight, he once again solved a doubt for me.
Ye Xiangyuan’s appearance is too coincidental. I suspect that he sent Han Qingshan to see me on purpose.
And Pan Dongchong nodded at me to tell me that my guess was correct.

Zhou Weimiao, you are very clever. You know why I don’t keep you, right? Su Yuning stretched out his hand and broke Zhou Weimiao’s hand. He held her hand tightly and looked at the people with a hint of kindness. A person can not hesitate to be cruel to his own sister. I can’t guess what else you can’t abandon. Don’t abandon your family when you abandon someone.

But you let us … Zhou Weimiao bit deep red lips with a full face of unwilling and injustice.
You want this opportunity so badly that you lose more heart. It’s terrible to do one thing, and you will do whatever it takes. I prefer a simple and kind girl to a woman who knows how to choose and hide a lot of thoughts. Su Yu said to Zhou Weimiao with earnest interest, like an intimate sister, Smile. Girls who love to laugh are not too bad luck.
Zhou Weimiao’s teeth bite her lips, and her lips are almost bleeding. She bent down hard at Su Yu’s coagulation, and her lips showed an ugly smile than crying.
That’s right! Listen to me and smile often, and luck will get better. Because of bad luck, you usually can’t laugh. Su Yu looked at Zhou Weimiao with consternation and patted her on the shoulder. I’m kidding, you look good when you smile.
The president’s office hung up and looked at the paper. I don’t know when it was scratched by my own consciousness. Su Yu’s name is so dense.
Li Qianxun’s unnatural light cough threw the paper full of Su Yu’s name into the shredder and wiped it into scraps of paper.
Did Chad find Qingqing? Li Qianxun dialed Chad’s words.
Miss Li Qingqing has been found playing roller coaster with his wife and friends in the amusement park. Chad’s peripheral sound is very noisy, and there seems to be children cheering and machine rolling.
Know that let Zhou Weimiao protect Qingqing in the past and tell Qingqing that I will take her to lunch at noon. Li Qianxun ordered coldly.
Mr. Haoli Chad respectfully replied, put away his mobile phone and slowly walked towards playing hi kaushal and Su Qingqing. Then he heard two people, one large and one small, coming from the roller coaster, sitting next to the flower bed with an ice cream in his hand, looking at the passersby everywhere.
Qingqing Qingqing look! There are two handsome guys, one big and one small, five meters ahead of you! Pay attention, pay attention! !” Looking at a fiveor sixyearold boy in a small suit and shiny leather shoes, he was led by a clean and refreshing big boy in a denim sweatshirt, and visually observed that he was 1.9 meters tall and a child with his legs sprouted and bent down to walk, and somehow stabbed Ye Linlin everywhere.
Such a beautiful beauty, Ye Linlin, has made a good mistake and made a good thing. Everyone should share Ye Linlin’s shoulder and rub Su Qingqing. Qingqing, look! Shota small fresh meat combination, eh, is the cutest one! More cute than you and your ice daddy!
At the moment, Qingqing’s little basin friend is focusing on the strawberry ice cream in front of her eyes. Aunt Xiaoye is suddenly scratching and preparing to bite off the strawberry ice cream. So gorgeous! And the skirt happened to rub against a big lump of sticky ice cream and rolled down her princess skirt.
This is a big accident for Su Qingqing, a snack and a little cleanliness! Try to resist the urge to roll your eyes. Remember that Mommy taught a clever girl not to roll her eyes, talk or be rude.
Aunt! Although handsome young meat is very important, can you respect an ice cream! Su Qingqing’s little basin friend took a slow breath and looked at Kaushal. In hindsight, she came to herself in a hurry and took a paper towel. She wiped Su Qingqing and stayed where she was, trying not to make trouble. Kaushal gave herself an emergency treatment of the skirt house, but she was very resistant to taking the ice cream from Kaushal and didn’t hesitate to take a bite. The mood was only a little better.
Licked his lips sweet ice cream Su Qingqing turned around and saw two long legs that went against the sky appear in front of her eyes. Su Qingqing felt that she was leaning back with her neck and saw a sunny face when she saw the sky. Two beautiful eyes as beautiful as the stars looked at her. Do you need help? Miss this wet tissue should be easier to handle.
桑拿会所Chapter two hundred Occupation appraisal of Lao Wang next door
Just like the sound of nature appears like a savior, kaushal took the wet tissue in front of her and thanked her quickly. She quickly handled the ice cream stain on Su Qingqing’s skirt and got up to thank her. She blushed when she looked up. Didn’t she just see the cowboy boy? It seems more handsome to look closer than to look far away!
Kaushal tried hard to suppress her impulse to jump up and cheer, gently cough to hide her embarrassment, and looked at the boy who was about 2012 years old, giving people a feeling of sunshine and handsome.
Fluffy and soft, slightly naturally curly chestnut hair blowing with the wind, healthy honey face, full of eyebrows and swords, warm smile, eyes standing upright, beautiful nose and slightly upturned lips, which is simply sexy and hopeless.
Thank you! It’s a bit hectic to help a friend take care of a child for the first time. Qingqing hurry up and thank your uncle. Kaushal is shy and shy, and she will rush at this fresh little fresh meat. She will also ask for two more sentences.
Thank you, brother, Su Qingqing said with a long tone. Aunt Ye and Mommy said that the young uncle called him brother.
Good boy! Xiao Chunian reached out and gently rubbed Su Qingqing’s little head to see Su Qingqing’s neck wearing a teardropshaped blood jade pendant and withdrew her hand like a touch. You … what’s your name?
Ha ha ….. Their little green kids are big! Han skills ma! Kaushal Wu lip charming smile it was Yu Ning daughter! You clever son of a bitch, follow your mommy! All right! Call brother!
My name is Su Qing Qingqing. My heart is Qingqing. Su Qingqing upturned her neck and continued to chew strawberry ice cream with her head down. She saw Aunt Ye saying that shota was staring at Su Qingqing with fine eyes. She was not as goodlooking and uninterested as her current dad.
Section 73
She is a child in Yu Ning, Xiao Chunian, and her expression of joy is beyond words. She squatted down and looked at Su Qingqing inch by inch. She looked at Su Qingqing carefully, much like Su Yu when she was a child, combing her two pigtails and leaning against the tall girl who had just talked to him.
Xiao Chunian made no secret of her eyes. Su Qingqing was green and barely visible. She frowned, curled her eyelashes and blinked her eyes. She looked naughty and naughty, but she was quiet and ageold.
Nose slightly become warped Su Qingqing is wrinkly to knit the wrinkled nose feel a little itchy Achoo sneezed shota abandon hid a.
See Su Qingqing looked at him and continued to eat ice cream. shota felt a little discouraged. The little girls in the orphanage saw him with a happy face. Brother Linxi told him to play with them. This little girl’s eyes were lifted. Before his face was focused, he fanned his eyelids again!
What’s your mother’s name? Xiao Chunian looked at Su Qingqing’s tight little face with his knees propped up.
Su Qingqing buried his head in meticulous eating ice cream, and looked up from the ice cream with bright eyes and a shallow smile. He looked at it like thinking about Xiao Chunian’s answer. Su Qingqing thought for a long time and smiled at Xiao Chunian. Mommy’s name is Mommy.
This gentleman, if you want to ask my name, I’ll tell you. It’s not so euphemistic. My name is Kaushal and this is my business card. Kaushal’s delicate arch eyebrows reached out and took out a business card from her bag and handed it over.
Xiao Chunian smiled and took the business card. I knew that Kaushal had misunderstood and didn’t say it was an apology. I looked at Kaushal. I’m sorry I came out to play with my children today and forgot to bring my business card. My name is Xiao Chunian, a forensic doctor.
Lao Wang’s professional appraisal next door? Kaushal outspoken answered.
Xiao Chunian laughed at one leng. I think it’s true after you mention it.
Mr. Xiao is young and has heard this shota call you brother. You are still single! Kaushal took one look at the heroic Xiao Chunian’s lively and lovely five or sixyearold boy and suddenly felt that it was good to be young!
Well, Xiao Chunian smiled, and two lovely dimples emerged on her cheeks. Kaushal was another heart commotion!
This Xiao Chunian is simply walking medicine. It’s better to be a doctor and a star! There must be a lot of little girls who love him! Small fresh meat!
Speaking Xiao Chunian’s eyes have been deliberately looking at Su Qingqing’s baby fat face sprouting and raising two cute little dimples. jelly lip is stained with pink ice cream sugar stains
Xiao Chunian couldn’t help but want to raise my hand to help her clean Su Qingqing but took a step back and escaped Xiao Chunian’s touch.
Hey, are you stupid? Brother Xiao asked about your mommy’s name! Everyone has a name! Not a title! Big idiot! I wish Linxi stretched out her neck and looked at Su Qingqing. I instantly felt that this beautiful little sister was just like a doll.
A wooden head
Su Qingqing turned a deaf ear to Zhu Linxi’s threatening questioning. She glanced at her eyebrows and was taller than her. Most of the little boys were taller than me.
Kaushal Nai looked at shota with his head held high and said to Xiao Chunian with a face of embarrassment, Sir, do you take good care of your bear child? My family Qingqing has never lost in this respect since childhood.

"repel blood!"

"What? You are elegant? " Obviously, it’s a big surprise to reject blood, but for me, this kind of situation is common and I don’t feel anything.
"Line don’t divert to sit don’t change into the toilet don’t forget to wipe! Elegant is also! "
"Ah, elegant brother, we are no strangers!"
"When did you get so intimate with your brothers?"
Blood-repellent walked over and put his arm around my shoulder and said, "I’m your loyal supporter."
It turned out that Blood Rejection liked hero stories since he was a child, but it was impossible for Reagan to appear in reality, so he went into the fairyland to look for a hero’s feeling. But for three months, he didn’t find any one who was really famous to the extreme. At this time, the name elegant appeared, and the person who died the most times was the first to be punished by the system and the first to be wanted by the kingdom. Everything made Blood Rejection feel confusing and very excited, so he began to look for elegance, but like the majority of players, he couldn’t find the name elegant player, who was far away and close at hand, and even tied with himself
"So that’s it. Then why didn’t you say you had a fight in vain when you waved me? You still don’t know what to fight after that."
But then a headache appeared, because we chose that one of us had to die to end the duel, so one of us had to die before we could be sent out.
"How many levels have you rejected blood?"
"level 91"
"Then I’ll die. Anyway, I’m only level 6, and it’s easy to rise back when I die."
"What? You just said that you are only level 6? " Blood repellent was extremely suspicious, looked at me as if I saw a monster, and then carefully said to me, "Elegant brother, are you really a level 6?"
"Why lie to you?"
"Oh, my God, are you kidding? Level 6 is tied with my 91-level monk. Who will believe it?"
After a round of complaining, I hurt myself, and there was a little health left, which made the blood repellent kill me and disappear into a white light.
☆        ☆        ☆
Just now, Chris and I were waiting impatiently in the hotel in the capital.
"What did the eldest brother do? He said that he would wait for me now."
As she spoke, she saw me coming in with three people. She immediately ran over and said hello to me, and then began to look at the three people in front of her.
The man is handsome, with short blond hair and short martial arts. A strong feeling fills him, while the girl beside him is a woman with long black hair and two dimples adorning her two red faces. You can tell at a glance that she is a very beautiful woman with a smile.
Look at the girl next to me, holding her big brother’s hand in both hands and smiling sweetly, revealing her lively expression that day.
"Big brother, who are these three?"
"Let me introduce you!"
I introduced the three people one by one to the understanding of the disease method, which surprised the disease method. I didn’t expect to see such a beautiful MM for more than half a day, which made the disease method reluctant to secretly decide that it was necessary to find a more beautiful MM in the game.
The four of us sat in the hotel and started chatting. Through chatting, I learned that Xuefen and his girlfriend’ Ice Fox’ are actually a couple of male and female friends. I heard that the name of a big company is called’ Oriental Gods’. Hearing this name, I extremely doubt that the boss of that company has read too many fairy tales, and it surprised me to take such a name and ask what a company does to Xuefen.
The’ Oriental Gods’ network group enterprise is spread all over the world, but how many people know its assets, and this company is actually a joint-stock enterprise in the fairyland game. What’s more, the industry involved in this enterprise is far wider than that of the’ dream’ enterprise, but it is not on the list of the top ten enterprises in the world.
And when they asked me about my identity, I told them my original story, which was nothing more than that I was a very ordinary worker, so I could stay in the game all day when I was a class leader in the toilet.
And the law of disease introduced himself that he was the top three in high flyers’s final grade, so he didn’t go to class. When I asked some more questions, it turned out that he was the world’s first famous university, the School of Ball Information Research. Even the reading company was drinking a special drink in fairyland, the Snow Queen, and almost spit it out. The three of us (excluding Chris) watched the monster and looked at him.
The first one who rejected blood said, "Do you think one of those 1 people can get into the’ Ball Information Research Institute’?"
"Yes! What’s strange? It is just a school. "
桑拿会所"Do you know how important this school world is?"
"I know the world’s number one, but I didn’t get in. I was introduced directly by others."
"What? Introduction? Who is so powerful? " Blood repellent is now afraid to drink that cup of’ Snow Queen’ again, otherwise it will definitely be sprayed out.
"My father Li Yueqiang!"
Chapter 15 Sages
Chapter 15 Sages
Li Yueqiang ranks 27th as the richest man in the world!
This made me and the blood-repelling ice fox almost drag to the ground. Although I just came into contact with the society for a short time, I still learned some common sense of the society through a microcomputer. This Li Yueqiang is not a good man and a woman. When he was 16 years old, he started a business called’ snake and scorpion’. When he was 2 years old, he set up a company. At the age of 3, his company was already one of the top five world-renowned enterprises. Today, his business has been squeezed into the top five in the world on the day of steaming.
"Oh, my God, I’m dizzy. There are too many surprises today. Europe, let me kiss it to eliminate the surprise." The blood repellent covered his forehead with one hand and approached the ice fox.
"Death is elegant, and they return you …" Ice fox hands pushed the blood and said.
"Then wait for them from time to time …" Said a face of grinned blood.
"Ha, ha, ha." I laughed with Disease Method, but Chris still held my hand and smiled.
After a round of conversation, I found that several people talked well with each other, exchanged business cards, repelled blood and left first when the ice fox had something to do in the afternoon, but now I just re-introduced Chris to let the disease know.
"Eldest brother, you are so fucking strong, but I haven’t seen you hanging such a beautiful horse before one day."
Go to hell. If you knew who she was, you wouldn’t think so.
"She? Isn’t she Ruoshui? "
"Chris, show him the original."
A moment’s illness almost made my eyes fly out, and the whole person just froze for a long time before saying, "Oh, my God, I saw a fairy!" "
"Come on, let’s recover."
Chris is very obedient and looks like water again.
"She is Princess Chris, that is, the princess of our kingdom."

When I first met Xiao Jin, he said that his uncle cooked delicious food. Later, although he said it was for his uncle, I was also looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to taste it later. I didn’t expect Ye Xiangyuan to prepare breakfast himself today.
I can’t help looking at the past.
Ye Xiangyuan leaned over to my side and asked, "Is it good?"
I can’t help smiling "hmm"
There are a few side dishes on the dining table, presumably made by him. I took a sip that was light but delicious.
After eating, Ye Xiangyuan went to give Xiao Jin a break. I quickly explained to my parents, "… I just want to try with him if it doesn’t work out."
My parents looked at each other, showing deep concern under their eyes.
But I didn’t say much after all.
After all, the wedding is coming and the invitations have been sent out, and they have no objection.
I’m a little glad I didn’t tell them that Ye Xiangyuan and I even got a marriage certificate, otherwise they would feel even worse.
Good parents are very reasonable and love me, otherwise I will definitely break their hearts if I go my own way.
As far as I’m concerned, Ye Xiangyuan took Xiaojinlou.
The two are wearing simple white shirts and jeans, and they are handsome.
It’s the first time I saw Ye Xiangyuan dressed like this, less dignified and indifferent on weekdays and more youthful.
Xiao Jin suddenly raised his hand and said, "Aunt, change quickly! We wear the same! "
I didn’t notice that his hand turned out to be a dress.
I looked at Ye Xiangyuan.
He looked at me quietly with deep eyes.
Without words, my face burned unconsciously, and I quickly took the shirt and ran back to my room to change it.
When I wait for Lou Xiaojin to clap my hands and cheer, "Auntie, all five of us are the same!"
I just found out that my parents also changed their clothes and looked complicated.
When we go out together, everyone can know that our family …
My mood suddenly became flying.
Then my parents drove away first, and Ye Xiangyuan and I sent Xiaojin to kindergarten.
Xiaojin took off her shoes and cushions, looked out through the window, pointed to the roadside scene and asked me, "Aunt, what flower is that?"
I introduced him to "That’s Magnolia grandiflora … That’s …"
He was very happy and pointed to the sky. "Aunt, I saw a bird! I think it’s a sparrow … "
He smiled softly and the car echoed.
It’s just the weather outside, and the summer sun is shining on the window frame by frame, and occasionally the shadows of trees are reflected and cast a mottled light and shadow.
At this moment, I feel a kind of peace and calm that I have never had before.
When I got to the kindergarten, several cars stopped at the back.
I know that’s a bodyguard.
Recently, both my parents and I have been accompanied by bodyguards when they go out.
At first, I was not used to it, but Ye Xiangyuan was also wary of our opponents in the dark.
It pains me to think that Xiaojin has lived in this environment since she was a child.
After the car, Ye Xiangyuan and I sent Xiaojin to the kindergarten gate.
In a short distance, Xiao Jin was very happy. He walked in the middle, holding our hands and legs.
Ye Xiangyuan seems to have also been affected, and his lips are tilted with a soft arc.
I watched him enter the classroom and Ye Xiangyuan and I just got back to the car.
Grandma Xiao Jin laughed at the silence in the carriage without her.
I was embarrassed to find a topic for no reason. "Have you finished your work?"
Ye Xiangyuan turned to look at me and said nothing.
I dare not look him in the eye.
He suddenly gave me a low smile and pinned my forehead hair behind my ears. "I’m sorry that there are so many things in the army recently that I don’t have time to accompany you to choose a wedding dress …"
I know he is busy.
How can I blame Ye Sanye for being busy with his layout?
He suddenly held my face and looked at me quietly for a while. "There is something I want to discuss with you … Will you quit your job when we get married?"
I am dazed.
In fact, I have never considered resigning. After all, the career of a university teacher is not too bad, and I struggled to stay in school.
But he didn’t continue to look at me.
I remember the reason he gave when he first got married was that Xiaojin liked me and he wanted me to help take care of Xiaojin.
桑拿论坛So that’s what he should mean now.
I find that I can’t give an answer and I’m silent.
He touched my face in a gentle and low voice. "You can open a shop or just stay at home … It’s hard to be a teacher."
I held his hand and rubbed his cheek against his palm. "I’m white … let me think, okay?"
He kissed me on the forehead and stopped pushing me.
It’s not that I can’t promise, and I’m not angry. I’m also willing to take care of Xiaojin.
It’s just … I never thought I would quit my job and be a housewife one day …
I can’t turn the corner.
Maybe it was because I was depressed and the leaves fell far away, and I kissed my forehead and smiled. "We’ll go on our honeymoon after the wedding … where do you want to go?"
I am shocked again.
I decided to join him and sign an agreement with him, so I didn’t expect to have a wedding and blessing like ordinary women, let alone ask for it.
But I did it all.
It was an accident that he was willing to give me a grand wedding. I didn’t expect a honeymoon …

I opened my mouth and felt a lump in my throat.

For a long time, I whispered, "Can I think about it?"
He touched my face. "Baby, I won’t let you go."
I wry smile.
Why on earth is he so obsessed with letting me stay with him? Since he doesn’t like me, he wants to provoke me again.
What’s the point of letting me get stuck in it?
Isn’t he afraid that I will become Xiaoyan and Li Yuyan and love him until I lose my mind?
And Gu Changyu has always been a problem in his heart. Even if I don’t mind, can he overcome his demons through his own hurdles?
Of course, I am a rational person after all, perhaps because I am in a different class from him. I will restrain myself from always trying to be like Xiao Yan and Li Yuyan.
Even though I have long been dead set on liking him, I still can’t jump into his arms and agree to his request at this moment.
I’ve already started to think of a way out, but he’s pressing hard. What makes me answer?
He looked at me for a moment and leaned over and kissed my forehead. "You have a good rest and think about it. I will wait for your answer."
Then he left.
The whole room fell into silence.
Outside, the shadows of trees are reflected, and the glass windows are mottled, just like my heart is wavering at the moment.
It was already ten o’clock in the afternoon when I woke up the next day.
It was mainly because of insomnia that I overslept last night. As a result, Ye Xiangyuan actually returned it when I went upstairs.
He gave me a gentle look and said, "It’s hot in the kitchen. Come and eat breakfast."
I gave him a few more looks.
桑拿会所His face is as usual, and his tone is the same as before, as if nothing had happened last night.
It makes me a little angry. He keeps me awake, but he is in high spirits.
I walked slowly over.
He has ordered the servant to bring breakfast to the living room.
I ate silently and ignored him.
He didn’t do it either. He watched me eat quietly.
We didn’t speak during the whole process
After eating, I got up and planned to go back to my room. By the way, I asked Ye Wen if he was stuck in Chen Shu.
As a result, he stopped him as soon as he got up.
I turned to him and said, "Fish left the hospital today, and Asun came back. They invited everyone to get together."
I looked at him unblinkingly.
He looked so calm that he couldn’t see his mood.
Gu Changyu invited us to a party. What was she thinking?
I think she has feelings for Ye Xiangyuan, but she still married Lu Xun. There must be something hard to say about this.
It must be painful for her to see me every time. This time she invited me because she didn’t know that Ye Xiangyuan had been unilaterally exposed, right?
I’m a little reluctant to go.
Not only Gu Changyu but also Lu Xun. Does he really know Ye Xiangyuan’s mind?
If I know and he keeps putting up with me, I’m afraid I can’t face him
Ye Xiangyuan judo again "They invited me to join you"
I was silent for a long time and said, "She’s in the hospital. I haven’t been to visit her, so I should go and see her."
I don’t know where this sentence stimulated Ye Xiangyuan. He suddenly approached me.
I can’t help taking a step back.
He approached me again and gently squeezed me.
I was forced to look him in the eye.
His eyes were fixed on me.
My heart suddenly gave birth to a trace of embarrassment.
Doesn’t he just want me to go? Now I promised him, why do you have to look at me like this?
For a long time, he gently opened his lip. "Don’t you want to go?"
Chapter 22 Why don’t you have a showdown?
I lowered my eyelids to avoid his sight.
So what if I don’t want to? I don’t choose because my marriage agreement with him is still valid. I have the righteousness to cooperate on this occasion.
He suddenly sighed lightly and hugged me in his arms. "Eleven, you are so clever … you should know what I mean … I hope you go. I hope we don’t run away. We always have to face this …"
Yes, I know
He’s right. We always have to face it.
Moreover, I also gave him another meaning. Since he chose to see Gu Changyu and Lu Xun, he said that he was open-minded and that he really worked hard.
But … I still have some bad feelings in my heart.
Just because he is frank doesn’t mean that Gu Changyu has no idea.
Even if Gu Changyu has no idea, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like her, let alone that he has been tempted by me.
What if I can compare with Gu Changyu?
She is so beautiful and grew up with him as childhood friends …
I took a deep breath and said, "I listen to you for nothing."
If you don’t listen to him, how can you reconcile with him?
So it’s better to be what he wants
He raised my face again, and I pecked at the tip of my nose and my lip and whispered softly, "Don’t leave my baby."
My heart was full of mixed feelings. I didn’t push him away, but I didn’t respond.
This time, Lu Xun and Gu Changyu received us from Lujia’s old house. Ye Xiangyuan’s children are all here.
About knowing that Lu Xun was going to have a party with Lujia, everyone else avoided it and stayed with the servants to help.
Gu Changyu personally busy Lu Xun thugs in the kitchen.

Excellent predictive ability made Starr discover Eto ‘o’s movement and Steer’s intention to rush to catch Eto ‘o’s ball quickly. Before touching the ball, he made a decisive and fierce tackle to break the forbidden area by a millimeter, and the ball was shoveled away.

Eto’ o not only stopped his foot, but also wanted to make a foul in the Staban area and get a penalty.
Therefore, Eto ‘o didn’t jump to avoid tiptoe, hung up the tackles, and then exaggerated and suddenly fell into the forbidden area. He rolled for four or five laps and almost rolled out of the baseline.
Flint, except for a few people, most people didn’t see whether Starr shoveled the ball first or knocked down Eto ‘o first.
Anyway, everyone wants to influence the referee to get a favorable penalty.
So tens of thousands of Inter fans in the stands shouted like conditioned reflex.
"red card"
A Milan fans, not to be outdone, applauded and roared.
"Good shot"
"Good shovel"
"Eto ‘o diving"
Lu Wenbin, Sid and others also rushed over to pressure the referee to take a penalty.
But by this time, the ball shoveled by Starr had fallen to Zambrotta’s foot.
Zambrotta didn’t hesitate to kick the ball and kicked it to Pirlo in the file.
Referee Taliavento ignored the shouts of Lu Wenbin, Sid and others, and ran to Inter Milan half-time while holding hands to signal the game to continue.
He could see clearly that Starr scooped the ball first, and Eto ‘o didn’t jump up to avoid deliberately touching the porcelain Starr before being taken down.
Starr’s tackle defense is a good shot.
Milan players who don’t hear the referee’s whistle A naturally don’t care about Inter’s protests.
When Pirlo got the ball, he saw a big block in the backcourt that had just attacked Inter Milan, and Ibrahimovic had begun to turn around and sprint forward.
So Pirlo didn’t hesitate to send the ball to Inter Milan half-time without passing the attack front waist Ronaldinho.
Pirlo scored the ball in a flash, Ibrahimovic turned back to prevent Materazzi from crossing the side and offside, and successfully took the lead to get the ball and rushed to Inter Milan at half-time.
桑拿会所  title=However, Ibrahimovic is not a speed player, and he has to take the ball and combine it with the ball, which is not fast.
Materazzi has turned around and sprinted back to defend him, chasing after him and blocking the line position to prevent Ibrahimovic from leaning to the middle.
Then the two men corrected and pestered each other to kill the ribs in the forbidden area of Inter Milan from the side.
As long as the two men rushed into the forbidden area, Materazzi could seize the opportunity and suddenly stretch his foot from the side to try to break the ball or poke it away.
As a result, Ibrahimovic took the lead in touching the ball and went out, and then his whole body was tripped by Materazzi’s outstretched foot to ask for a monthly pass
Chapter 411 Dream start
Seeing that Ibrahimovic’s forbidden area was tripped by Materazzi, the referee tagliavento blew his whistle.
Then he rushed into the forbidden area and decisively pointed his finger at the penalty spot to signal Materazzi’s foul and sentenced Inter Milan to a penalty.
Just now, I felt that Eto ‘o was shoveled and didn’t get a penalty. I felt wronged. Inter fans suddenly became furious and cursed.
"black whistle"
"false whistle"