Hi Kyle, what’s up?

I received some news from Hernando.
Qin Xiong is an invisible shareholder of Liverpool, but he doesn’t participate in some important matters of the club and knows it.
Freddie is the bridge between the top management of the club.
Well, what exactly is it?
Liverpool may sell him.
Because he can make money and Torres’ performance is not good enough this season, the board will worry that he will not be able to sell such a price in the future if he goes uphill. Besides, Coleman has put pressure on the board to come up with less than 20 thousand pounds in winter.
Qin Xiong looked up to heaven and thought about it carefully.
It may not be true how much money Liverpool earned in the season. Although the Asian market is very exciting, considering that the board of directors of Liverpool really intends to build a new stadium and does not want to bear huge debts rashly, it is normal to live within the limits of business.
In the summer, less than 40,000 euros were invested in the signing. meireles’s Tiotestrink actually signed Raul, but he gave a huge signature.
It is not too much for Coleman to ask for another 20 thousand pounds in the winter, but the board of directors can’t invest the team as a bottom hole
Okay, I get it.
You have no opinion?
No, I said I’m not involved in management. I don’t want to complicate things.
After Qin Xiong finished, Freddie said goodbye to each other and hung up.
He looked at the sparkling sea and gave a long sigh.
It is not only Liverpool’s unilateral idea to sell Torres, but also Torres’ agent put pressure on Liverpool’s board of directors to get a bigger contract because of olive branches from other teams in the summer
This is human nature, but Liverpool is not as rich as the outside world thinks.
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. 1255 The way to go is narrow]
read; After the fifa match day, Qin Xiong returned to Melwood training base to prepare for the Premier League weekend together.
He obviously felt that his teammates were tired after returning from the national team.
But Liverpool’s Premier League schedule this year is also extremely unlucky
After the fifa match day, there will be a Merseyside derby and a visit to Mei Acha in the middle of the week to challenge Inter Milan.
On the afternoon of January 16th, the Merseyside Derby started first at Goodison Park.
Liverpool, exhausted by soldiers, faced Everton with a fierce battle.
Shortly after the game, aurelio was knocked down and injured by yakubu while filling Mascherano’s position!
The fourth official of Coleman was furious and argued that the opponent’s collision was too big, which led to the injury of Liverpool players.
Insua was ordered to play at the critical moment.
Carragher was injured in a fight in yakubu two minutes before halftime!
Coleman’s face turned livid this time.
Agger field replaced Carragher.
It is difficult to unify the rhythm of Liverpool team in the same pace.
In particular, the defensive line is full of mistakes, so that Everton can seize the opportunity to play a threatening fast break
Mascherano’s performance is disappointing. Obviously, his physical load from South America to Europe is too heavy, not only because of the travel and competition, but also because of his jet lag twice.
Everton took the lead in the game at halftime. Cahill answered Osman’s flank and scored a low shot. Osman broke through the defense line. It was insua who guarded the left side.
Less than ten minutes after halftime, Agger headed the ball to clear the corner, not far from Arteta’s goal outside the restricted area, and then he shook Alonso and went straight to the goal with a long shot.
Merseyside are two goals behind Liverpool!
Coleman can’t look at him at this time. Lucas changed Kuyt and added a midfielder to defend, taking the lead in ensuring that the midfield defense will not be penetrated by the opponent and increasing the mobility of the midfielder to the wing.
Only then can Liverpool keep a firm foothold in the game and attack in front before the defense is stable, so as to continuously put pressure on their opponents.
Qin Xiong seems to be alone in this game. Most of the time, he can’t cooperate with his teammates. His rhythm is too fast.
It didn’t improve until after the halftime substitution.
He Raul Gerrard attacked the Everton defence in the frontcourt.
In the 71st minute of the game, Qin Xiong Alonso Raul made a triangle pass in the frontcourt. After cutting the running position, he answered Raul’s return ball. Qin Xiong slammed the door hole and pierced the fingers of American goalkeeper Howard!
Liverpool pulled back a goal.
Everton coach moyers made a defensive counterattack tactical adjustment, which allowed Everton to control the situation in the last 2 minutes of the game.
In the third minute of the game, insua assisted him from the left and sent the ball to the other side of the restricted area. Steven Gerrard headed the ball there and made goalkeeper Howard save and let Raul fall to the ground when he made up the shot.
The referee decisively awarded a penalty.
Qin Xiong resisted the pressure and took a penalty kick to help Liverpool equalize the score away from home.
Although Liverpool still showed the courage to attack at the last minute, the goals passed by repeatedly and failed to reverse the drama again.
At the end of the game, the fans of both teams were quite unwilling.
Coleman and moyers also had an argument.
Coleman was upset that yakubu had hurt aurelio and Carragher.
At the press conference after the game, Coleman expressed regret that the team failed to win the game.
Liverpool may have played less than 7% of its real strength today! The fifa game has a great influence on the players’ state. You know Mascherano just returned to England from Argentina the night before yesterday. He is very tired and needs to rest, but we have to play such an important game. Liverpool needs him and so do other players.
But Qin Xiong didn’t go back to Asia to take part in the competition. He went on holiday.
So Qin Xiong scored two goals in the game and was the best player. It’s a pity that we couldn’t win. Now we are going to prepare for the Champions League in midweek.
夜生活Fifa virus has a great influence on the top teams in Premier League.
Chelsea: it may not be enough to draw Aston Villa, but Manchester United’s twogoal lead in the team was first given by Evra Oolong, and then the old goalkeeper van der Sar butterfingers’s lowlevel mistake made the opponent equalize the score, which simply caused the Red Devils fans to collapse
There was also Arsenal’s 21 win over Burnham, which seemed normal.
After the round, Liverpool continued to lead the table with 2 points, followed by Chelsea with 19 points.
Arsenal had a catchup posture after 13 points.
Manchester United’s 11 points are three points less than Manchester City’s fourgame winning streak, which makes the Red Devils look down.
After finishing the Merseyside derby, Liverpool went to Milan, the Italian capital, to prepare to challenge Inter Milan in Mei Acha.
The two teams really have a narrow way to go.