All the way

He doesn’t talk, and he doesn’t have to talk.
A car will have someone come out to meet the scene of driving away. Lin Wanbai is not unheard of, but she is guilty now.
As soon as I entered Liu Mo, I became the focus. Plus, there was a Lin family down and out beside me, so I let the pot boil inside.
Lin Wan’s white face expression beside him, she doesn’t know Bai Lu’s silence. Why must she accompany him to such an occasion and keep her secret identity?
Yes, let others see how generous and just he is. Not only did he not take advantage of people’s danger to buy the Lins, but he also didn’t let the Lins pay compensation, and he also let the Lins’ daughter come to the company class.
Lin Wanbai turned to look at Liu Mo’s face and felt sinister and disgusting
At the beginning of the party, Lin Wan smiled with dignified and generous eyes, but toasted one tycoon after another next to Liu Mo, listening to their hypocritical or sarcastic words and looking at her eyes. She knew what they were thinking.
In particular, those who took the initiative to gather together to be famous ladies and daughters disdained Lin Wanbai’s slander in their eyes. They all felt that something had really happened to the good sisters before the joke, and others wanted to step on your feet.
Liu Mo squints at others and hears others say, Yo congratulations, Lin Wanbai. I heard that you are now working with General Lu. This time, Lin is saved. Thank General Lu.
She is Lin Wanbai, but like others say it’s not her, she still has a look on her face and a disdainful smile in her eyes
They were talking with Gu Leiyun, a Lushi group partner, when they saw a girl in a grassgreen princess dress coming towards them with a glass full of red wine in her hand.
Lin Wanbai has already felt the danger, so she can’t hide.
When I heard this woman curse you coquettish fox, I threw the red wine department in her face.
Lin Wanbai felt that the line of sight was blurred instantly, and the liquid with thick wine smell slowly flowed down her cheeks.
I heard Lin Wanbai say coldly, The way this lady greets is really special.
He says, he is ready to raise his hand and pour red wine back.
But the drinks haven’t been splashed in the past, and Liu Mo stretched out his hand and stopped his eyes. He sank and shouted, Lin Wanbai, what are you doing?
Lin Wanbai stare big eyes and twist a head to look at Liu Mo. The woman took advantage of this kung fu to grab Lin Wan’s red wine from scratch and another splash.
I heard Liu Mo talking to my partner just now and roared, Luoluo, have you had enough trouble? Go back and give me confinement today.
This woman named Luo Luo said discontentedly, Dad, this woman robbed my silent brother.
Gu Leiyun said angrily, She is your silent brother. Please apologize quickly.
Does it include being bullied?
Gu Luo is still unwilling to hold Liu Mo’s hand and said, Brother Mo, you don’t want this fox. Let me be your secret. I can.
Gu Leiyun saw his daughter in such a heavier tone and shouted, Don’t go back despite falling.
Seeing his father’s face sink, he stamped his feet and left.
Seeing her daughter leaving the horse, she said, Xiao Lu Luoluo is young and ignorant. I’m sorry to do such a thing. Don’t worry.
Liu Mo ignored him directly, but looked at the side with a gloomy face and said nothing. He tried his best to endure Lin Wanbai, who took a towel from the raw plate and handed it to her and said with emotion, Go to the car and wait.
Lin Wanbai didn’t take the towel and didn’t see that Liu Mo took the key in his hand and turned away.
Lin Wanbai found Liu Mo car and sat down to pick up the paper next to wipe his face. The sticky roots of the drinks can’t be wiped off, and the confetti will stick to his face.
Lin Wanbai fidgety rubbed her face paper even if she rubbed it off. Even if it was red, she didn’t stop. She felt that her face was almost worn away by her, like venting and enduring something. Seeing her like a dam, she lay on the car platform and cried.
Liu Mo’s meeting place is easy. Many men and women want to be close to him. Men are close to their careers and women are close to their generations.
Liu Mo left before it was over.
Lin Wanbai has packed up her eyes and looked at the place where she just ground in front of her, and there is still a little reddish at this time.
Liu Mo saw that she didn’t want to talk to anyone, and she didn’t mean to comfort her. Instead, she said, Lin Wanbai, remember that you are no longer Miss Lin Er. You are a secret. Do your own thing.
Lin Wanbai sneer at a ha ha also includes being bullied?
Liu Mo stretched out his hand and squeezed her, forcing her to look at herself. The more Lin Wanbai resisted Liu Mo’s strength, the heavier it hurt. Lin Wanbai seemed to stretch out his hand and hit Liu Mo like crazy.
I still shouted in my mouth, You let go of me, Liu Mo. Let go of your stinking hands and don’t touch me.
As soon as I finished, Liu Mo gave her a slap in the face without pity.
This slap completely woke Lin Wanbai up, and she dared not recreate it again.
Covering half of her face, biting her lips tightly and tears in her eyes didn’t make it fall.
Hearing Liu Moyin’s exceptionally cold temperature, You remember Lin Wanbai, if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be humiliated.
Say that finish Liu Mo drove away from this place.
Lin Wanbai always turned to look out of the window and looked out of the window. When the scenery moved back quickly, I knew that Liu Mo was driving fast.
Suddenly, it’s a good thing that Lin Wan buckled her seat belt, otherwise the whole person would have to hit the windshield.
Lin Wanbai fidgety stare Liu Mo heard him sink a way at a glance car to sit behind
Lin Wanbai sneer at a word after the car slammed the door and sat down in the driving.
Lin Wanbai found a place where there was almost no traffic.
As soon as I opened the back door, I saw Liu Mo also opened the door and sat down.
桑拿会所Today, he opened a cayenne, which was enough for Lin Wanbai to understand his meaning instantly.
? 1 I want to make your life hell.
Lin Wanbai hesitated at the door.
Yesterday, the pain was still vivid, and the pain from that slap just now has not dissipated.
Liu Mo saw that Lin Wanbai had not come yet and looked at her coldly and said, Why should I invite you?
Lin Wanbai bit her lip and crustily skin of head to sit.
Liu Mo every move Lin Wanbai unconsciously flinched.
Liu Mo drank a lot of wine at the banquet. At this time, after all, I can feel the excitement from driving.
Suddenly, Lin Wanbai screamed and bit himself. Lin Wanbai pushed him away.
Seeing her resisting Liu Mo grabbed her hand and gave her a slap in the face and said, You have to resist.
Say that finish mercilessly bit her neck.
Lin Wan Bai Hong looked at Liu Mo and roared, If you don’t resist, you will kill you.
Liu Mo sneered at a gentle touch on her tender cheek. How could I let you die? She said, leaning over and nibbling at her earlobe. I will let you survive without asking for death.
Hearing such a sentence, Lin Wanbai pushed him away incredibly and roared, Liu Mo, you are crazy.
Oh crazy he said, reaching out and gently stroking her coldly, Don’t come and beg me for this madness if you dare. Then he squeezed it hard.
Lin Wanbai’s tears are about to fall out. She bent over and twisted her face to protect her chest. For a moment, she wanted to run away.
But it’s unrealistic. She can’t hide.