And the fiery wind is approaching slowly in the distance.

The two men are going to kill Chen Mo from a distance to a near distance.
Plug the west sea! Devil girl!
In the face of two enemies, one of them was the assassin Chen Moma, who called out Cecil Xiluo, and he was worried about being controlled to death by the assassin.
按摩  title=In the face of two top ten strong people killing themselves, they can enter the top five. Chen Mo also lost the demon girl card
If you can kill these two people, the demon girl card is definitely worth making.
The black light flashes, and the demon girl Ka turns into a cold woman with black devil wings. This cold woman face is a bit similar to Chen Mo’s meeting Mary.
The devil girl is not Chen Mo’s pet. Chen Mo can’t see her attributes, but Chen Mo didn’t think much about it and let the devil girl go to the fire and wind to fight.
The demon girl received Chen Mo’s order, and she didn’t say anything. There was a black light in the dark pupil, and the devil swept away from it quickly by waving his wings.
What’s that! The fiery wind shrinks when it sees the devil girl’s pupil.
Demon girls can still fly as fast as that, and a pair of boss can’t underestimate anyone who sees them.
The fire and wind can’t care about Chen Mo. He feels that the devil girl is one of his crises and may die here if he doesn’t handle it well.
After calling out the devil girl and thinking that the devil girl is still reliable, Chen Mo ignored the devil girl and the fire wind
So far away, he can command the devil girl by other methods, and the devil girl can play it.
Pay attention back to the surrounding area. Chen Mo set traps in place and waited for Long Ying to kill him.
While in stealth, Long Ying saw the demon girl who flew away from it and her face sank.
The two men thought about several possible situations before coming, but they didn’t discuss them.
The fire wind is entangled in the devil girl, that is, the law supports her. She can rely on herself to deal with Chen Mo, but Chen Mo has set a trap and waited for her to sneak up on others, not afraid of her at all.
Life card! Attack speed card! Mobile speed card! Power card!
I feel that this war will be more dangerous than Long Ying’s stealth, and she can almost fight the card!
After these cards were dropped, the status of Long Ying suddenly reached an unprecedented height!
The cold light in Long Ying’s eyes flashed and his body flashed in stealth state, and he swept past Chen Mo at an alarming speed!
Chen Mo has arranged a series of small traps around him. If Long Ying comes to attack him, he must step on one of them.
But around the trap was not triggered Chen Mo suddenly felt a pain behind!
There is a third watch to be continued before 12 o’clock.
Chapter two hundred and twentynine Blood Paladin amazing declaration
Chisel! Stunned for 5 seconds!
Chen Mo heart in a surprised!
He was successfully ambushed by Long Ying before the surrounding traps were triggered!
Chen Mo saw Long Ying sneak attack three meters away from his back through Cecil Xiluo’s vision!
Three meters away, the skill sneaked on him!
Mom, is this still an assassin?
These black masters can come to vice city with a black name and make it to the top 10, which is really based on the real thing!
But there is still a trap around him. Long Ying wants to kill him, but he still has to get close to Chen Mo to deny Long Ying, but he has been attacking him from a distance of three meters.
If so, she is not an assassin!
Chen Mo thought it right. Long Ying did continue to attack him at a distance of three meters, but Long Ying had something black like a Grenade in his hand.
magic bomb!
Chen default out of this thing to face a change.