Six cups? So I’m not allowed to drink into a softfooted shrimp?

I was shocked to see Lin Zeyu’s mouth choking. Even if I kissed you first, it was always you who kissed me hard, right? It was always you who fought back and attacked. ! Why do you want me to have six drinks? You know I’m spinning around! ! !
My eyes accused Lin Zeyu, and then I was drunk and felt that my legs couldn’t hold up. I simply sat down with Zhuang Nianhua directly.
The original untouched Zhuang Nianhua slightly drunk Lin Zeyu moved out of some positions at the same time, and they didn’t stick together, so I got stuck alive among the two.
Lin Zeyu hooked my neck and smiled and put my head on her shoulder.
桑拿会所But little mom, don’t worry about you. How about six cups of me, four cups of you and two cups of you? !”
o(∩_∩)o Hahaha ~ Really?
I looked at the six cups of wine lined up in front of me, and I was very intimate with Lin Zeyu. Generally, I didn’t take Boh seriously just now. Anyway, two women are afraid of nothing and don’t suffer.
So I’m happy and I’m going to get close to Lin Zeyu’s face
You drink first and save me two cups.
I didn’t expect my little mother to be a fox even if she was drunk.
She smiled and touched my face unequivocally and went to drink.
One, two, three, four ding ~
I mumbled in my mouth to see that Lin Zeyu had finished drinking himself and then picked up the remaining two cups and glugged them into my mouth.
Who cares what the taste of the wine is after drinking? Anyway, all the wine can stimulate me to swing, so it’s better for me to try not to drink it directly with my tongue.
Then this party game won’t matter to us. Lin Zeyu drank a lot before, and now these four cups are really overwhelming the last straw of the camel.
And when I come, I don’t have much to drink, and the wine becomes a wave in my head. Now I’m whispering and chatting with Lin Zeyu.
What do you say when we chat? The sound is higher than the sound and then we laugh.
Zhuang Nianhua finally got up. It turned out that the couch suddenly got up, and everyone was welladvised and understood. What’s the fun if the old lady was drunk? People who know their eyes will take the lead and everyone will leave.
Zhuang Nianhua cherishes his words like gold, and he doesn’t know these people very well. Although some of them are his alumni or schoolmates, his fame shocked everyone at that time, let alone now.
Linze Yuyuan and I giggled and dragged me up when everyone else was leaving.
Hey, I said, why are you all leaving and drinking? I haven’t finished this yet. Have you given up my dessert and roast chicken?
I’m still smiling. I still have some sense in my heart. The smile is that these guys are finally leaving.
That’s what it’s like for a real person to be drunk. Sometimes you want to drown your sorrows with wine, but what did the ancients say about drowning your sorrows with wine? It’s because your head is awake. You’re drunk because you can’t be reconciled with yourself and you have to throw yourself away for a while before you fall asleep. Then in the childhood before you fall asleep, when ordinary people are drunk, they are really awake and look at their bodies. Hu Fei magnifies those who need to vent their emotions, and then they get out of control in the process of venting.
You’re drunk.
Zhuang Nianhua’s mellow magnetic sound rings above my head, and it seems that there are tiny starlight in my eyes, which makes me look at his side face, and it is not so real, like being reflected in the Milky Way star, which is dazzling and slightly dizzy, so I can’t see it clearly.
I know I’m drunk, too. Otherwise, how could I look at him so carelessly?
I think my hands are slightly raised, but as soon as I lost Lin Zeyu’s power, I suddenly fell back to the sofa and collapsed.
What’s going on? Where is my starlight? I looked up at ZhuangNianHua sipping lips seems to be affectionate leisurely looked at his fiancee can’t drink what can you do? I’ll carry you back to your room to sleep.
As he said, he picked up Lin Ze Yuheng. The princess hug looks romantic and spoiled.
Others looked at the posture and snickered in a hubbub. In an instant, the whole room was quiet. No one was noisy, and foreign music echoed in the living room. I thought the melody was familiar, but I was too drunk to remember the title of the song.
I’m like a dog abandoned by its owner. Now I’m looking at Zhuang Nianhua pitifully. He lifts his leg to go. In a moment, my body Hu Fei pulls his trouser leg. When I realized it, I did it.
He is casual and decent at home, and he can wear it out for running.
At the moment, it’s like remembering that I look at me like I’m hanging my eyes, and my eyes are still as cold as ever.
What’s the matter?
I feel badly wronged, tears for you.
What shall I do?
I don’t want to sleep on the sofa all night. You can hug her first, but don’t leave me alone in such a sober, painful and drunken night.
You can sleep here. I think you fit in here.
Zhuang Nianhua, however, was indifferent and didn’t receive the small fragility and dependence in my heart. He generally moved forward and left me for the building.
My heart ached for a while, but I didn’t expect Zhuang Nianhua to be such a kind beast, so my eyes turned to the water in the Milky Way, and now I can’t stop it.
Little lady, what’s the matter with you? Why are you crying so sad?
After a few minutes, Li wanted to appear in front of me and help me up from the sofa. At that time, I was crying and sobbing, but I was sad. Now I am bored and can’t remember anything. I just think why so many tears want to flow.
He picked me up because I like the princess hug. Although I know it, I feel even sadder.
It turns out that being hugged by someone you don’t like is such a feeling.
I came out with a choking voice and cried again.
Li Xiang sighed and tried to communicate with a drunk. My little lady is always asked by Zhuang to take you.
What want you to take? Did he break his leg? Did he break his hand? Can he hug others but not me? Why are you coming?
I stirred my tongue and asked a lot of questions, and then I was heartbroken and cried myself.
Men will eat and wipe clean. Look at them. They can’t even keep their memories
Li Xiang is waiting for me. What do you think? But I made a mistake. I’m not important at all.
I saved all the process and came to a conclusion that Li wanted to hold me up and down the stairs, and I was in a trance and pinched his face in the process.
Are you Zhuang Nianhua?
Li wants to be pulled by me and naturally can’t talk. There is an os in my heart, and that is to finally walk the stairs! ! !
Suddenly behind me came a cold deep voice, What about me?
Hey, where is this Zhuang Nianhua?
My tone is a little cheerful again. Although I have a strong nasal voice, I can still hear the joy.
Zhuang Nianhua’s lips slightly tilted in the previous step and took me from Li Xiang’s hand. Lin Zeyu is asleep. You and Chen Xiao will change shifts tonight and keep her movements at any time to see if she is really asleep or fake drunk.
Li Xiang answered Yes and quickly left me. With his eyes closed, he found himself as if he were really in Zhuang Nianhua’s arms this time.
Zhuang Nianhua?
I tried to ask him.
Zhuang Nianhua well a Lin Ze YuZhen drunk false drunk, he didn’t know his arms this is really drunk, thinking that he lived so big, and his handsome face was ravaged by me.
Is it really Zhuang Nianhua?
I squeezed his face hard, as if I could prove it by pinching it.
I am
Zhuang Nianhua seldom had the patience to get my hand from his face and simply changed it from a princess’s hug to an antisack posture and shouldered me.
I’m still yelling, but Zhuang Nianhua let me sleep on the sofa.
That’s my joke, fool. Zhuang Nianhua thought in his heart but didn’t say it.