What’s the difference?

Mo Chengkun stopped talking, and a pair of eyes stared at her eyes tightly. The line of sight always seemed to be easy to produce something.
Chuyan smiled to end the eye contact first.
She took his hand and smiled. Well, don’t think too much. I’ll take care of myself. So will you. Let’s go out for a while or others will suspect.
Mo Chengkun looked at some nai.
It happened that ChuYan was soft and he couldn’t get angry.
Can stiff body nodded and followed her out.
It’s warm to shake hands. Chu Yan has some attachment, but she can go out and let go of her hand immediately.
Two people glances can’t help but smile at one another.
Not much to say in their hearts.
Walk towards the front place.
ChengRongZheng turned seems to be looking for something at the sight of ChuYan eyes a bright.
But I saw Mo Chengkun’s slight meal not far from her side, and there was an imperceptible dark light flashing slightly in the line of sight.
In a flash, but smiling faces piled up.
ChuYan here
Chuyan heard and turned to look and walked past.
Wanted to think MoChengKun followed with a glass.
Two people arrived at the scene in tandem, and many people looked up and looked back and forth.
ChuYan also unpreparedness don’t worry people walked over and finished talking.
Sheng Rong evokes the lip angle. I can’t see you. I’m afraid I’ll lose you. It’s hard to get a good seedling, but I can’t give it away. I said with a wink. Don’t you think so?
ChuYan Yan mouth smile you loquacious
ChengRong ha ha a smile eyes turned to look at Mo Chengkun also smiled slightly Mo always chatted with Miss Chu very speculatively
Mochengkun nodded slightly and looked at ChuYan without moving.
it’s okay to chat
Chengrong shrugged his shoulders and didn’t talk.
Miss Chu then a harsh voice came through.
Woman ChuYan doesn’t want to know who it is.
Slightly turned to look at people lip angle micro hook eyes never forced to look at each other.
Miss Zhao
Come to Zhao Tingting.
Zhao Tingting ha ha a smile eyes flashing slightly don’t see for a while didn’t meet miss chu has become a communication flowers said yan mouth a smile.
Zhao Tingting words fell two people frowned slightly.
Mo Chengkun and Sheng Rong
Mo Chengkun is naturally aware of their gratitude and grudges, but it is not clear. However, ChuYan is now brought by others and is naturally unhappy when Zhao Tingting says so little.
Just want to satirize a few words, but see Chu Yan step forward.
Smiled lightly and said, Who can compare with Miss Zhao in the circle of communication flowers? Even if you get married, you still go out with your husband behind your back.
I feel a little sorry for Wen Fuxiao from the bottom of my heart, but Zhao Tingting is such a person. The more you give her a long face, the more she climbs up the pole.
桑拿会所This words as expected Zhao Tingting face a slight change gradually staring at ChuYan eyes poison up.
Sip your lips but don’t say anything.
Everyone in the field is in a circle, and naturally it is clear that some of them look at the drama and some of them can’t help but laugh slightly
Chuyan was stared at by Zhao Tingting, unafraid to lift her eyes and look at her.
Lip angle slightly raised and lip slightly moved.
ChengRong looked at ChuYan lip Angle also increasingly raise your cheeks dimples more brilliant eyes are blurred.
Hehe, I didn’t see it
Chuyan is quite prickly
What’s going on? At this time, Zhao Tingyun plugged in and looked at it with a slight thought, knowing what Zhao Tingting and ChuYan had.
Not from some blame saw Zhao Tingting one eye.
Zhao Tingting heart injustice but also know today this occasion is not oneself can expect at will.
Have to look at the ChuYan said, nothing back behind Zhao Tingyun.
Small yan a sound suddenly sounded ChuYan turned to look eyes flashed a little surprise.
Lanke greeted When will you come?
She didn’t expect LanKe will come here.
Hum side to a small cough looked up unexpectedly dressed FuBo.
He didn’t like to look at ChuYan. You have LanKe in your eyes without me. I haven’t seen him for a few days, so I forgot about him.
Listen to his tone and sound full of grievances, just like a wronged little wife, ChuYan, who has some aversion to cold and touched her arm.
Give him a disgusted look, Why are you here?
Why can’t I come? FuBo glared at her.
Think about it, too. Since Fubo said that he would return to his family, there would be some changes in natural social interaction.
Thinking of this, she didn’t speak.
ChuYan nodded and said, Let’s go