Daughters are also immediately quiet after hearing Zhao Yi’s words. Although most of them are physical strength heroes, it is true that they have not reduced their damage skills … Nai can also admit that Zhao Yi chose to make trouble after all.

But at this time Lanaya jumped out. I’ll come, too. After all, I can resist harm by refraction.
Looking at Lana’s seriousness, Zhao Yi also thought of a problem … The ultimate skill of continuous damage like extremely cold ghosts is also the refractive nemesis.
Besides, if you let her go, it’s better for Zhao Yi to go by herself. After all, Zhao Yi can resist more injuries, but it’s a bit risky.
According to the rules of this world, there are some special injuries that cannot be resisted. I just don’t know if the ultimate skill of extremely cold ghosts hurts like this. I don’t know. Just …
You can’t … your refractive weakness is too obvious. Zhao Yi easily said that she didn’t pay attention to the expressions of the younger sisters. She turned her head directly to look at the extremely cold ghosts. These three people are my good partners. By the way, I hope that the extremely cold ghosts can abide by the betting rules and don’t turn their faces and deny human beings. That would be boring.
Hum … that’ll have to wait until you win. The extremely cold ghost face is also disdainful
Seeing this expression, Zhao Yi can feel that this younger sister will not turn her face and deny her personality. That’s good …
While the three women were in a relatively small position, Regvo was calm in the middle, while she pointed her ass directly at the extremely cold ghost. There was no disrespect … it was just that her bristly back needed this to give full play.
品茶论坛  title=Mercury, on the other hand, is very calm to talk to her … The world is not rooted in wanting to kill her skills directly, and she herself is so simple to recognize and help Zhao Yi. Mercury will naturally be more active.
Medusa has a shield that looks the same. This shield has helped Medusa through several difficulties, which is also her core skill …
Extremely cold ghosts didn’t care about the gesture of these three people. They nodded gently towards Zhao Yi and saw Zhao Yi’s confident smile, which soon released the ultimate skill towards the three people.
A strange white energy bombed the past towards the position of three people, and it directly stimulated the cold in the moment of hitting three people.
Bang! As soon as the exaggeration rings, three people are enveloped by an exaggeration chill … and the energy of frying white is also gone.
The cold seeped out from the three of them, and suddenly some teeth ached. Not only that, the limbs of the three people were all turned into ice, and the cold was still rising rapidly … It seems that the ultimate goal is their hearts.
However, even the expressions of the three people who were shrouded in these exaggerated chill did not change much.
Regvo’s posture is a little strange. Her back seems to bear a great part of the cold. Even if the cold wants to spread, Mercury has some purple energy. While blocking the erosion of the surrounding cold, she is still thinking about reflecting some energy outside. Some of these cold are derived from these strange purple energy and fed back to the surrounding enemies …
Refractive ghosts can reflect some of the damage they suffer and will be fed back to the surrounding enemy units according to the distance!
Refraction is a ghost. An agile hero can also bear quite a lot of damage. Core skills … Coupled with barren meat and output, you have the skills. What is a ghost not an enemy? Not to mention a little cold ghost …
Those chills on Medusa’s side were blocked by energy shield, and they didn’t receive much damage, but the magic loss was more, but this is not a problem. After all, there are many Medusa magic preparations.
Seeing this situation is extremely cold, ghosts seem to understand the reason why Zhao Yi is so confident. Even her ultimate skill can’t run rampant across the mainland like that in the past … Thought of this, she sighed slightly. She knew that she lost the bet, but she felt a little relieved that there are so many powerful and normal heroes in the mainland, which should be a good thing … It will definitely not throw the whole mainland into chaos like that in the past …
Ice crystal detonation is extremely cold ghosts. Select a continent and an area. The farther away the area is from the extremely cold ghosts, the wider the range. When the ice crystal explodes and flies towards the target direction, the enemy will enter a negative state in the middle. When the enemy is hit in the target area, the enemy will suffer some magical damage and then go into a negative state. This negative state will make the enemy unit recover its health value. How to recover the health value is effective and slowly reduce the health value. When the enemy unit continues in a negative state, its health value will be directly turned into ice and die. The spike effect is effective for skillinfected units …
The ultimate skill of extremely cold ghosts, a powerful skill, can kill all units with low health. Zhao Yi can’t take risks casually and let the three sisters play, but she still has a certain degree of certainty … If these sisters don’t follow Zhao Yi, even if they don’t ask extremely cold ghosts to follow themselves, they must never take risks …
When the ice crystal detonation lasted, it soon reached the third sister, who was still fine … and the three people who suffered these injuries were very calm and looked at Zhao Yi except that Regvo felt very cold and kept breathing.
Holding hands with two people, Zhao Yi said, It’s really hard for the three of you. Are you okay?
Know see mercury and medusa silently shook his head Zhao Yi this just rest assured but neglected Rigovo is some not refreshing way you this guy is too eccentric! I am so cold! Come and warm my hands quickly … Haqiu!
Seeing Rigovo sneezed a lot, Zhao Yi also felt very interesting. He laughed and warmed his hands. It’s just a small matter … Zhao Yi directly reached out and Rigovo really caught Zhao Yi’s hand with a cold feeling, and Rigovo’s expression eased a lot.
Mirana saw that all three of them made it, and also put them in suspense. Extremely cold ghosts and Zhao Yi bet that I hope you can fulfill it.
She is still a little worried that this extremely cold ghost will turn against people … and the extremely cold ghost is very calm and smile.
Showing a longterm style, I don’t care about these young people. Just call me Calder … Don’t worry about my apprentice. Don’t look at me like that. I will fulfill my promise and come with me.
Said the extremely cold ghost turned around and drifted in directly towards the castle made of ice.
The repairman glanced at it. Will there be any problem?
Then Zhao Yi gave it away … Actually, extremely cold ghosts won’t tell their real names if they want to go back on their word. For them who are so old, their real names are quite … you know.
I don’t trust others. How can others be our partners? Zhao Yi said, and pulled out his hand … and followed it directly.
Daughters are nai looked at each other directly with.
Entering this ice city, you can feel a very exaggerated cold breath … and these ice walls have been confirmed by many women more than once that the real world is made up of ice! I can’t find anyone else who can do this except a few heroes who are particularly good at frost.
And the extremely cold ghost action is getting faster and faster, and then the daughters are taken into a very spacious room.
There is an ice cube, and there is a woman sitting on the table.
And Zhao Yi recognized it at first sight … and then she felt an egg ache. She should have thought of it! Once in the background introduction of that hero … she came to the Blue Heart Glacier! And learn frost element control here! However, Zhao Yi didn’t expect that … she turned out to be Calder’s apprentice …
Crystal Maiden!
Sitting on a platform made of ice is her! And once … she left Zhao Yi in the name of wanting to become stronger directly. For her … Zhao Yi didn’t feel much, but she didn’t know how the other person felt …
And this time meeting Zhao Yi also confirmed … Crystal Maiden has become stronger! A lot stronger!