Don’t you sleep? One side is like watching Overbearing President Loves Me again. Su Orange smiles and is very satisfied and koo asks.

Where can I sleep? It’s ridiculous to fall asleep so early all the time because of the game. It’s even more ridiculous for her. No, I’d better play the game for a while. Fortunately, this hotel has notes. I should return one now.
Mumbling to himself, listening to Su Orange is full of Manchu.
Play peat game! This configuration is to let you play games! Every time I talk about the game, Sue Orange can always instantly become Sue’s nagging and I can’t wait to educate this product well.
But it’s a little early now. Zuo Tangtang Su Orange looked at a mobile phone and suggested, Why don’t they come here to chat or play poker to kill time?
… not so good? Zuo Tangtang hesitated. Will they be asleep already?
No! This is not a group chat! I have found that the second pleasure in life is that Guasu Orange is very excited to respond, Left Pig, if you feel nothing, I can also ask them to come over. What do you think?
Er … I don’t care? Stand stand hand Zuo Tangtang socalled shrugged his shoulders.
In this way, Sue nagged and organized four girls to start all kinds of conversations in one room. Even when everyone was not paying attention, she secretly opened the notes, clicked on the game, and then sneaked back to her previous position as a thief. Zuo Tangtang had to admit that it was really amazing.
Sue orange talked assiduously about which clothes are good around noon hexagrams, Su Li. This is more interested in the assumption that if the day is the end of the world, what do you need to bring? Yinger talked about everything, but more laughed and interrupted Su orange instead of Zuo Tangtang. Just sit on the side when you’re doneshe can talk eloquently about the game sect war, gang war, all kinds of settings and squatting at the gate of Yizhuang, Suzhou, but is the other party sure she can understand it?
However, the four people still get along happily. Sometimes it’s as simple as that for girls to establish friendship. The girl next door lives alone in a horse. When she saw how busy they are here, she also carefully poked her head and asked some questions. After she got a positive answer, she soon came here with slippers to nag at night.
Her generation is probably either a cat or an owl
Looking at the dark night in the room, Zuo Tangtang’s eyes were wide open and he thought of it.
After eleven o’clock, the girls went back to their rooms one after another, but Zuo Tangtang, who was caught by Su’s nagging, was also forced to watch Su Orange take notes and didn’t know if his game was over.
But now Sue orange has already entered a dream, but she hasn’t fallen asleep yet.
I have to say that it is indeed a very sad thing.
It was past 11: 30 when I glanced at it, and I felt a little itchy in my heart. Zuo Tangtang deceived himself for a while and decided to follow his own thoughts and start the wave!
Although wearing slippers and stepping on a thick carpet, I was very careful. Zuo Tangtang walked around the bed lightly and went to Su Orange to make sure that he had slept soundly. Then he crept up his notes and ran to a small table in the corner of the room.
Because I didn’t have headphones, I thought about it and prepared to find them from my bag. When I usually listen to music, my headphones will be on the left. I walked back softly again, but I vaguely heard something in the corridor outside when I passed by the door.
Haven’t you slept yet?
It’s better to rest early.
The words that floated in through the door were full of tenderness and thoughtfulness. Gai once said that it is unique for a girl to drop water after speaking.
So that’s the sound …
Behind the door, it seems that Zuo Tangtang keeps nodding and thinking about how many people in the game can laugh and laugh happily and get hungry from time to time because of laziness and recklessness. It seems that they are really like Su Orange saying that they don’t know how to be a gentle and refined sister.
But this sound sounds strange first. Why does it sound a little familiar?
Is it to train a few sisters? For fear of disturbing the same room, the girl came out of the sleeping room and … boyfriend? Talking?
Zuo Tangtang bit her finger and thought that although she was not so curious at ordinary times, she felt curious when she thought that she had heard the girl speak in training today and that she had such a gentle voice in her memory, as if she had not.
Why don’t you sneak a look?
Look back at the sleeping Su Orange again in a wretched way, then gently open the door and leave a crack in the door to go quietly. Fortunately, the person is not far away, leaning against the wall and talking about the roots. It is impossible for her to have such an embarrassing incident as opening the door and staring at each other.
It was the back that made her faint with some speculation.
However, Zuo Tangtang hurriedly closed the door when the girl who spoke out of turn leaned over.
She wondered whether it would be the girl from another company called Li Sihan, who is not familiar with much today, or all kinds of quiet and exciting contrasts Su Li.
But I didn’t expect to play well with Su Orange.
[45] Chapter four hundred and fiftynine That smelly little]
Fortunately, the progress bar was almost finished when Sue nagged her head.
Zuo Tangtang has been very uneasy since she saw a gentle conversation outside the door, which is different from talking nonsense with Su Orange. Zuo Tangtang is very uneasy, and there is such a project of playing games in the middle of the night that completely diverts her attention.
Looking at the screen unblinkingly, Zuo Tangtang is very familiar with the situation of Su’s nagging field when he is sleeping and playing, and thinks of his playing games in the dark when he was a student.
Originally, she thought about taking a look at the thread, and then by the way, she could clear the Flower Palace in half an hour, but then she recalled that she had entrusted her number to kelp, and she didn’t know when he usually chose to board her number. If she was helping her clean up or kick the pavilion, she didn’t feel very good.
Why don’t you go and say hello
Seeing that the game has been installed, Zuo Tangtang quickly installed a crooked one, ready to take a look at the kelp first, and if not, ask about the trouble when the number is topped.
I didn’t expect kelp, which always goes to bed early, to hang high on the list of friends.
Did you become a night cat as soon as you arrived at the resort?
I didn’t really realize my selfawareness. The night cat left to vomit and climb the black wind village. Unexpectedly, the channel was so quiet that even I always slept and liked to hang up the box in the channel.
What’s going on
Zuo Tangtang muttered a habit of opening the reception channel only to find that there were people there besides kelp.
Tomato Kebik
桑拿The girl who went back to Peach Blossom Island and greeted her but turned away.
The girl who came back to kelp and said she was familiar.
How come this channel, which is extremely hidden from outsiders, is also known to this girl who is only familiar?
Zuo Tangtang suddenly didn’t know how he felt in his heart. He glanced at the same channel again and stayed with kelp and tomato Kebick and went straight to the line.
I don’t know if I don’t want kelp to know my own thread, or I’m afraid to disturb the conversation between two people. I want to know my own status. Zuo Tangtang is gone. I just thought about it generously and secretly abandoned my own trumpet thread and then inquired about the stew thread of a pig’s trotters.
The player you are looking for is not online.
Seeing this reply to Zuo Tangtang, I felt that I was too stupid again.
I’ve always ignored outsiders. Kelp is in a channel game with others, so it should be together. How can there be time to help her number?
I didn’t realize that my thoughts were making me uncomfortable. Zuo Tangtang didn’t have the excitement of playing games before, but seemed to be stubbornat least I had to clean up the Flower Palace every day.
It seems that the kelp soliloquized that day, and Pikaqiu found a lot of materials. It used to be like a canteen in front of Zuo Tangtang Flower Palace, which was always diligent. This time, the materials were very good, and she successfully handed over the materials needed for the Flower Palace. Everything was completed in less than 20 minutes.
Probably because of the recent crosssectarian war, there are not so many people making noise in the Jianghu at ordinary times, and there are so many familiar lines in Zuo Tangtang’s friend list.
Wait for a while stared at the name for a long time, and finally took a sip of his lips and opened it to view the position.
Taohua Island
At this time, it is not yet 12: 30 to reset the Peach Blossom Island. It is also possible that he has played the piano and has not left the Peach Blossom Island.
What do you pay attention to?