When he was nine years old, a foreign couple came to Chenjiacun. The foreign couple, also surnamed Chen, took a oneyearold girl to rent a cheap house near grandpa’s house in Chen Mo to live in Chen Mo, and the little girl who was almost the same age knew each other from then on.

The little girl was naturally from Chen Mo, Chen Dong. At that time, Chen Dongjia was still young, and she was not the first person to rent a house in Chenjiacun. Chen Mo never asked much about Chen Dong’s family affairs.
It was not until more than a year later that Chen Mo came home from school and suddenly heard the news that Chen Dong’s parents committed suicide together.
Chen Dong’s parents committed suicide, and Chen Mo didn’t know it until he grew up.
Chen Dong’s parents left a legacy, and the village didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but things were quickly crushed.
Chen Dong came without his parents to be put in an orphanage, but Grandpa Chen Mo took the initiative to adopt Chen Dong.
People in the village know that it’s not much better to enter the orphanage. Although Chen Dong lived in the village for a year, everyone loved him, so no one stood in the way. Chen Dong soon came over.
Chen Mo and Chen Dong have no parents, and their feelings are getting deeper and deeper. They are also very sensible and never let grandpa worry. Not only that, their grades have always been good, and the bonus in the school is enough for them to pay for their studies.
From elementary school to junior high school to posthigh school, Chen Mo and Chen Dong never let grandpa give extra money.
And grandpa knew that they would definitely go to a highend university. Although Chen Mo and Chen Dong told him not to worry about studying in college, they would try to get it done, but grandpa insisted on trying to get more money just in case.
As a result, in the second year of high school in Chen Mo, he was still in the classroom and was hurriedly called out by the school teacher.
Grandpa was doing manual labor at a nearby construction site and accidentally fell from the second floor.
The building is not high, but grandpa is old. When the ambulance came, it was already dizzy.
Grandpa has never bought insurance and is a temporary worker. Grandpa got up and spent all his money in the hospital within two days.
There is no way. The brother and sister have to make a decision.
The largest soy sauce in history has appeared, with more than two million words of soy sauce! Meowed Chen Dong beauty younger sister, don’t blame someone. Ah, ah, ah, someone really didn’t mean it ……………………………. To be continued.
Chapter nine hundred and twelve Catherine former site
In junior high school, someone who claimed to be Chen Dong’s grandmother came to the village with a limousine and said that he would take Chen Dong back to recognize his relatives.
However, after Chen Dong strongly refused, the bearer insisted on leaving the contact information for a few days and disappeared.
In order to save grandpa, they decided to contact each other.
The other party readily promised to pay for medical treatment until Grandpa Chen was discharged from the hospital, but Chen Dong and Chen Mo had to promise them one conditionChen Dong had to return home and cut off from Chen Mo.
In order to save grandpa, two people had to grind their teeth and promise.
But as a result, Grandpa finally died. Chen Mo met Grandpa for the last time in the efficacy of cardiotonic, and promised Grandpa that he would take good care of Chen Dong.
This is of course a lie. At that time, Chen Dong had been away for nearly half a month.
Damn it! Damn it! I want to tear those two dog men and women to pieces!
City Karp came back to life and roared with rage.
That’s enough!
But then the agent slowly came along.
You were completely defeated this time. Now that woman in Shicheng is with Chen Mo, when you went to die, the city was the most powerful of all ancient cities. Once we really fought with each other, Leicheng and the city could be destroyed!
Before expelling all the threatening people, we have few castles to ensure that one of them will not be destroyed, which will lead to the simultaneous destruction of two cities. It is absolutely not allowed! Now you go to the next level and find a way to win them, otherwise you can spend time with them.
The agent’s tone is that he hates iron and does not produce.
Karp, this guy is so unreliable
If he hadn’t been sent by the Koro people to appoint a candidate, he would have been able to gain special abilities through the black caterpillar. The agent would have kicked him and replaced him with someone else’s action.
Agent Karp couldn’t help thinking of Chen Mo.
桑拿网If Chen Mo were on her side, her job would be a lot easier.
Unfortunately, when Chen Mo didn’t really rise, she didn’t see the potential of Chen Mo to draw Chen Mo to her side.
But it’s no wonder that the agent knows this. She owns all kinds of black technology areas of the Koro nationality, and then Chen Mogen couldn’t get into her eyes
And now regret is coming, and you can’t see it step by step.
But apart from being unreliable, Karp’s things are not too bad. At present, she still has a way to achieve her goal.