It happened that Li jiaqi, who was in a tense situation in the imperial city, had already made moves to Ye Xiangyuan, a few capable generals, including Lu Jiahe’s family business, and was also affected.

But Ye Xiangyuan they have no intention of staying with Gu Changyu.
The latest news from Gu Changyu is that she wants Ye Xiangyuan to accompany her, and both Lu Xun and Gu Changning agreed.
I heard that Lu Xun flew back to the imperial city early today and Ye Xiangyuan stayed in the western city to continue to accompany Gu Changyu …
Actually, I don’t want to hear the news at all, but I can always overhear it.
Occasionally, it’s Sister-in-law, and occasionally it’s Pan Dong. They don’t know for what purpose. They always tell me these things.
I keep telling the truth before my eyes, and my heart is going numb.
What saddens me even more is that my parents are going back to France after the New Year.
I hesitated for a long time, but I talked to them once before they left.
My parents look serious and seem to have guessed what I am going to say.
This makes me feel heavy, too.
I cut to the chase and said, "Mom and Dad, I hope you can help me raise this child."
They glances didn’t speak.
I have revealed this meaning before, and they should not be surprised. Maybe they are considering Ye Xiangyuan’s side.
I said, "Ye Xiangyuan has already agreed to this matter. In the past two months, I intend to go to the hospital to raise a baby. When the child is born, I will ask him to send the child."
My mother hesitated to hold my hand and said, "Your father and I like children best and don’t care about us, but …"
She took a look at my dad and hesitated.
spa会所  title=My dad said, "What about after giving us the baby? What are your plans?"
I said, "I’ll find a way to leave then."
They didn’t show shock, but my mother grasped my hand and looked at the door consciously.
During this period, Pan Dong still kept his hand in the hospital, and sometimes it was really inconvenient to speak.
But I did just tell Pan Dong that my parents and I have something to say to let him leave.
Pan Dong is a trustworthy person and should not eavesdrop.
My dad frowned and asked, "Have you thought about it?"
After that, he patted my mother on the shoulder to calm her down.
Looking at their tenderness, I can’t help thinking of Mrs. Li.
But now is not the time to talk about it. I nodded and said, "I will find a chance to divorce Ye Xiangyuan … If he doesn’t promise me, I can find a way to escape …"
Ye Xiangyuan said that he would treat me as redemption and let me go to hell with him. It is impossible for me to tell my parents to increase their burden.
Anyway, I have decided to leave Ye Xiangyuan.
Chapter 25 Take Li Yuyan to apologize
My parents didn’t ask me what I left or what happened to Ye Xiangyuan and me.
Ye Xiangyuan and Gu Changyu have some rumors during this period, and I think they should also know them.
There was a silence for a while. My dad said, "We should prepare for the worst. If you have decided, your mother and I will not go back to France. We will go directly to Africa. We also have some friends …"
I couldn’t help looking at my dad in shock.
The worst plan, of course, is that Ye Xiangyuan and I have a falling out. My dad said that he couldn’t go back to France because it was Ye Xiangyuan. Find them a place to protect them. They are all Ye Xiangyuan people.
And they obviously went to Africa to get rid of Ye Xiangyuan …
My eyes can’t help burning.
Although there are selfish parents in this world, my parents are so kind to me.
It’s just that I don’t worry, and I always worry them.
I opened my mouth and murmured, "Mom and Dad are sorry …"
My mother touched my hair. "What did the silly child say to us? I’m sorry?" She paused. "Now that you have made a decision, we will definitely support it … but it’s best to plan first and tie your hands when you get there."
And she looked at the door again.
I’m a little touched and admire.
My mother always does things like this, Glory. She is as knowledgeable and courageous as men.
After that, we discussed how to arrange our family’s life after leaving Yejia.
The best result is to talk it over with Ye Xiangyuan and let him let me go on his own initiative.
But if we can’t talk it over, things will become much more complicated.
My parents have considered everything. Ye Xiangyuan may imprison me. My father also told me that I must not go against Ye Xiangyuan. It is best to follow him and they will try to save me.
It may not be as serious as we thought, but my parents’ anxiety is worth learning.
I admire them for this. They have a longer view than I do.
So I discussed it for about an hour, and suddenly there was a knock at the door outside.
We stopped talking at once.
Pan Dongyin came in through the door. "Mrs. Sister-in-law Li and Miss Li have come to visit you."
He didn’t come in directly to report it must be because I hinted that he shouldn’t eavesdrop on my conversation with my parents.
He is indeed a man of great principle and discipline.
It’s Mrs. Li and Li Yuyan. Why did they come to see me?
Now Ye Guhe Li’s family are fighting like a bee. Before Li Yuyan came to make a scene again, I really can’t figure out why they came here.
Is it to provoke?
I looked at my parents.
If Mrs. Li and my parents are old friends, I don’t know if it is good or bad to meet like this …