"…" Han Shu’s forehead was covered with black lines, and she repeatedly hugged her and said, "Why can’t I touch my wife at night?"

"I’m old enough to touch anything and go outside to find a young girl!" Gao Xiaoxiao said angrily
"Ah" Han Shu actually smiled a little "You said yourself that you are too old to have another child"
Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t expect that he would actually follow his own words. After all, what she just said was angry words …
夜网论坛A stream of anger rushed to the forehead and could not be suppressed. He turned directly and swung his fist at him.
As a result, naturally, Han Shu immediately made her, and not only that, he also held her hands, and the whole person pressed her.
Eyes as deep as obsidian stared at her in a low and soft voice and said, "Wife, as I said before, it’s enough for us to have small white ink. It’s already a day to give us extra gifts. People can’t be too greedy. I really love our two children now, but I’m more worried … It’s still that you don’t forget how painful you were when you were born with small ink. It’s not necessary for children to put their bodies in."
Gao Xiaoxiao was so shocked by his words that it was false to say that he was not moved.
She didn’t struggle to blink again, but she was about to open her mouth, too, and her voice kept ringing. "And don’t you remember that I once said that when Xiaobai was ten years old, I would give him the company and take you on a trip, just like my parents and others."
Yu Jinchuan and Gao Zhiqiu are foreign friends for most of the year now. Every time Gao Xiaoxiao calls them, everyone will show that they are functional and occasionally see their footprints all over the world from Gao Zhiqiu’s circle of friends.
For example, I visited the snow-capped mountains in Switzerland today, and in a few days I went to Austria to watch the Vienna Concert Hall.
A month passed, and their horses were going back to China. But a few days later, Gao Zhiqiu sent another photo of Hokkaido enjoying cherry blossoms …
"Fairy couple" is so much, right?
Gao Xiaoxiao really envies his parents’ life, but once he is a graduate student, Han Shu Company is also busy. On weekdays, he has to take care of two children and visit Han Jiayu’s house from time to time, and a large group of friends get together regularly … In recent years, he really has no time to travel.
And Han Shu did say such things before, but Gao Xiaobai was only five years old at that time and was still a child. Now Gao Xiaobai is in the third year of high school, and Ma will be thirteen years old.
That is to say, Gao Xiaobai will be ten years old in less than five years.
Forget it for a moment. Gao Xiaoxiao was suddenly surprised to find that it was just about five years to go to college and graduate school.
"Xiaobai talked to me today," Han Shao continued. "In 2000, he wanted to apply for a master’s degree in a graduate school in the United States for about five years, including I arranged various professional knowledge, physical and psychological training for him. Five years later, he just returned to China at the age of ten to take over Han Tai."
Section 76
Gao Xiaoxiao looked at his heart and gradually realized, "What do you mean …"
"Yes," Han Shu rolled over and put her in her arms and whispered, "Wife, we are really great. Although he is less than thirteen years old this year, he has already planned his future life early, so we don’t have to worry about it, including ourselves … the other half."
"The other half?"
"Well" Han Shu nodded "is jiujiu"
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
As Han Shu said, a few days later, Gao Xiaobai officially applied for a place to study in a graduate school in the United States and began to prepare for TOEFL and other exams.
At the end of the semester, I was so busy with my studies that I continued to get the first grade with the exception of Gao Xiao Bai Hao. In the first grade exam of primary school, Xiao Mo Mo gloriously passed a …
Gao Xiaoxiao really feels a little ashamed of this, especially when friends and relatives get together, when there are many children, they will naturally ask each other about their academic performance, except for Xiao Mo Mo and Xiao Jin Shen’s exams. His small bags are all 1 point in three departments except languages!
However, Han felt that what he said was "I always failed in the exam when I was in primary school"
A tone of "my daughter follows me", "I am proud" and "I am proud"
"Didn’t you say you were a schoolmaster?" Gao Xiaoxiao asked
"Xueba is after high school" Han Shu answered truthfully.
"Why did Xiaobai get 1 point every time he grew up?" Gao Xiaoxiao asked again
I blame you for doting on your daughter and not studying hard. Look how good I am at teaching Xiaobai.
Korea’s nature is also white. She smiled and said, "It’s not enough to have a son to fight for your face." Daughters are not so strict. "
Well, there’s nothing I can do to spread a husband, Gao Xiaoxiao, who dotes on her daughter so much.
But when it’s time to be strict, she still has to play the role of "tiger mother"