Suddenly ChuYan hand a tight ChuYan a surprised a scream was hidden in each other’s hands.

Chu Yan kept struggling to see that the Taiwanese were farther away from themselves. Mo Chengkun smiled slightly and wondered if he could see his palm around him. I wondered if he could hear himself calling for help.
Has been dragged to a secluded room without turning on the light. It is very quiet until then that Chu Yan is released by the other party.
桑拿网ChuYan live directly turned and kicked each other, each other eat pain Yan took the opportunity to go out, but being pulled behind is preparing to cry for help ChuYan heard someone calling her behind him.
"Xiaoyan, don’t be afraid of me."
Such a familiar sound
ChuYan zheng turned around and turned on the light.
ChuYan eyes shrink and then rage "WenFuXiao do you know what you are doing?"
Scared her to death. She just met Zhao Tingyun. I didn’t expect it to be Wen Fuxiao.
Thought of here, her heart can’t help but ache slightly.
Wen Fuxiao will always remember the sunny and handsome big boy, but why is he like this now?
"I" Wen Fuxiao also knew that he had just done something wrong, but he couldn’t wait to see her when she saw that she was also here. He couldn’t figure out what to do, so he made it as soon as he got hot.
Chu Yan was even more annoyed when she said, "Do you know that if it was someone else, I could sue you for kidnapping?"
Wenfuxiao pursed her lips and raised her eyes to look at ChuYan. "Xiaoyan, I don’t care so much. I have seen you and Mo Chengkun very much in love these days. Do you know how much my heart hurts?"
Chu Yan couldn’t help smiling bitterly, but Wen Fuxiao, do you know what my heart was like when I looked at you with other women before?
Wen Fu Xiao tried to pull ChuYan ChuYan flops in the previous step. "Say something quickly or Mo Chengkun will find you later and my face will be ugly."
Wen Fuxiao’s face darkened. "I want to see you. You are avoiding me everywhere. I can’t think of any other way. If you want to sue me, go ahead. I will be satisfied if I can see you and talk to you like this."
ChuYan a listen to feel headache Wen Fuxiao how did this happen?
She frowned slightly. "You want to meet, but you can tell me that although we have no future, we are also friends, aren’t we?"
My friend Wen Fuxiao smiled bitterly. "Xiaoyan, how did we become like this?" Not long ago, you said you loved me.
"Yes" ChuYan also can’t help but smile how did this happen?
Time is really a unforgiving thing. It can be changed and you can never get it back.
Chu Yan smiled and looked at Wen Fuxiao. "You have seen me and said that I will go first." Then she turned and suddenly stopped. "After Wen Fuxiao, I hope you can make it clear that we are friends. You are getting married and I have Mo Chengkun."
"Xiaoyan" Wen Fuxiao croaked "There’s another sentence I want to say to you"
Chuyan closed her eyes for a long time and then opened her voice to calm down "you said"
Wenfuxiao looked dumb for a long time before he looked up at ChuYan with a firm look. "Let’s go."
Chu Yan suddenly turned around and stared at him as if she had heard some joke. She couldn’t help laughing when she saw his calm look.
Wen Fuxiao continued, "I’m telling the truth. Let’s go like three years ago. We didn’t go this time three years ago. Shall we go?"
"WenFuXiao don’t be ridiculous" ChuYan couldn’t help but sneer at.
"I’m not kidding." Wen Fuxiao looked serious. "Xiaoyan, no matter how you recognize me, I’m not kidding. I’ll wait for you at the airport on the 15th."
Chuyan listened to the smile and gave him a sudden smile, "Wen Fuxiao, your medicine can be saved."
Wen Fuxiao couldn’t help laughing bitterly. Yes, he was saved by medicine, poisoned by love, and he couldn’t wake up for a generation.
Chuyan turned away and opened the door. She couldn’t help but be shocked. The door of Mochengkun was full of cold breath.
Chuyan one leng consciousness opened his mouth.
It took a while to react, "Mo Zong, why are you here?" When did Mo Chengkun get here and what did he hear?
Such a thought ChuYan couldn’t help but turn to see WenFuXiao busy to MoChengKun way "you don’t get me wrong, I just met WenFuXiao"
Wen Fuxiao didn’t speak and looked at Mo Chengkun provocatively. In his heart, he hoped that ChuYan would turn against Mo Chengkun, expecting that ChuYan would return to his arms.
Mo Chengkun’s eyes took one heavy look at Wen Fuxiao and immediately swept ChuYan and grabbed ChuYan’s shoulder and turned and strode away.
I met Lanke when I left, and Lanke couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw ChuYan.
"Xiaoyan, where have you been? Do you know that we are all anxious?" Looking at what you think, Mo Chengkun said, "Mo always looks for you like he is crazy."
"Well," Mo Chengkun interrupted Lan Ke’s words and then glanced at Lan Ke. "Lan always hopes that you and I will be happy in the future."
Lanke glanced at ChuYan one leng and then looked at Mo Chengkun and nodded, "Good Mo always will."
Mo Chengkun gave a pull ChuYan to walk in the car.
ChuYan looked at can’t help but look back at the blue Michelle ke gave her a nai eyes.
Chuyan secretly complained that it was all Wen Fu Xiao who did something bad to take her away.
Now, I took a careful look at Mo Chengkun beside me. Mo Chengkun smelled like strangers and acquaintances.
Chuyan couldn’t help shrinking her neck and thought that Lanke said that Mo always looked for you and almost went crazy. At the thought of this, she felt chilly all over.
But on second thought, Mo Chengkun would find himself like this, saying that he was still very worried about himself, and his heart could not help but be warm.
"What are you and Wen Fuxiao now?"
Suddenly, beside Mo Chengkun, the sudden opening sound was cold without a trace of temperature.
ChuYan listened to one leng and then turned to look at him. "What do you mean by Mo Chengkun?"
Mo Chengkun sneered, "I asked you not to hear clearly."
Chu Yan took a deep breath and comforted herself in her heart. Just look for herself and accumulate her temper and let him lose his temper.
She calmed down and looked at Mo Chengkun. "That’s what you saw. We are friends now. We just met and talked."
66 is such a person.
Mo Chengkun, hehe, said, "When we meet and say a word, we need no one in the room."
ChuYan eyebrows a cu "how do I know what’s wrong with WenFuXiao" turned to "Mo Chengkun what are you trying to say? Do you doubt whether I have anything with WenFuXiao? If so, Mo Chengkun, I’ll tell you if I have nothing with WenFuXiao."
Mo Chengkun smell speech can’t help but turn to stare at ChuYan eyes deep bottomless like to see through ChuYan whole person.
ChuYan see his whole appearance whole heart slightly cold half Mo Chengkun what is this look?
"Chu Yan, I hate people who cheat me the most in my life." He had a meal. "I hope you will never become this person I hate the most."