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However, after thinking about it, Zhang Hao had a natural advantage in fighting mantis. Even if mantis faced mantis for five seconds, Zhang Hao had absolute confidence to blow up the opposite mantis.

In this game, Zhang Hao has decided that it is almost certain to win if his teammates don’t collapse.
Final matrix determination
Ikpik single man single fox fighting wild scorpion road is a combination of plane and wind girl
Brother Niu pik, single mantis, single Jess, wild Huang Road is ez plus Lulu combination.
In the last game, a large audience gathered behind the Internet cafe, and the Internet cafe was also opened for the convenience of watching, so that the audience who could not squeeze in could watch it from their seats.
When ik saw his opponent, they turned blue. Why did this field change again?
Chapter 237 Take a blood Zhang Hao.
It’s true that Brother Niu’s wild game is almost a game of changing places. They don’t know whether this is too strong and talented or whether they don’t respect their ik team’s wanton practice.
However, Zhang Hao bet on the opposite third game, which was really quite single. I have to say that Han Zhikang is very resilient.
But then again, Han Zhikang really has a hand. Don’t say that the performance of these two games is not as good as that of cheat people. It is no wonder that Kerry is here in the second game. He likes to play barbarian king.
Chen Yi looked at Zhang Hao’s mantis list and was thoughtful.
There is no fight between the two sides of the bureau. Both sides are testing each other, and then looking at each other’s blue buff is to detect the opposite trend
I’m going to mantis list, and I’m sure it’ll be blown up.
Yes, a few knives can kill mantis suddenly.
There is a lot of discussion among the players around them. In their minds, they may have been slaughtered at the low end, leaving a deep shadow.
But Zhang Haoxuan mantis naturally has other intentions.
Han Zhikang looked at the list and replaced it with just indifference. Zhang Hao’s mood also fluctuated. The rude words spoke by strength
桑拿Han Zhikang sneered, Let’s talk by strength.
1 minute and 55 seconds, Enron’s decorative eyes worked, and Zhang Hao went to the road steadily after successfully detecting the other party’s dynamic determination that there was no line change.
This is the end of the road, and both of them are highoutput representatives. The only difference may be that mantis is an instantaneous assassin and can harvest, while barbarian king prefers the tough guy style
Man is a human being when there is no anger and no big move, but it is almost everyone’s father to have anger.
As soon as Han Zhikang got to the line, A soldier seemed to be the first to get to 2 without being crushed by mantis.
Zhang Hao also knows what he thinks, and he doesn’t have waves. At the same time, once A soldier pulls the level in the early stage, it will be beyond redemption, especially in the face of barbarians. First of all, he can’t be timid
Of course, if a man is full of anger, he should bow his head. There is a saying that men don’t eat shortterm losses, but when he is full of anger, he still goes to death. It is a bit of a secondary school tendency. Zhang Haolun can’t do such a thing
Man and mantis complement each other. Mantis is a long sword. Three red summoners’ skill is to ignite flashes.
And the brute is that the shoes are four red and go out with the ability to ignite and sprint. It is still quite better. After all, the blue stripe can rely on Q skills to rely on the thread.
Once the mantis method restricts the development of manhood, there will be no way to play. Zhang Hao played very hard when he was in the game.
Mantis did not hesitate to draw A once while taking advantage of the opportunity of Man Wang’s reinforcement, and then instantly received a Q skill to taste the fear, but he did not suffer. The horse made up for Mantis’s knife.
The hatred value of the two sides shifted to bully their main enemy heroes, while Zhang Hao and Han Zhikang were very experienced and retreated to clear the hatred of the soldiers and continue to prepare for the line
The first wave of fighting started, and neither side was careless, but both sides were very disappointed when they fought wild. It was just a wave for gank to put gank in the road against mantis and barbarian.
There is a tacit understanding between the two sides to play wild, and they have jumped over the road. After all, this gank area is quite edependent. It is better to have someone come to gank in an instant than to flash.
The mantis also comes with its own flash, and it is easy to resolve the danger if someone jumps with ganke skills. I am not interested in such a guy if I really look at it.
Mantis and Man almost reached the second level at the same time. Man has accumulated more anger than half a tube. He can rely on Ping A and killing Batman to get anger value and then increase his output.
Han Zhikang took advantage of the mantis line to cut a knife before he went, and at the same time, he took two steps forward and cut another knife by relying on the advantage of shoes, and then an Eskill whirlwind cut turned back.
Well Zhang Hao one leng is a bit interesting.
Chen Yi is also smiling at the back. This pretty routine is good. Just a knife hit a crit of 122. In the early stage, it was simply ia.
Pretty can be said to be a show of mantis’s face. At the moment, Han Zhikang’s face is also full of pride. It is almost an injury, and the mantis’s blood volume is less than 6. At the moment, it has been hit by a little more than 4.
It’s pretty. The gap is clear at a glance. Zhang Hao is a little tangled. It’s not impossible to kill directly with such a pretty blood volume
However, mantis is absolutely restrained. It was the heroic nature in the early days that led to being temporarily crushed. Zhang Hao was not in a hurry, and he would not be too far away when mantis rose.
Thinking about the arrival of another wave of soldiers, the two sides continued to continue. A soldier Erhong Huang got Zhang Hao’s signal that he had just inserted his eyes when he was on the road. It was white.
And Han Zhikang has been excited by this wave of lines, which makes him upgrade quickly. That’s the strongest in the early stage, because his heart is tangled and confused.
Looking at this wave of lines, Han Zhikang took two knives and never made a critical strike. He finally couldn’t help but ignite and act quickly.

And the later the game, the more opponents Barcelona has, and one of them is the time!

Guardiola root doesn’t want to change people to wave.
Now he has no time to change people.
After the game resumed, the army retreated to Liverpool and ushered in the Barcelona attack.
Pedro was stabbed by Johnson from behind in the process of receiving Iniesta’s direct plug, and Skrtel kicked the ball out of the sideline with a big foot.
Liverpool substitution!
The last substitution place Koeman sent veteran Carragher to the field to replace Johnson.
Johnson’s slow walk caused dissatisfaction among Barcelona players.
When Harvey came to urge Johnson, Johnson simply argued with the other party in the same place.
I have been running for more than 9 minutes and I am very tired. Can you make me very tired? I can’t run now, so I will be changed. You let me go faster, I can’t walk fast. Are you going to carry me back?
Johnson solemnly explained to Harvey.
Harvey held out his hand and said that Nye said to him, Don’t act. You just want to delay.
Johnson nodded his head and said solemnly, Yes, I would have done the same thing if I were you when I was procrastinating in acting, and no one in the world felt wrong in doing so. This is far from the real acting school in Barcelona.
Harvey simply ignored Johnson, and Johnson continued to walk to the field. When he turned his back on Harvey, he muttered, It’s like giving you one or two more minutes to make a reversal.
Carragher sat on the bench after Johnson Coleman hugged him.
As the game continued, Carragher entered the penalty area and other teammates formed a close defense.
Barcelona frequently fell on the periphery, and then a longrange shot did not threaten Qin Xiong. At this time, he returned to the backcourt to keep an eye on Messi in Baines and Diot, and he didn’t even have a chance to touch the ball in the last few minutes of the game
As time went by, the referee finally blew the whistle for the end of the game with Barcelona’s long attack!
The Champions League final score is fixed.
Liverpool 6:4 Barcelona!
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. 1377 is at a loss.]
The referee blew the whistle at the end of the game!
The final of the 21/2011 European Champions Cup at the new Wembley Stadium is over!
Defending champion Liverpool defeated the previous year’s Champions League champion Barcelona 64!
Liverpool achieved a great record and became the first defending Champions League team after the Champions League restructuring!
At the same time, Liverpool also won the Champions League for the seventh time in history!
In another game, the two teams scored a total of 1 goal to tie the record of single goal in the Champions League final!
Half a century ago, Real Madrid scored a goal in a single game in the Frankfurt final. Real Madrid beat Frankfurt 73 to win the championship.
Today, at the new Wembley Stadium, Liverpool scored 6 goals, Barcelona scored 4 goals, and the two teams with the strongest offensive firepower in European football scored a total of 1 goal to tie the record!
After half a century, we saw the most powerful attack. It was the first time for many fans to witness a shocking war in the Champions League final!
Really fight against the real peak!
It’s not that the two teams don’t pay attention to defense, but that both teams have interpreted the attack to the realm of terror!
We saw that the respective teams of the superstar Qin Xiongmei Xi played a great role in attacking the city and pulling out the village.
The two teamed up to arrange half of a goal, while other stars showed their magic!
Congratulations on Liverpool’s success in defending the championship. They will show the strong color of defending champions as soon as they pass through the season, which also tells us that Liverpool’s rule over European football is in progress!
Then that European terror red army create by Shankly Paisley went on wave after wave has complete a great rejuvenation!
They are a new generation of European football kings!
A new generation of red army dynasty!
We would also like to say that after winning the championship in Liverpool, Qin Xiong Raul achieved a great record respectively.
Both of them have won the Champions League five times in their careers!
Raul won the Champions League five times in 1992, 222, 2211.
Qin Xiong won the European summit five times in the middle of 2426221211!
There is no doubt that Raul is already a strange man. If he retires today, he will be strange, but Qin Xiong still has enough time to write more brilliantly!
This belongs to the Qin Xiong era!
Will Liverpool become the ruler of European football in the next few years?
Let’s wipe our eyes
Audience friends, please don’t come. We will also broadcast the Champions League award ceremony live.
The game is over, and the spectacle of the stands of the new Wembley Stadium is like boiling water, and the spectacular red wave is rolling in the stands.
Red Army fans were ecstatic to celebrate the team’s success in defending their title.
Many fanatical fans are screaming at the top of their lungs. They keep repeating great words.
Liverpool coaching staff bench players are stands in suits and Suarez have rushed into the stadium!
The players rushed together to celebrate, laughing and excited about the perfect ending of the season.
Many Barcelona players collapsed to the ground!
They really worked hard and gave everything, but in the end they lost the last and most important game of the season.
品茶论坛Just as Qin Xiong is now illuminated by several magnesium lamps, Messi also gets the attention of reporters on the sidelines.

No matter whether you make witchcraft or not, come back with us first! Elder Jane said coldly

Is your new’ wang’ let you to catch people? Ling Fei raised his hand and pointed to Huang Rong who fell asleep. This is your new Wang. You must be mistaken!
What are you talking about? Come back with us honestly! Elder Jane took one look at Huang Rong’s theory and didn’t believe that Hong Qigong would give the position of Wang to this delicate little girl.
Rong Er, explain to them! Ling Feiyang bent down to pat Huang Rong’s shoulder, but Huang Rong reacted and stretched out his hand to pinch her, but Huang Rong was bound to sleep.
Elder Jane, don’t talk to him. Arrest him first! Elder Liang has a grumpy personality. He raised the Nine Ring Knife and cut it down at Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly flashed to the side, and the elder Liang fell with a knife, and then he screamed and chopped three knives, and the light shone very fiercely and quickly. Ling Feiyang avoided three times in succession, and then his left leg slightly flexed, his right arm bent and his right palm drew a circle and pushed it forward!
Ling Feiyang’s palm was posing and didn’t carry Li Liang, but the elder was startled and cried, Kang Long has regrets? How can you defeat the dragon with ten hands?
This is what your former leader Hong taught me. Of course I can do it! Lingfeiyang avenue
Hu said this dragon ten palms even four of us nine bags of elders failed to learn how can Hong Wang teach you? Even if you really know this trick, you must be stealing! Elder Liang nu way
Then dozens of beggars poured in from the stairs to surround Ling Feiyang and Huang Rong.
Give me these two people! Elder Liang ordered these beggars to raise swords, spears and sticks to attack Ling Feiyang!
Chapter 14 Single Palm Wars Yueyang Tower
Don’t let them hurt Rong Er! Ling Feiyang thinks that the left hand here will pick up Huang Rong’s right hand and hit two punches to fly the first two beggars.
It took less than five minutes to avoid hurting these beggars Ling Feiyang. At the same time, however, four beggars have rushed over Ling Feiyang’s right hand and rushed out in lightning, grabbed a wooden stick and then swept the four beggars to the ground with a wave of his hand.
Ling Feiyang held Huang Rong’s martial arts in his left hand, unable to display it, and unwilling to let these beggars struggle to get out of the window, only to see that Elder Jane happened to be blocked by the window.
Ling Feiyang kept pushing the Beggars’ Brothers to the stairs step by step. Just after stepping on the first step of the stairs, seven Beggars’ Brothers rushed down the stairs to block his way!
Ling Feiyang used Wang Chuyi to teach him Iron Foot Skill to fly up and kick a man in the chest. This man immediately rolled down the stairs and knocked down several beggars’ sect brothers behind him and rolled them together.
Ling Feiyang took the opportunity to walk along the stairs to the second floor with a silk screen inscribed with ancient poems. Ling Feiyang was about to bypass a sword and suddenly pierced the screen to stab Ling Feiyang!
Seeing that the blade is less than a foot away from Ling Feiyang’s other, Ling Feiyang’s middle finger suddenly stretched out the punctual sword face Cang solicitation and bounced the sword out! This fingering is exactly what Tan Chuduan once taught him fingering!
Ling Feiyang’s teaching time was less than one year in total. These martial arts, such as Iron Foot Skill and Finger Pen Skill, have all learned some fur, but now they have achieved more and more success after practicing the Jiuyin Zhenjing Yi Jin Forging Bone, and even these martial arts have entered the country greatly.
This sword is really diabolical. Fortunately, my martial arts is greatly improved now. If I put it two months ago, I would have been killed by a sword … Ling Feiyang bypassed the screen and saw an obese old beggar waving a long sword and cutting it to himself. It was Elder Peng! It turns out that Elder Peng immediately returned to Yueyang Tower after regaining his sanity, and waited for an opportunity to give Ling Feiyang a fatal blow!
Unexpectedly, Ling Feiyang’s martial arts skills were extraordinary, and he escaped his sword. Elder Peng raised his sword and rushed to Ling Feiyang’s place. He didn’t hide or flash his right hand, folded his fingers, punched and pushed out. It was a trick Don’t hide the dragon!
Although this move lacks left hand movement, its power has not weakened too much. Elder Peng was immediately shocked and flew out with a sword. His fat body hit a fairy table and crushed this wooden table to pieces.
Ling Feiyang held Huang Rong in his left hand and immediately went to the stairs leading to the ground floor. Seven Beggars’ Brothers rushed over. Ling Feiyang used the snake-running raccoon dog turn technique in the Nine Yin Sutra to weave back and forth among the seven weapons, but none of them could touch his skirts!
For a moment, Ling Feiyang has come to the lobby on the first floor, and the figure flashed in front of him. Elder Liang has then made a tinkling sound from the nine-ring knife in his hand, and split it to Ling Feiyang as a pledge!
Ling Feiyang bowed their heads and dodged but heard the wind coming from behind. It turned out that Elder Peng had also chased to the first floor and stabbed Ling Feiyang in the middle of the back with a sword!
Ling Feiyang’s nine-ring knife has attacked Ling Feiyang’s left arm again, and he can’t make it better to continue to retreat. At this time, the beggars’ brothers have closed the doors and windows on the first floor of Yueyang Building, apparently to trap Ling Feiyang in the lobby on the first floor.
Ling Feiyang’s martial arts skills are higher than those of Liang and Peng, but he holds Huang Rong in his left hand and has the right hand to defend the enemy. Besides, he is afraid of hurting these beggars’ gangs, and all kinds of constraints around him have made it difficult for him to defend himself.
I’ll spare your life if you give up quickly! Elder Peng has just been teased by Ling Feiyang, and his heart is already very angry. A sword is like a sword attacking Ling Feiyang’s arms and he is still in a coma. Huang Rong!
This elder Peng is really despicable! Ling Feiyang was thinking about scoring points to resist the situation of Elder Peng’s sharp sword for Huang Rong, and he couldn’t help secretly complaining.
If you don’t hurt others, you will definitely defeat these two elders! Ling Feiyang’s dark luck will kill Elder Peng.
But if you hurt Elder Peng, the beam will get even bigger. How can Rong Er be the leader? Ling Feiyang immediately thought of this problem again.
Ling Feiyang hesitated in his heart, but Elder Peng was merciless. Seeing that Ling Feiyang was about to resist, Elder Jane suddenly came from the stairs and shouted, Beggars brothers, stop!
Elder Jane is the head of the clean clothes sect of the Beggars’ Sect. The three elders have the highest status. When they heard this, all the Beggars’ brothers stopped.
Sneaking against more deceives less what a hero! Ling Shaoxia, let me meet you! Elder Jane said, taking a steel staff from his brother next to him.
You put this girl’s hands on the ground to fight with me! Elder Jane said, You can rest assured that our beggars are aboveboard people and will not hurt this girl!
Ling Feiyang did not put Huang Rongfang, saying, I can beat you even with one hand!
What an arrogant guy! Elder Jane has never been so despised, and he can’t help getting angry. He used a trick, The staff presses Wutai Mountain, and the steel staff hit Ling Feiyang’s head from the shoulder!
Elder Jane, the mighty and abnormal strength of this staff is far better than that of Ke Zhene Iron Staff Ling Feiyang. I dare not neglect it and immediately move aside. This staff is hitting the blue brick on the floor, and this brick will be smashed to pieces!
Lu Youjiao, the leader of the martial arts and dirty clothes Sect of Elder Jane, is much higher than the two elders Liang and Peng. At this moment, Lu Zhishen, a hero in Liangshanpo, is using the crazy wand method to fight with Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang is worried that the staff wind swept to Huang Rong’s place, but it is not simple for the elder to play hardball. It is constantly jumping and dodging the opportunity to attack a trick and a half, but it can often force the elder Jane to defend herself. They fought for dozens of rounds and unconsciously approached the stairs. Elder Jane used a trick to sweep the wild pig forest and swept the steel staff to Ling Feiyang, holding Huang Rongteng and jumping several steps. Elder Jane’s steel staff swept from the handrail of the stairs and smashed the wooden guardrail on the handrail one after another!
Elder Jane stepped on the stairs and pulled out a trick pulling the weeping willows upside down. The steel staff was picked up from Ling Feiyang. When Ling Feiyang saw that the head of the staff was about to walk, his right palm was erected at his waist, and then he waved it sideways. It was exactly half the move of seeing the dragon with ten palms, but it was mixed with the self-tactic in the fist.
Elder Jane felt that the steel staff seemed to hit a mass of soft cotton wool, and the inertia of his body was almost out of balance. However, after all, he was the first master of the clean clothes Sect of the Beggars’ Sect, but he did not make a fuss in a hurry. He quickly handed the steel staff to his left hand and made a move to punch Zhenxi and slammed his right fist at Ling Feiyang’s chest!
Ling Feiyang tilted his head but didn’t seem to be able to avoid it. The punch was hitting his right scapula!
Ps: Ling Feiyang held Huang Rong’s right hand in his left arm, but he met Lu Zhishen, a Liangshan hero, and Elder Jian. I wonder if Ling Feiyang can turn Gan Kun around and make the beggar master win back the position of leader for Huang Rong?
Today’s question: Who is the leader who pretends to be a beggar? Who supported him? I asked this question a few days ago, and the answer was revealed one day.
Chapter 149 True and False Wang
Not good! Elder Jane hurt Ling Feiyang and quickly withdrew his fist, but looked up and saw Ling Feiyang unscathed as usual!
It turns out that Ling Feiyang has been able to use the word everywhere to transfer the enemy’s strength to the outside of the body after practicing the article Yi Jin Forging Bone to the fourth floor, thus completely unloading the power of Elder Jane!
Pepe! Elder Jane knew in her heart that she was not the young man’s opponent. She surrendered her fuels and said
约茶Everyone together! Elder Peng shouted that he wanted to incite Beggars’ brothers to encircle Ling Feiyang.
No one is allowed to start work! Elder Jane shouted, Don’t you see that if Ling Shaoxia really used the killer just now, this Yueyang building is already a corpse!
In the field, the group of beggars realized that Ling Fei was whisking away and whispering in succession.

Dong Ming Who?

Pei Xuanzhi said, People who are in charge of some industries in Shengtian are very optimistic about their own abilities and are also very Qiang Qin gentlemen.
Qin Yinze? Dong Ming has heard something about Qin’s family. It is not a lot to know about him. It is not clear whether he has the ability to help them.
Pei Xuanzhi, who thought of Qin Yinze, suddenly relaxed a lot and smiled and said, As far as I know, Miss Qin’s family has just arrived in Linhai City, and the gentleman of Qin’s family has come with people in just a few hours.
Dong Ming didn’t react for a moment and asked, What does it matter if he comes to us?
Pei Xuanzhi laughed. His eyes are very obvious. He wants to bring that girl back from Qin home.
Chapter 742 Qin always comes
Do you want Qin Yinze to help us take that girl away? Dong Ming wanted to think, or some think impassability all these years have passed, and I haven’t seen Qin Yinze bring the smiles send us light back.
If that girl is really so good, she won’t be the gentleman of Sheng Tian Qin family. Everyone knows that that girl is the palm of the Qin family, especially Sheng Tian Qin Yue loves this daughter. It is so painful that everyone in the world knows who dares to force her to do what she doesn’t want to do. Pei Xuanzhi was so impressed in Qin Yue.
When he followed Nan Zhai and sneaked into Jiangbei, both of them were false identities, but the man in Qin Yue still knew everything about them. He didn’t know how Qin Yue knew.
Qin Yue looked for him, and he felt that the man’s spirit was not only to lead a prosperous group, but also to be a national leader.
Many years have passed now, and he is still deeply impressed by Qin Yue. Especially in recent years, Qin Yue’s name has grown stronger and louder, ranking first in the world’s rich list for several years in a row.
That’s the first place in the world’s rich list. How many people dream of things, but how many people can be wishful thinking but can’t even touch the edge of the richest man?
It is no exaggeration to say that they are rich in heaven and run industries to feed a country.
Qin’s little girl not only has good conditions, but also has such a big super backer. Who dares to really treat her?
Unless you really don’t want to live
Pei Gong, you have said so much, and I have lost a meaning. If that girl doesn’t want to do something, no one can force her, so how can that Qin Yinze help us? Wanted to think, Dong Ming is still not too white. Pei Xuanzhi said so.
Pei Xuanzhi refilled his glass with wine, poured a glass of wine into his mouth and said slowly, Not Qin Yinze helped us, but helped himself …
Help himself? Dong Ming is getting more and more confused. Pei Xuanzhi didn’t speak in this style. What did he deliberately do with him today?
Let’s just wait and watch the fun. I believe Qin Yinze should also know that his sister, who has been guarding and caring for more than ten years, went to another man’s house tonight … Speaking of which, Pei Xuanzhi couldn’t help laughing in a low voice. I ask you a question.
If you have something to say, just tell me what? Dong Ming also learned that he poured a glass of wine and raised his glass to drink it, but considering that he could not drink enough, he took a sip.
I just want to ask you, if you guarded a little girl from childhood, cared for her and loved her as a baby, and grew up with her, you gradually developed feelings for men and women … Pei Xuanzhi suddenly lowered his voice and forced out some tension. But one day, you cared for this baby and was taken away by others. What would you do?
Dong Ming replied, That depends on how much I like this baby.
Pei Xuanzhi said, I’m afraid of falling on my baby when I hold my hand in pain. You follow her wherever she goes, baby.
Pei Xuanzhi put the words so Bai Dongming that if he still didn’t understand them, he wouldn’t be sitting here today with Pei Xuanzhi’s IQ countermeasures.
He said, If something like this happens to me … I’d rather destroy it.
Hearing this answer, Pei Xuanzhi smiled with satisfaction. Then you said that Qin Yinze, a gentleman of the Qin family, has been a sedan chair in recent years. What would he do if he encountered such a thing?
Pei Gong, do you mean that the gentleman of Qin family treated his sister … Dong Ming suddenly realized that he was surprised and happy. But they are brother and sister. Does he still want to be like his sister?
Everyone knows that he is a Qin family. Although he is also surnamed Qin, he has no blood relationship with the Qin family … If he can get the little girl’s heart, the little girl is willing to estimate that her father Qin Yue will be happy.
Speaking of this, Pei Xuanzhi sighed, Qin Yue will be handed over to the younger generation sooner or later. If he is an adult and can help him deal with many things and form a soninlaw, it is not convenient for everything.
In Qin Yinze, the discussion behind this matter is definitely more than the two of them. Many eyes are watching whether President Qin is willing to give Sheng Tian to raise and care.
I want to see if Yang, the president of Qin Dynasty, is going to enter the Qin family as he said, and then it is the real Qin family.
It’s not impossible for you to say that the little girl is thinking about Mr. President. How can she see her brother? Dong Ming asked another question.
Well, it depends on how the Qin family gentleman did it. Where do we outsiders care? But it’s more difficult for that girl to find out about him after she lives in Tongda. After drinking wine, she put her head in a broken position these days and didn’t figure things out. Pei Xuanzhi was happy and drank two more glasses.
品茶论坛That little girl from the real Qin family has never offended him, and that girl is quite likable. It is reasonable to say that he should not try to keep that girl away from them, Mr. President, but things behind it are far from what it seems.

Suddenly ChuYan hand a tight ChuYan a surprised a scream was hidden in each other’s hands.

Chu Yan kept struggling to see that the Taiwanese were farther away from themselves. Mo Chengkun smiled slightly and wondered if he could see his palm around him. I wondered if he could hear himself calling for help.
Has been dragged to a secluded room without turning on the light. It is very quiet until then that Chu Yan is released by the other party.
桑拿网ChuYan live directly turned and kicked each other, each other eat pain Yan took the opportunity to go out, but being pulled behind is preparing to cry for help ChuYan heard someone calling her behind him.
"Xiaoyan, don’t be afraid of me."
Such a familiar sound
ChuYan zheng turned around and turned on the light.
ChuYan eyes shrink and then rage "WenFuXiao do you know what you are doing?"
Scared her to death. She just met Zhao Tingyun. I didn’t expect it to be Wen Fuxiao.
Thought of here, her heart can’t help but ache slightly.
Wen Fuxiao will always remember the sunny and handsome big boy, but why is he like this now?
"I" Wen Fuxiao also knew that he had just done something wrong, but he couldn’t wait to see her when she saw that she was also here. He couldn’t figure out what to do, so he made it as soon as he got hot.
Chu Yan was even more annoyed when she said, "Do you know that if it was someone else, I could sue you for kidnapping?"
Wenfuxiao pursed her lips and raised her eyes to look at ChuYan. "Xiaoyan, I don’t care so much. I have seen you and Mo Chengkun very much in love these days. Do you know how much my heart hurts?"
Chu Yan couldn’t help smiling bitterly, but Wen Fuxiao, do you know what my heart was like when I looked at you with other women before?
Wen Fu Xiao tried to pull ChuYan ChuYan flops in the previous step. "Say something quickly or Mo Chengkun will find you later and my face will be ugly."
Wen Fuxiao’s face darkened. "I want to see you. You are avoiding me everywhere. I can’t think of any other way. If you want to sue me, go ahead. I will be satisfied if I can see you and talk to you like this."
ChuYan a listen to feel headache Wen Fuxiao how did this happen?
She frowned slightly. "You want to meet, but you can tell me that although we have no future, we are also friends, aren’t we?"
My friend Wen Fuxiao smiled bitterly. "Xiaoyan, how did we become like this?" Not long ago, you said you loved me.
"Yes" ChuYan also can’t help but smile how did this happen?
Time is really a unforgiving thing. It can be changed and you can never get it back.
Chu Yan smiled and looked at Wen Fuxiao. "You have seen me and said that I will go first." Then she turned and suddenly stopped. "After Wen Fuxiao, I hope you can make it clear that we are friends. You are getting married and I have Mo Chengkun."
"Xiaoyan" Wen Fuxiao croaked "There’s another sentence I want to say to you"
Chuyan closed her eyes for a long time and then opened her voice to calm down "you said"
Wenfuxiao looked dumb for a long time before he looked up at ChuYan with a firm look. "Let’s go."
Chu Yan suddenly turned around and stared at him as if she had heard some joke. She couldn’t help laughing when she saw his calm look.
Wen Fuxiao continued, "I’m telling the truth. Let’s go like three years ago. We didn’t go this time three years ago. Shall we go?"
"WenFuXiao don’t be ridiculous" ChuYan couldn’t help but sneer at.
"I’m not kidding." Wen Fuxiao looked serious. "Xiaoyan, no matter how you recognize me, I’m not kidding. I’ll wait for you at the airport on the 15th."
Chuyan listened to the smile and gave him a sudden smile, "Wen Fuxiao, your medicine can be saved."
Wen Fuxiao couldn’t help laughing bitterly. Yes, he was saved by medicine, poisoned by love, and he couldn’t wake up for a generation.
Chuyan turned away and opened the door. She couldn’t help but be shocked. The door of Mochengkun was full of cold breath.
Chuyan one leng consciousness opened his mouth.
It took a while to react, "Mo Zong, why are you here?" When did Mo Chengkun get here and what did he hear?
Such a thought ChuYan couldn’t help but turn to see WenFuXiao busy to MoChengKun way "you don’t get me wrong, I just met WenFuXiao"
Wen Fuxiao didn’t speak and looked at Mo Chengkun provocatively. In his heart, he hoped that ChuYan would turn against Mo Chengkun, expecting that ChuYan would return to his arms.
Mo Chengkun’s eyes took one heavy look at Wen Fuxiao and immediately swept ChuYan and grabbed ChuYan’s shoulder and turned and strode away.
I met Lanke when I left, and Lanke couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw ChuYan.
"Xiaoyan, where have you been? Do you know that we are all anxious?" Looking at what you think, Mo Chengkun said, "Mo always looks for you like he is crazy."
"Well," Mo Chengkun interrupted Lan Ke’s words and then glanced at Lan Ke. "Lan always hopes that you and I will be happy in the future."
Lanke glanced at ChuYan one leng and then looked at Mo Chengkun and nodded, "Good Mo always will."
Mo Chengkun gave a pull ChuYan to walk in the car.
ChuYan looked at can’t help but look back at the blue Michelle ke gave her a nai eyes.
Chuyan secretly complained that it was all Wen Fu Xiao who did something bad to take her away.
Now, I took a careful look at Mo Chengkun beside me. Mo Chengkun smelled like strangers and acquaintances.
Chuyan couldn’t help shrinking her neck and thought that Lanke said that Mo always looked for you and almost went crazy. At the thought of this, she felt chilly all over.
But on second thought, Mo Chengkun would find himself like this, saying that he was still very worried about himself, and his heart could not help but be warm.
"What are you and Wen Fuxiao now?"
Suddenly, beside Mo Chengkun, the sudden opening sound was cold without a trace of temperature.
ChuYan listened to one leng and then turned to look at him. "What do you mean by Mo Chengkun?"
Mo Chengkun sneered, "I asked you not to hear clearly."
Chu Yan took a deep breath and comforted herself in her heart. Just look for herself and accumulate her temper and let him lose his temper.
She calmed down and looked at Mo Chengkun. "That’s what you saw. We are friends now. We just met and talked."
66 is such a person.
Mo Chengkun, hehe, said, "When we meet and say a word, we need no one in the room."
ChuYan eyebrows a cu "how do I know what’s wrong with WenFuXiao" turned to "Mo Chengkun what are you trying to say? Do you doubt whether I have anything with WenFuXiao? If so, Mo Chengkun, I’ll tell you if I have nothing with WenFuXiao."
Mo Chengkun smell speech can’t help but turn to stare at ChuYan eyes deep bottomless like to see through ChuYan whole person.
ChuYan see his whole appearance whole heart slightly cold half Mo Chengkun what is this look?
"Chu Yan, I hate people who cheat me the most in my life." He had a meal. "I hope you will never become this person I hate the most."

Six cups? So I’m not allowed to drink into a softfooted shrimp?

I was shocked to see Lin Zeyu’s mouth choking. Even if I kissed you first, it was always you who kissed me hard, right? It was always you who fought back and attacked. ! Why do you want me to have six drinks? You know I’m spinning around! ! !
My eyes accused Lin Zeyu, and then I was drunk and felt that my legs couldn’t hold up. I simply sat down with Zhuang Nianhua directly.
The original untouched Zhuang Nianhua slightly drunk Lin Zeyu moved out of some positions at the same time, and they didn’t stick together, so I got stuck alive among the two.
Lin Zeyu hooked my neck and smiled and put my head on her shoulder.
桑拿会所But little mom, don’t worry about you. How about six cups of me, four cups of you and two cups of you? !”
o(∩_∩)o Hahaha ~ Really?
I looked at the six cups of wine lined up in front of me, and I was very intimate with Lin Zeyu. Generally, I didn’t take Boh seriously just now. Anyway, two women are afraid of nothing and don’t suffer.
So I’m happy and I’m going to get close to Lin Zeyu’s face
You drink first and save me two cups.
I didn’t expect my little mother to be a fox even if she was drunk.
She smiled and touched my face unequivocally and went to drink.
One, two, three, four ding ~
I mumbled in my mouth to see that Lin Zeyu had finished drinking himself and then picked up the remaining two cups and glugged them into my mouth.
Who cares what the taste of the wine is after drinking? Anyway, all the wine can stimulate me to swing, so it’s better for me to try not to drink it directly with my tongue.
Then this party game won’t matter to us. Lin Zeyu drank a lot before, and now these four cups are really overwhelming the last straw of the camel.
And when I come, I don’t have much to drink, and the wine becomes a wave in my head. Now I’m whispering and chatting with Lin Zeyu.
What do you say when we chat? The sound is higher than the sound and then we laugh.
Zhuang Nianhua finally got up. It turned out that the couch suddenly got up, and everyone was welladvised and understood. What’s the fun if the old lady was drunk? People who know their eyes will take the lead and everyone will leave.
Zhuang Nianhua cherishes his words like gold, and he doesn’t know these people very well. Although some of them are his alumni or schoolmates, his fame shocked everyone at that time, let alone now.
Linze Yuyuan and I giggled and dragged me up when everyone else was leaving.
Hey, I said, why are you all leaving and drinking? I haven’t finished this yet. Have you given up my dessert and roast chicken?
I’m still smiling. I still have some sense in my heart. The smile is that these guys are finally leaving.
That’s what it’s like for a real person to be drunk. Sometimes you want to drown your sorrows with wine, but what did the ancients say about drowning your sorrows with wine? It’s because your head is awake. You’re drunk because you can’t be reconciled with yourself and you have to throw yourself away for a while before you fall asleep. Then in the childhood before you fall asleep, when ordinary people are drunk, they are really awake and look at their bodies. Hu Fei magnifies those who need to vent their emotions, and then they get out of control in the process of venting.
You’re drunk.
Zhuang Nianhua’s mellow magnetic sound rings above my head, and it seems that there are tiny starlight in my eyes, which makes me look at his side face, and it is not so real, like being reflected in the Milky Way star, which is dazzling and slightly dizzy, so I can’t see it clearly.
I know I’m drunk, too. Otherwise, how could I look at him so carelessly?
I think my hands are slightly raised, but as soon as I lost Lin Zeyu’s power, I suddenly fell back to the sofa and collapsed.
What’s going on? Where is my starlight? I looked up at ZhuangNianHua sipping lips seems to be affectionate leisurely looked at his fiancee can’t drink what can you do? I’ll carry you back to your room to sleep.
As he said, he picked up Lin Ze Yuheng. The princess hug looks romantic and spoiled.
Others looked at the posture and snickered in a hubbub. In an instant, the whole room was quiet. No one was noisy, and foreign music echoed in the living room. I thought the melody was familiar, but I was too drunk to remember the title of the song.
I’m like a dog abandoned by its owner. Now I’m looking at Zhuang Nianhua pitifully. He lifts his leg to go. In a moment, my body Hu Fei pulls his trouser leg. When I realized it, I did it.
He is casual and decent at home, and he can wear it out for running.
At the moment, it’s like remembering that I look at me like I’m hanging my eyes, and my eyes are still as cold as ever.
What’s the matter?
I feel badly wronged, tears for you.
What shall I do?
I don’t want to sleep on the sofa all night. You can hug her first, but don’t leave me alone in such a sober, painful and drunken night.
You can sleep here. I think you fit in here.
Zhuang Nianhua, however, was indifferent and didn’t receive the small fragility and dependence in my heart. He generally moved forward and left me for the building.
My heart ached for a while, but I didn’t expect Zhuang Nianhua to be such a kind beast, so my eyes turned to the water in the Milky Way, and now I can’t stop it.
Little lady, what’s the matter with you? Why are you crying so sad?
After a few minutes, Li wanted to appear in front of me and help me up from the sofa. At that time, I was crying and sobbing, but I was sad. Now I am bored and can’t remember anything. I just think why so many tears want to flow.
He picked me up because I like the princess hug. Although I know it, I feel even sadder.
It turns out that being hugged by someone you don’t like is such a feeling.
I came out with a choking voice and cried again.
Li Xiang sighed and tried to communicate with a drunk. My little lady is always asked by Zhuang to take you.
What want you to take? Did he break his leg? Did he break his hand? Can he hug others but not me? Why are you coming?
I stirred my tongue and asked a lot of questions, and then I was heartbroken and cried myself.
Men will eat and wipe clean. Look at them. They can’t even keep their memories
Li Xiang is waiting for me. What do you think? But I made a mistake. I’m not important at all.
I saved all the process and came to a conclusion that Li wanted to hold me up and down the stairs, and I was in a trance and pinched his face in the process.
Are you Zhuang Nianhua?
Li wants to be pulled by me and naturally can’t talk. There is an os in my heart, and that is to finally walk the stairs! ! !
Suddenly behind me came a cold deep voice, What about me?
Hey, where is this Zhuang Nianhua?
My tone is a little cheerful again. Although I have a strong nasal voice, I can still hear the joy.
Zhuang Nianhua’s lips slightly tilted in the previous step and took me from Li Xiang’s hand. Lin Zeyu is asleep. You and Chen Xiao will change shifts tonight and keep her movements at any time to see if she is really asleep or fake drunk.
Li Xiang answered Yes and quickly left me. With his eyes closed, he found himself as if he were really in Zhuang Nianhua’s arms this time.
Zhuang Nianhua?
I tried to ask him.
Zhuang Nianhua well a Lin Ze YuZhen drunk false drunk, he didn’t know his arms this is really drunk, thinking that he lived so big, and his handsome face was ravaged by me.
Is it really Zhuang Nianhua?
I squeezed his face hard, as if I could prove it by pinching it.
I am
Zhuang Nianhua seldom had the patience to get my hand from his face and simply changed it from a princess’s hug to an antisack posture and shouldered me.
I’m still yelling, but Zhuang Nianhua let me sleep on the sofa.
That’s my joke, fool. Zhuang Nianhua thought in his heart but didn’t say it.

She was silent for a moment and said, "I know Lu Shao is worried about my safety, but I still want to go back and see my parents."

Lu Xun said, "Some people guarantee that they are safe and they are important witnesses."
桑拿论坛Xu heart is a silence.
I took a look at Changning
He looked anxious and seemed to want to say something, but Lu Xun glanced at him and shut up.
Finally, Xu Xin said, "If I stay with my parents, there will be less trouble."
Lu Xun, um, I didn’t say anything more.
After Xu Xin can stay, there will be another person who can chat with me. Of course, I am happy.
But I didn’t talk to her, mainly Gu Changning yard. I’m afraid he still doesn’t like me.
I don’t know what to do in case he loses his temper at me.
Is Xu heart smiled at me.
I gave her a smile back.
As a result, I suddenly saw Gu Changning staring at me.
I secretly retreated behind Ye Xiangyuan with a sigh.
Then I took Xu Xin to the building to settle down.
Many people on the second floor chose the one near Xiaojin.
I said, "Let me know if there’s anything missing."
Those big men are busy dealing with the enemy. Of course, I am in charge of such trifles.
Xu Xin smiled and nodded "good"
I looked at her and didn’t know how to greet her at the moment.
Finally, I can thank her again for helping me get rid of Chu Feifei.
She waved "a piece of cake"
I think I should comfort her a few words. After all, it was a misunderstanding that she broke up with Gu Changning, but I don’t know what to say when Gu Changyu was involved and Gu Changyu caught me and Ye Xiangyuan.
Instead, she looked at me a few times and said, "If you have anything to ask, just ask."
I hesitated. "You will stay here for a while anyway. Don’t worry. Let’s go upstairs and have dinner first."
After Li Mulin’s visit from Gu Changning and Li jiaqi, it was noon, and the kitchen was ready for dinner.
Xu Xin nodded and didn’t say much.
All three men were silent at dinner.
Xu Xin may not want to talk to Gu Changning.
I should have come out to adjust the atmosphere, but because Gu Changning is still awkward, I’m afraid of causing him to resent it, so I will follow the silence.
Have something to say
But he is smart enough to know that the adults have a bad atmosphere and he seldom speaks.
In this way, after lunch, several men went to work
I’m secretly relieved, and I’m glad Gu Changning didn’t bother me.
Xu Xin looked at the courtyard and said, "The sun is fine. Shall we go outside for a walk?"
At this time, just entering the early summer, the sun is not very sunny, and the breeze blows over the branches, and the light and shadow sway and project onto the French windows, which makes people feel better.
I don’t mind taking Xiaojin and walking out with her.
There are corridors and kiosks in the garden.
After a walk, we sat chatting in the pavilion.
Xu Xin said, "The environment here is quite good … and quite hidden."
I understood her meaning and smiled.
If I didn’t guess wrong, this should be the place that Ye Xiangyuan prepared early in the morning, otherwise it wouldn’t be so quiet and it would be suitable for defense.
After a pause, I asked her, "How did you come here with Brother Lu Xun?"
I didn’t pay much attention to her, but I know that she has been a loner since she returned to China, not to mention Lu Xun and her former classmates and friends.
I still heard this from Gu Changyu by accident. At that time, she seemed to tell someone that her brother was very happy and secretly sent someone to pay attention to Xu Xin.
Xu Xin said, "Not long ago, Lu Shao found me and talked to me once."
I listened silently, and then I noticed that her address to Lu Xun was a bit odd.
She used to be with Gu Changning, which must also be familiar with Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun. What does she call now but she is so alienated?
Is it because she wants to keep her distance from Gu Changning?
Xu Xin then said, "He asked me to advise my parents not to follow the Li family again … On the one hand, my parents were lured by Li jiaqi, on the other hand, they couldn’t swallow that tone … Hsu family was not much worse than family, but at the beginning, family in the circle couldn’t look down on us. Hsu family Gu Changning kicked me."
I was stunned.
What’s going on here?
Even if Gu Changning has a bad temper, he is a gentleman. It is impossible to destroy Xu Jiahe’s name outside.
To make matters worse, in my opinion, he still has feelings for Xu Xin.
I don’t know why it suddenly occurred to me that it was Gu Changyu who got in the way.
I can’t help looking at Xu Xin.
She seemed to guess what I was thinking, and there was a sarcastic smile at the corner of her mouth. "She’s the one who did the trick."
I stared in amazement at the fact that I really had it with her.

Chang Huanyan nodded. "Then don’t you get foreign universities … it seems more open?"

Yan Nansheng "…"
"Ha ha ha ha ha" RanYu gave a hearty laugh. "Sister-in-law, I’m telling you that among us, Ah Shu and Xiao Sheng are the worst, but now Ah Shu is married and has a lot of convergence. You just have to walk away from Xiao Sheng. Ya not only has a bad mouth but also likes to hold grudges … Don’t say I didn’t wake you up."
Yan Nansheng immediately got up when he heard this. "The wife of shop-owner is boring. What do you mean, the worst is the worst?"? Even if he is married, he can’t … "
"Elder brother has been cured" Han Shu shameless to 1.
"Who was the good wool yesterday …" Yan Nansheng also wanted to call.
"Come on, just talk more. Let’s get together separately and ask not to bring these two single dog again. It hurts my ears to be noisy and immature." Han Shu said to Yu Yu with a smile.
Yan Nansheng "…"
Seal the dust "…"
This trick taunts the skill. The damage value is too great. Two single dog are directly taken by ko.
Chang Huanyan keeps laughing. She thinks this group of people is really interesting. No, it’s enough for her to talk and watch the fun.
It’ s awesome to look at each other!
However, Yu Yu is always quiet and does not take the initiative to speak, but when others talk to him, they will smile or nod their heads and simply answer a few words, so that people will not feel ignored.
Maybe she got used to it when she got along. If he and Yan Nansheng seem to have been yelling all the time, it is estimated that she doesn’t adapt either.
A man in his thirties should not be the same as a teenager in his twenties. He has rich social experience, and his personality has naturally matured and stabilized over time and years, which is what attracts her most.
After dinner, Guan Yan opened his mouth to leave.
The main purpose of their coming here today is to see a melancholy encounter and a happy face, and their balls are too small, so they didn’t say anything and let them go immediately
The couple just put on their coats and suddenly said, "Have all the WeChat friends been added?"
They all stared blankly for a long time, smiling at him and nodding, "It was all added yesterday."
Yu met with "grace" and said to Guan Yan, "Your sister-in-law magazine has an interview activity, and you will cooperate with it then."
"Interview me?" Guan Yan was surprised.
Seeing Yu Yu nodding, he immediately agreed without asking much. "Okay, no problem. Then sister-in-law can contact me on WeChat or directly. I have it at any time."
"Really? Thank you so much! " Chang Huanyan was overjoyed. I didn’t expect this little fresh meat to be so accommodating.
"You’re welcome to help each other." Guan Yanxiao smiled and left with her son and Wu Lili.
"Sister-in-law, what magazine do you work for?" Sealing Chen An curious to ask
"I’m an editor in Duman magazine. By the way, I recently launched a special topic of’ Guigong’. Can you invite me to do an interview?" Chang Huan Yan conveniently said
"Uh …? Oh! Interview! "Feng Chenan nodded" OK "after seeing her eyes depressed for two seconds.
Although the promise is a promise, the expression on that face is a bit frightened.
Chang Huan Yan also thanked him immediately for his curved eyebrows. "That’s very kind of you. Thank you very much! Then I will contact you on WeChat later. "
"OK" Feng Chen An Neng promised
"Ah Shu interview has come out" Yu Yu threw a light sentence again.
"Really?" Yan Nansheng became interested. "Yo, I’ll have to buy it later."
It’s such a shame to interview Han Tan with a black face …
"Sorry, Ah Shu is so popular … the magazines have already been sold out." Always smile.
Han Shao just relieved …
"But we have a client. You can just search’ Duman Magazine’ directly, and you can see all the complete interviews in the first issue," Chang Huanyan added
This woman … "Hehe" by Han Shan "Since the sales volume of the magazine is so high, I don’t want to give everyone an interview."
Chang Huanyan immediately squinted. "Yes, that’s what I’m going to do. I just … I don’t know if you agree?"
Say that finish some carefully looked at the eye field a few people.
She has beautiful facial features and is classical. When she smiles, her eyebrows are curved and sweet, but when she looks at people with such anxiety, she looks delicate and touching. It’s really unbearable to refuse.
So …
"Of course we have to agree. We have to support the eldest sister-in-law. Otherwise, can we still be brothers?" Sealing dust Ann immediately said
Others "…"
This is really a disagreement.
The purpose of this trip tonight has been achieved. I am always happy and hug Yu Yu’s arm and say "great" excitedly.
Some dark boxes have dark lights, deep eyebrows, sharp corners and a faint smile on their faces. "Thanks to Ah Shu."
Chang Huan Yan looked at someone and bowed their heads and laughed.
At this time, everyone shouted to play cards and got up from the sofa to wash their hands.
Chang Huan Yan looked at all the people moving chairs, ordering some wine and shouting … She got up and secretly followed her.
After a casual glance, Ran Yu saw that the two men were tricky. She covered her mouth and then quietly shouted, "Let’s say that we will be punished if we lose tonight!"
"What punishment?" Yan Nansheng asked
"If you lose something, you have to take it off," Ranyu said.
Anyway, she has enough accessories, and there are six rings alone.
"Lying in the trough is not true!" Feng Chenan shouted
"Is there a woman at the scene don’t play so big? Bad influence "YanNaSheng also said.
"That what … it’s getting late. Let’s go first." Gu Qingcheng has got up and wants to escape.
"Don’t go!" Ran Yu slammed the table and shouted, "Husband door!"
桑拿网  title=……
Chang Huan Yan was surprised and quickly flicker into washing his hands.
It’s really …
"Why did you come in?" Behind me, I was depressed by a low sound.

Chuyan is Zhang Shaoyan with Zhang Shaoyan put her to a similar to the ground room pointed to the inside.

"We must not lose. It’s hidden here. You go in first. I’ll go out and have a look. I’ll come later."
Chu Yan was tired after running for a while, but she didn’t think much about hiding. "Then be careful and go in."
Something is wrong. As soon as she walked in, the door was tightly closed behind her.
ChuYan a surprised busy ran past patting children "Zhang Shaoyan what are you doing you open the door? Why are you locking the door? Zhang Shaoyan"
Zhang Shaoyan smiled outside. "Don’t worry, you and Ling always stay inside. Wait until early in the morning and we’ll let you out immediately." Said Zhang Shaoyan and walked away with a smile.
"Hey, hey, Zhang Shaoyan, Zhang Shaoyan," Chuyan, how can you beat the door and have no response? Wait, don’t you have this inside?
"Don’t waste your energy" is thinking that a voice suddenly sounded behind you.
"Ah" ChuYan frighten immediately squat down to hold the head.
At ChuYan LingQishan couldn’t help being dazed for a moment and then smiled "You are not so timid."
ChuYan this listen to looked up and then looked at LingQiShan frown asked "how are you"
LingQiShan instantaneous cold face "how do you still think of MoChengKun"
Chu Yan was said to choke and then couldn’t help saying, "Is this what you did on purpose?"
I can’t help it. There are too many ghosts in Lingqi Mountain. I’m afraid she really wants to figure it out. Lingqi Mountain may have done it.
Ling Qishan couldn’t help feeling angry when he heard it. "I am such a pervert in your heart."
ChuYan noncommittally LingQiShan looked at is not more annoyed.
He shook his head and continued, "well, let me ask you, if it were you, would you be crazy and leave yourself alone in the basement for a night? I’m not crazy. Why should I do that?"
ChuYan a listen to not on second thought "oh".
But I still can’t help but whisper, "Who knows what you think?"
LingQiShan instantaneous language he walked to the side to sit gave.
"All right, all right, whatever. You can think whatever you want." Then he pointed to the side and said, "Here’s a bed. You can sleep on the bed and I’ll sleep on the sofa."
Although it is a basement, after all, it is this luxury yacht. Even the basement is much better than his yacht room.
Chu Yan was a little touched. I didn’t expect LingQishan to be a gentleman.
The two men also talked, each with something on his mind, one lying in bed and the other lying on the sofa.
Nothing is said, but it seems to be floating in the air. This is called ambiguous breath.
Outside MoChengKun already know that something is wrong, looking for a long time also didn’t find ChuYan and LingQiShan.
He knew that Zhang Shaoyan must have done something.
To catch Zhang Shaoyan, he asked, "Zhang Shaoyan, tell me where Chu Yan is."
Zhang Shaoyan "aye aye" a few busy way "mo always don’t worry, just have something to say slowly, you will be so hands-on."
Yang Yi tu also quickly pulled open two people Zhang Shaoyan rubbed his neck with injustice.
"What have I done? What else can I do? Just look at manager Ling. It’s all a little anxious for him, so I just want to help them increase their feelings for one night."
MoChengKun a listen to the head is big "where" he asked.
Zhang Shaoyan said, "So I put them in a room."
Mo Chengkun almost jumped up and pointed to Zhang Shaoyan to scold you, an idiot. What the hell are you doing together?
He rubbed his hair. It’s really breaking down.
Yang Yitu watched carefully and said, "Don’t always you, you won’t be with that woman."
If it’s true, it’ll be interesting then.
Mo Chengkun glanced at him coldly and stopped talking.
After a moment of silence, he asked, "Yes, I didn’t do his thing together."
Zhang Shaoyan laughed at once. "I put them together. We have to know if we did anything else."
As soon as you hear Mo Chengkun, you can’t help but sigh if you don’t have his things.
He believes that ChuYan and LingQiShan’s personality is absolutely not what will happen.
He asked Zhang Shaoyan for the key. This fellow is too hard to admit that the key is here.
Zhang Shaoyan smiled and said, "Don’t always worry so much. You will know it early in the day."
Nai had to wait anxiously until the next morning.
I got up early in the morning and went to find Zhang Shaoyan to let ChuYan and LingQishan out.
When the time comes, Ling Qishan will sleep on the sofa and snore.
While ChuYan is lying in bed facing the inside, and everyone has a look at this scene, and some people are happy and some people are sorry.
Mo Chengkun was extremely happy. Fortunately, nothing happened to them, which was a great relief.
At this time ChuYan was awakened by their movement and gave them a daze look.
ChuYan way "Zhang Shaoyan your ya die isn’t it?"
Zhang Shaoyan came to feel kind, but it happened that two elm bumps didn’t understand, but blamed him for wronged them.
Chu Yan ran away as soon as she woke up.
Chuyan is getting angry.
桑拿会所Mo Chengkun was busy and asked, "How was your sleep? I didn’t expect to find you for a long time yesterday."

I have a consciousness left, and Xiao Yan really wants me to get addicted to drugs.

Then I heard Xiaoyan bring into tears for mercy. "Ah Yuan, let me go … I love you! I love you so much that I hate her so much … "
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t move. I put my ear to his chest and heard his steady and powerful heartbeat.
I felt so comfortable in his arms that I couldn’t help rubbing it.
Ye Xiangyuan’s arms seem to be tighter, which makes me a little breathless.
I can’t help but hum two.
Ye Xiangyuan patted me on the shoulder as if to appease me.
桑拿论坛Xiao Yan also shouted, "How can you move me … This is what your uncle meant … How can you tell your uncle!"
Her uncle Ye Xiangyuan must have really got permission from the other side.
Section 42
No wonder she’s afraid to go against my hand.
Just don’t know what Ye Xiangyuan’s uncle wants against me …
I vaguely think that my brain is getting heavier and heavier.
I have exhausted all my spirits until now, and I fell into a coma in one second.
Chapter 46 No bed …
When I woke up, I found that I was still hot, just like being baked by a fire.
Then something cold applied to my forehead was so comfortable that I couldn’t help sighing.
Then I woke up, slowly opened my eyes and realized that I was lying in bed.
A young doctor examined me while Ye Xiangyuan sat aside.
I opened my mouth and said, "Where is this …"
After only four words, my voice was dull and my voice was hoarse, which was a bit like coming from my throat.
Ye Xiangyuandao "Don’t talk"
He took the table cup and fed me water.
Warm water crossed the dry throat, and I felt that the warmth of my whole body seemed to be scattered, and I drank a glass of water unconsciously.
But in this way, I feel more thirsty and more uncomfortable. I can’t help but catch Ye Xiangyuan’s hand and whisper, "Hot …"
Ye Xiangyuan put the cup and glanced at the doctor.
He didn’t pull out his hand.
The doctor said, "This medicine is new. At present, there is no practical way to solve it abroad. If forced treatment is very serious, my opinion is that it is best to help her relieve it naturally."
I’m still a little confused, so I look at Ye Xiangyuan without being too white.
Ye Xiangyuan eyebrows frowning slightly eyes just also hope to come over.
The doctor smiled lightly. "Come on, think about it, but it’s been two hours. If you don’t solve it, her life will be in danger."
I don’t understand the eyes wide open.
Ye Xiangyuan looked at me for silence.
The doctor took the nurse out, leaving me and him in the room.
I stared at him closely. "What does the doctor mean … if I can’t get well after …"
Ye Xiangyuan squinted at me without eyes and gradually became dark.
After looking at me for a moment, he suddenly got up and began to unbutton his cuffs and take off his coat.
I stared at him intently, and my heart was bitter and confused.
He held me in his arms and stared at me. "He means I’m your antidote."
My brain went blank in an instant and I couldn’t react.
He suddenly smiled, his lips brushed my forehead, and my ear whispered softly, "Don’t be afraid."
It was not until his hand gently put my waist all the way that I was suddenly surprised.
Is that what I want …
Ye Xiangyuan still moved his fingertips and I touched him slowly.
If there is a touch, it makes me feel particularly comfortable, but it is a little itchy. It feels like the heat in my body has subsided, but it seems to explode in a second.
This is the first time I have been so close to a man, and his breath surrounds me. I feel my throat is getting worse, and I have a way to vent my emotions in my heart.
Later, I didn’t know what happened at all, and I felt like floating in the water and burning in the fire.
I don’t know how long it took to finally stop. I was too tired to open my eyes and my mind was in a daze.
But the desire in the body is stronger.
I consciously hold my body tight and want more from him.
Instead of pushing me away, he kissed my earlobe and kept moving.
Listening to his deep breathing, I felt my heart thump as if I were about to jump out.
Finally, I passed out completely.
Midway, I seemed to feel that he carried me to the bathroom. The water temperature was just right. He held my arm so strongly and the skin temperature was so suitable for me. He rubbed his chest to find a comfortable position.
But somehow, it seems that he didn’t intend to let me have a good rest. Here we go again.
When I was carried to bed, I swept out of the window at will, but it was already night.
We hung out all afternoon …
Ye Xiangyuan circled me and whispered "Go to sleep"
I was really tired to the extreme and soon fell asleep completely.

Lu sorrow line of sight falls on his sexy thin lips, and this time she wants to take the initiative.

"If you want me to prove it, give me a kiss." Lin Mochen just wants her to take the initiative.
Lu sorrow has a second hesitation.
She reached out and wrapped her hand around his neck, then she stood on tiptoe slightly, closed her eyes, and her eyelashes trembled, and then she gave her red lips to his thin lips.
She took the initiative to make her gentle, and she kissed her gently and carefully, like a continuous drizzle that moistened his heart.
He felt that his heart missed suffering and was comforted by her bit by bit.
Her kiss aroused his desire and possession, so gentle that Lin Mo-chen couldn’t satisfy his desire for more intense lingering.
He swept away the things in front of the desk with his big palm and then held her on the office desktop, which was more conducive to the two people kissing.
He was actively deepened their lips and teeth kiss.
Deep and wild, they intertwined their lips and teeth and danced solo with their thoughts.
Enthusiasm is like an erupting volcano, which has all the power to dissolve.
spa会所Lu sorrow has crazy in love’s breathing and heartbeat are so violent that he wants you to jump out of his chest.
Her clothes half fell on her shoulders, and her skin was as white as jade.
She is as beautiful as a spring sleeping begonia.
If someone hadn’t knocked at the door, she thought they would have burned the fire all the time.
She didn’t want this desk, and Lin Mochen also said that she wouldn’t be wronged, and she wouldn’t be so hasty in completing the first time in their lives.
Lin Mo-chen loosens her breath, and her chest is turbid, and the fundus ink color is rendered thicker and darker.
"No one is allowed to disturb me." Lin Mo-chen rushed out of the door with anger and hoarse voice.
Lu sorrow stretched out his hand and took his face, and his ink hair was a little messy, with a naughty drop on his forehead, which was even more handsome and threatening.
"It’s time to take cold medicine after taking acacia medicine." Lu You woke up and even her voice was very soft.
Lin Mochen smiled and reached out and pinched her face. "Do you think I will give you a cold?"
I just thought about kissing her and forgot about it.
"Then we are in the same boat." Lu You touched his perfect and firm facial lines with his fingers and felt the perfection given to him by the creator. "And I am willing."
Lin Mochen held the back of her head with one hand and then put his forehead against her forehead. "Mrs. Lin likes this kiss very much. It’s beautiful and sweet. After that, give me more medicine. You are my only antidote."
The most poisonous female figure/Empress Xia
Miss Xi’s regiment was forced to die by her fiance and family on the day of engagement, and then she opened her eyes! Become a notorious, no one wants the assistant minister’s office.
What? Take a break before marriage? Dare to divorce her? Xi Yihan is either blind or an idiot.
Father dotes on his concubine and kills his wife? Sister Shu wants to climb on her?
Hum, once bitten by a dog, can you let the dog bite again?
Practice hard in the workplace. Fight one heart breaker, two Bai Lianhua, and three evil scum. I care about you. Let’s kill one …
Don’t be angry with me if I give you a hug.
Lu sorrow red face pulled a slip shoulder clothes smiled "you really should take medicine"
"Do you want Mrs. Lin to give it?" Lin Mo-chen’s finger touched her red lips kissed by him.
"Didn’t Mr. Lin eat just now? Still so greedy "Lu sorrow stretched out his hand and touched his shirt and was caught by her" or obediently eat your cold medicine "
Then she reached out and picked up the medicine bag that he threw on the table again, and took out the medicine from it again. Then she pulled his palm and put the medicine in his hand, and handed the cup that had just been poured into his hand.
"Give me the medicine quickly or else-"Lu Yu threatened him.

I opened my mouth and felt a lump in my throat.

For a long time, I whispered, "Can I think about it?"
He touched my face. "Baby, I won’t let you go."
I wry smile.
Why on earth is he so obsessed with letting me stay with him? Since he doesn’t like me, he wants to provoke me again.
What’s the point of letting me get stuck in it?
Isn’t he afraid that I will become Xiaoyan and Li Yuyan and love him until I lose my mind?
And Gu Changyu has always been a problem in his heart. Even if I don’t mind, can he overcome his demons through his own hurdles?
Of course, I am a rational person after all, perhaps because I am in a different class from him. I will restrain myself from always trying to be like Xiao Yan and Li Yuyan.
Even though I have long been dead set on liking him, I still can’t jump into his arms and agree to his request at this moment.
I’ve already started to think of a way out, but he’s pressing hard. What makes me answer?
He looked at me for a moment and leaned over and kissed my forehead. "You have a good rest and think about it. I will wait for your answer."
Then he left.
The whole room fell into silence.
Outside, the shadows of trees are reflected, and the glass windows are mottled, just like my heart is wavering at the moment.
It was already ten o’clock in the afternoon when I woke up the next day.
It was mainly because of insomnia that I overslept last night. As a result, Ye Xiangyuan actually returned it when I went upstairs.
He gave me a gentle look and said, "It’s hot in the kitchen. Come and eat breakfast."
I gave him a few more looks.
桑拿会所His face is as usual, and his tone is the same as before, as if nothing had happened last night.
It makes me a little angry. He keeps me awake, but he is in high spirits.
I walked slowly over.
He has ordered the servant to bring breakfast to the living room.
I ate silently and ignored him.
He didn’t do it either. He watched me eat quietly.
We didn’t speak during the whole process
After eating, I got up and planned to go back to my room. By the way, I asked Ye Wen if he was stuck in Chen Shu.
As a result, he stopped him as soon as he got up.
I turned to him and said, "Fish left the hospital today, and Asun came back. They invited everyone to get together."
I looked at him unblinkingly.
He looked so calm that he couldn’t see his mood.
Gu Changyu invited us to a party. What was she thinking?
I think she has feelings for Ye Xiangyuan, but she still married Lu Xun. There must be something hard to say about this.
It must be painful for her to see me every time. This time she invited me because she didn’t know that Ye Xiangyuan had been unilaterally exposed, right?
I’m a little reluctant to go.
Not only Gu Changyu but also Lu Xun. Does he really know Ye Xiangyuan’s mind?
If I know and he keeps putting up with me, I’m afraid I can’t face him
Ye Xiangyuan judo again "They invited me to join you"
I was silent for a long time and said, "She’s in the hospital. I haven’t been to visit her, so I should go and see her."
I don’t know where this sentence stimulated Ye Xiangyuan. He suddenly approached me.
I can’t help taking a step back.
He approached me again and gently squeezed me.
I was forced to look him in the eye.
His eyes were fixed on me.
My heart suddenly gave birth to a trace of embarrassment.
Doesn’t he just want me to go? Now I promised him, why do you have to look at me like this?
For a long time, he gently opened his lip. "Don’t you want to go?"
Chapter 22 Why don’t you have a showdown?
I lowered my eyelids to avoid his sight.
So what if I don’t want to? I don’t choose because my marriage agreement with him is still valid. I have the righteousness to cooperate on this occasion.
He suddenly sighed lightly and hugged me in his arms. "Eleven, you are so clever … you should know what I mean … I hope you go. I hope we don’t run away. We always have to face this …"
Yes, I know
He’s right. We always have to face it.
Moreover, I also gave him another meaning. Since he chose to see Gu Changyu and Lu Xun, he said that he was open-minded and that he really worked hard.
But … I still have some bad feelings in my heart.
Just because he is frank doesn’t mean that Gu Changyu has no idea.
Even if Gu Changyu has no idea, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like her, let alone that he has been tempted by me.
What if I can compare with Gu Changyu?
She is so beautiful and grew up with him as childhood friends …
I took a deep breath and said, "I listen to you for nothing."
If you don’t listen to him, how can you reconcile with him?
So it’s better to be what he wants
He raised my face again, and I pecked at the tip of my nose and my lip and whispered softly, "Don’t leave my baby."
My heart was full of mixed feelings. I didn’t push him away, but I didn’t respond.
This time, Lu Xun and Gu Changyu received us from Lujia’s old house. Ye Xiangyuan’s children are all here.
About knowing that Lu Xun was going to have a party with Lujia, everyone else avoided it and stayed with the servants to help.
Gu Changyu personally busy Lu Xun thugs in the kitchen.

Chapter 66 Top ten wins Australia

After winning the European Super Cup, Lu Wenbin also completed it, winning 50,000 experience and 5 skill points for this champion.
Plus Super Bowl rich experience, Lu Wenbin’s experience rose by 2 levels, and the balance of 12.25 million 50,000 skill points became 31 points.
After returning to Spain, Real Madrid can finally celebrate it.
Although it’s two Super Cups, it’s a champion after all, and with three championships in half a year, Real Madrid has won five championships this year.
Whether you win the World Club Cup or not, you have already won the five-time championship.
It is quite a sense of accomplishment for a team to win five championships a year. Real Madrid naturally celebrated it.
However, two consecutive Super Cup long-distance flights made Real Madrid’s main team really tired.
Therefore, in the third round of La Liga’s home game against Granada on September 3, Real Madrid rotated most of the main teams and even Lu Wenbin sat on the bench.
But even Real Madrid’s reserve team is much stronger than Granada’s.
At the end of the half-time, Real Madrid had already scored 2 goals ahead of Ozil and Kaka, and Granada failed to score a goal. The gap between the two sides was still quite obvious.
Seeing this, Mourinho simply didn’t even give it to Lu Wenbin and others when he appeared.
In the end, Real Madrid scored another goal at halftime and beat Granada 3 at home, extending their unbeaten game to 45 games.
After this round of league matches, it will be the international football match day, and Lu Wenbin and others will pack their bags and return to the national team to participate in the national team competition.
After winning the Olympic champion, Lu Wenbin’s Olympic team will be successful and retired, and there will be national team competitions in the future.
The current stage is to lead the China team out of the top ten competitions in Asia and advance to the World Cup in Brazil in 2014.
On September 5th, Lu Wenbin reported to the China national team that he accidentally met Wu Sihuo and Lei Wu.
Wu Sihuo turned out to be the third goalkeeper of China national team, with Ceng Cheng and Yang Zhi in front.
The biggest reason is naturally that Wu Sihuo performed very well when he appeared in the Olympic final.
Adding German league to exercise Wu Sihuo’s goalkeeping ability is indeed much better than many goalkeepers in China.
Last season, Wu Sihuo was rented to a German B club by Hoffenheim. If Wu Sihuo can get a foothold in German B, it is also possible to become the main goalkeeper of China team in the future.
Yu Wulei was naturally selected into the first-team national team because of Lu Wenbin’s tacit cooperation in the Olympic team.
Of course, Lei Wu can’t play the main force now
This competition is the first three rounds of the fourth round of the Top Ten. China scored 6 points, ranking first day, 4 points, second Australia, 2 points, third Oman, 2 points, fourth Iraq and 1 point.
In the fourth round, even if the China team plays at home against the Australian team, it will play against the Iraqi Oman round.
On September 11th, the fourth round of China’s World Cup Asian Top Ten Competition kicked off at Kuntuodong Stadium.
Australia’s overall strength is definitely the top ranked AFC flag team. The most famous and powerful striker in the array is Tim Cahill.
Cahill once played for Everton in the Premier League and is an iconic figure in Australian football.
However, Lu Wenbin is a far cry from it.
And Cahill is too old.
Born in 1979, Cahill is now 32 years old and has left him for more than ten years this summer. Everton joined New York Red Bull.
The side away from the European football center reflects Cahill’s slippery old age.
Therefore, despite the overall strength of Australia, Lu Wenbin led the China team away from France.
China played well with the fans cheering.
In the 21st minute, China scored the first goal with Lu Wenbin assisting Gao Lin, and China led 1.
Australia wanted to fight back after falling behind the score.
However, it was less than ten minutes before the first goal. In the 29th minute, Lu Wenbin made a long-distance attack after breaking the ball, which made Australia know that he was awesome.
Lu Wenbin personally broke the ball in the backcourt, personally broke through the long-distance attack and even passed three people. Finally, the goalkeeper Ryan was knocked down in the forbidden area and then hit the door.
China leads Australia 2.
It’s hard to find an opponent at the Asian level with Lu Wenbin’s China team, and it’s hard to compete even with a strong team like Australia.
In the 44th minute before the half-time, China got a corner kick, and Lu Wenbin also banned a wonderful heel kick in the melee and scored the third goal of China.
China’s 3-0 lead over Aussie is certain to win.
The two sides entered the halftime with a score of 3.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides exchanged sides and fought again.
The overall strength of Australia is really good.
In the 54 th minute, Australia finally cut the position of the team as a whole and tore open the defense line of China team. Even Lu Wenbin’s help in defense failed to stop Australia’s attack
The attack was completed by Cahill, who scored a low shot from the forbidden area and broke the goal guarded by Ceng Cheng.
Cahill finally got a point back from Australia, which made more than one Australian fan in the corner of the stands cheer for a long time.
They even hope that Australia will even the score and reverse the victory.
桑拿网But in a few minute, China snuffed out their hope.
This time it was not scored by Lu Wenbin or assisted by him.
This time, Dewey, the central defender, stole the Australian attack and then launched a counterattack. Finally, the winger broke through the sea and cut the shot successfully.

Teng Jun came to trouble me as usual before leaving.

She grabbed my arm and this time she was going to pour water into my mouth.
My intuition is not right, of course, I can’t let her succeed. I quickly got rid of her and took a few steps back
夜生活I was splashed a little in my mouth, but I felt that it was ordinary water, so I was not at ease.
Unwillingly, she continued to rush over and threw the water department in my face.
I dodged again and kicked her away.
She glared at me angrily on her face.
I ignored her.
At this time, there are guards to subdue her.
I looked down at my eyes, and the water was splashing my skirt. I thought I might not be able to come again, and I thought there was still a long way to go to Lujia.
Sister-in-law came over with Xiaojin and took a look at Tengjun and shook her head. "Ignore her and let’s go."
This time, Ye Xiangyuan drove the car himself, and my sister-in-law and I sat in the back, while Xiao Jin sat among us.
Xiaojin chatted with me. "I have prepared a gift for aunt Xiaoyu. I hope she likes it ~"
Nuonuo small voice is so beautiful that my heart is melting.
He wore a handsome suit, and his tan turned white during the summer vacation.
Because of the intense training, he lost some weight, and his face is a little bit like a sister-in-law and a little bit like a leaf family. Anyway, he is a handsome little guy.
I couldn’t help hugging him for a good "ravage"
Xiaojin smiled shyly.
Maybe it’s because the eldest sister-in-law is with him that he is cheerful.
However, I also found that he is now more and more like a little fox.
In front of us, he is more clever and sensible, but I have seen him indifferent when dealing with problems with Ye Xiangyuan, and I have seen him make a determined effort when training.
I think it’s good that Ye’s family has a complicated environment and his heart is strong so that he won’t be defeated.
Leaf to remote didn’t speak.
I looked at him in the rearview mirror, and his eyes were gloomy as if he were thinking something.
Chapter 162 Gu Changyu birthday party
Are you worried that the birthday party will go wrong?
I didn’t ask much because my sister-in-law and Xiao Jin were both present.
After half an hour, the car arrived at Lujia.
The car leaves swept my skirt far away and smiled "good-looking"
I looked at his expression carefully, and I couldn’t see anything wrong. I couldn’t help smiling and holding his arm.
Section 154
Xiaojin was led by her eldest sister-in-law.
We walked into Lujia together.
Lujia villa city is quite a bit noisy and quiet, covering a wide area, almost as big as an amusement park.
The fact that the capital of Di Chin can occupy such a piece of land shows how powerful Lujia is.
The original Lujia is also a military compound, but Lujia has always been an old family in the imperial city. This is their old house and they have been living here.
From the mall to the gate, cars were parked all the way, and the lanterns in the courtyard were even more brightly lit. Lu Jiadi greeted the guests at the gate early.
Presumably, we are still late.
There have been many guests who have arrived here, and they are all enthusiastically stepping on clothes, incense, temples and shadows.
This is my first time here, and I was shocked by the Lujia style.
In fact, Lujiayuan is too big, and its architectural style is also very distinctive, somewhat like an ancient house.
Into the hall is about because Ye Xiangyuan appeared everyone looked up.
Gu Changyu is a young lady from the family and Lu Xun’s wife. Lu Xun is the head of the Lujia family. Her birthday party is really grand. Almost half of the imperial family have arrived.
I swept over a little and saw many people dressed up to attend. Some of them were white and beautiful, but they were also temperament Zhuo Qun.

Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban!
What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!
Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go!
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
There are other treasures!
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
ah! Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
Someone triggered the ban! Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
Go in! Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
Hey! The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.