Zhou Weimiao, you are very clever. You know why I don’t keep you, right? Su Yuning stretched out his hand and broke Zhou Weimiao’s hand. He held her hand tightly and looked at the people with a hint of kindness. A person can not hesitate to be cruel to his own sister. I can’t guess what else you can’t abandon. Don’t abandon your family when you abandon someone.

But you let us … Zhou Weimiao bit deep red lips with a full face of unwilling and injustice.
You want this opportunity so badly that you lose more heart. It’s terrible to do one thing, and you will do whatever it takes. I prefer a simple and kind girl to a woman who knows how to choose and hide a lot of thoughts. Su Yu said to Zhou Weimiao with earnest interest, like an intimate sister, Smile. Girls who love to laugh are not too bad luck.
Zhou Weimiao’s teeth bite her lips, and her lips are almost bleeding. She bent down hard at Su Yu’s coagulation, and her lips showed an ugly smile than crying.
That’s right! Listen to me and smile often, and luck will get better. Because of bad luck, you usually can’t laugh. Su Yu looked at Zhou Weimiao with consternation and patted her on the shoulder. I’m kidding, you look good when you smile.
The president’s office hung up and looked at the paper. I don’t know when it was scratched by my own consciousness. Su Yu’s name is so dense.
Li Qianxun’s unnatural light cough threw the paper full of Su Yu’s name into the shredder and wiped it into scraps of paper.
Did Chad find Qingqing? Li Qianxun dialed Chad’s words.
Miss Li Qingqing has been found playing roller coaster with his wife and friends in the amusement park. Chad’s peripheral sound is very noisy, and there seems to be children cheering and machine rolling.
Know that let Zhou Weimiao protect Qingqing in the past and tell Qingqing that I will take her to lunch at noon. Li Qianxun ordered coldly.
Mr. Haoli Chad respectfully replied, put away his mobile phone and slowly walked towards playing hi kaushal and Su Qingqing. Then he heard two people, one large and one small, coming from the roller coaster, sitting next to the flower bed with an ice cream in his hand, looking at the passersby everywhere.
Qingqing Qingqing look! There are two handsome guys, one big and one small, five meters ahead of you! Pay attention, pay attention! !” Looking at a fiveor sixyearold boy in a small suit and shiny leather shoes, he was led by a clean and refreshing big boy in a denim sweatshirt, and visually observed that he was 1.9 meters tall and a child with his legs sprouted and bent down to walk, and somehow stabbed Ye Linlin everywhere.
Such a beautiful beauty, Ye Linlin, has made a good mistake and made a good thing. Everyone should share Ye Linlin’s shoulder and rub Su Qingqing. Qingqing, look! Shota small fresh meat combination, eh, is the cutest one! More cute than you and your ice daddy!
At the moment, Qingqing’s little basin friend is focusing on the strawberry ice cream in front of her eyes. Aunt Xiaoye is suddenly scratching and preparing to bite off the strawberry ice cream. So gorgeous! And the skirt happened to rub against a big lump of sticky ice cream and rolled down her princess skirt.
This is a big accident for Su Qingqing, a snack and a little cleanliness! Try to resist the urge to roll your eyes. Remember that Mommy taught a clever girl not to roll her eyes, talk or be rude.
Aunt! Although handsome young meat is very important, can you respect an ice cream! Su Qingqing’s little basin friend took a slow breath and looked at Kaushal. In hindsight, she came to herself in a hurry and took a paper towel. She wiped Su Qingqing and stayed where she was, trying not to make trouble. Kaushal gave herself an emergency treatment of the skirt house, but she was very resistant to taking the ice cream from Kaushal and didn’t hesitate to take a bite. The mood was only a little better.
Licked his lips sweet ice cream Su Qingqing turned around and saw two long legs that went against the sky appear in front of her eyes. Su Qingqing felt that she was leaning back with her neck and saw a sunny face when she saw the sky. Two beautiful eyes as beautiful as the stars looked at her. Do you need help? Miss this wet tissue should be easier to handle.
桑拿会所Chapter two hundred Occupation appraisal of Lao Wang next door
Just like the sound of nature appears like a savior, kaushal took the wet tissue in front of her and thanked her quickly. She quickly handled the ice cream stain on Su Qingqing’s skirt and got up to thank her. She blushed when she looked up. Didn’t she just see the cowboy boy? It seems more handsome to look closer than to look far away!
Kaushal tried hard to suppress her impulse to jump up and cheer, gently cough to hide her embarrassment, and looked at the boy who was about 2012 years old, giving people a feeling of sunshine and handsome.
Fluffy and soft, slightly naturally curly chestnut hair blowing with the wind, healthy honey face, full of eyebrows and swords, warm smile, eyes standing upright, beautiful nose and slightly upturned lips, which is simply sexy and hopeless.
Thank you! It’s a bit hectic to help a friend take care of a child for the first time. Qingqing hurry up and thank your uncle. Kaushal is shy and shy, and she will rush at this fresh little fresh meat. She will also ask for two more sentences.
Thank you, brother, Su Qingqing said with a long tone. Aunt Ye and Mommy said that the young uncle called him brother.
Good boy! Xiao Chunian reached out and gently rubbed Su Qingqing’s little head to see Su Qingqing’s neck wearing a teardropshaped blood jade pendant and withdrew her hand like a touch. You … what’s your name?
Ha ha ….. Their little green kids are big! Han skills ma! Kaushal Wu lip charming smile it was Yu Ning daughter! You clever son of a bitch, follow your mommy! All right! Call brother!
My name is Su Qing Qingqing. My heart is Qingqing. Su Qingqing upturned her neck and continued to chew strawberry ice cream with her head down. She saw Aunt Ye saying that shota was staring at Su Qingqing with fine eyes. She was not as goodlooking and uninterested as her current dad.
Section 73
She is a child in Yu Ning, Xiao Chunian, and her expression of joy is beyond words. She squatted down and looked at Su Qingqing inch by inch. She looked at Su Qingqing carefully, much like Su Yu when she was a child, combing her two pigtails and leaning against the tall girl who had just talked to him.
Xiao Chunian made no secret of her eyes. Su Qingqing was green and barely visible. She frowned, curled her eyelashes and blinked her eyes. She looked naughty and naughty, but she was quiet and ageold.
Nose slightly become warped Su Qingqing is wrinkly to knit the wrinkled nose feel a little itchy Achoo sneezed shota abandon hid a.
See Su Qingqing looked at him and continued to eat ice cream. shota felt a little discouraged. The little girls in the orphanage saw him with a happy face. Brother Linxi told him to play with them. This little girl’s eyes were lifted. Before his face was focused, he fanned his eyelids again!
What’s your mother’s name? Xiao Chunian looked at Su Qingqing’s tight little face with his knees propped up.
Su Qingqing buried his head in meticulous eating ice cream, and looked up from the ice cream with bright eyes and a shallow smile. He looked at it like thinking about Xiao Chunian’s answer. Su Qingqing thought for a long time and smiled at Xiao Chunian. Mommy’s name is Mommy.
This gentleman, if you want to ask my name, I’ll tell you. It’s not so euphemistic. My name is Kaushal and this is my business card. Kaushal’s delicate arch eyebrows reached out and took out a business card from her bag and handed it over.
Xiao Chunian smiled and took the business card. I knew that Kaushal had misunderstood and didn’t say it was an apology. I looked at Kaushal. I’m sorry I came out to play with my children today and forgot to bring my business card. My name is Xiao Chunian, a forensic doctor.
Lao Wang’s professional appraisal next door? Kaushal outspoken answered.
Xiao Chunian laughed at one leng. I think it’s true after you mention it.
Mr. Xiao is young and has heard this shota call you brother. You are still single! Kaushal took one look at the heroic Xiao Chunian’s lively and lovely five or sixyearold boy and suddenly felt that it was good to be young!
Well, Xiao Chunian smiled, and two lovely dimples emerged on her cheeks. Kaushal was another heart commotion!
This Xiao Chunian is simply walking medicine. It’s better to be a doctor and a star! There must be a lot of little girls who love him! Small fresh meat!
Speaking Xiao Chunian’s eyes have been deliberately looking at Su Qingqing’s baby fat face sprouting and raising two cute little dimples. jelly lip is stained with pink ice cream sugar stains
Xiao Chunian couldn’t help but want to raise my hand to help her clean Su Qingqing but took a step back and escaped Xiao Chunian’s touch.
Hey, are you stupid? Brother Xiao asked about your mommy’s name! Everyone has a name! Not a title! Big idiot! I wish Linxi stretched out her neck and looked at Su Qingqing. I instantly felt that this beautiful little sister was just like a doll.
A wooden head
Su Qingqing turned a deaf ear to Zhu Linxi’s threatening questioning. She glanced at her eyebrows and was taller than her. Most of the little boys were taller than me.
Kaushal Nai looked at shota with his head held high and said to Xiao Chunian with a face of embarrassment, Sir, do you take good care of your bear child? My family Qingqing has never lost in this respect since childhood.