At present, the two teams have seven strange mounts!

There are more than a dozen players living around, but they haven’t even seen a strange mount once at ordinary times. But here they see seven strange mounts at one time, and they are all stunned.
Seven strange mounts show up in order. These strange mounts, like Dark Phoenix, Ice Phoenix, Blood Butterfly and Mutant Giant Turtle, have known each other since they came. I don’t know how many times they met again at this time, and they thought they could not help but roar at each other’s demonstrations.
But as they are combative, they all look at the puppet angels swooping forward.
Their owners are teammates now, and they can also fight to see who is better, but killing puppet angels is no problem.
In unicorn, flame leopard and gigalith, strange mounts from different World of Warcraft parks, they all refused to show weakness when they saw several strange mounts of Dark Phoenix.
Puppet angel came to both sides, and the strange mounts suddenly moved huge body and pounced on the puppet angel.
Boom ! !
Puppet angels have no feelings at all. Even in the face of powerful and strange mounts, they have no intention of shrinking. One by one, they raised their big gray swords and chopped at several strange mounts.
Of course, the seven strange mounts will not be attacked by puppet angels. One by one, they all make their own attacks and bombard puppet angels with an earthshattering noise.
The mutant giant turtle took the lead in rushing into the puppet angel like a bull. Although the puppet angel flew in the middle, the mutant giant turtle was huge, and the puppet angel was hit by the mutant giant turtle like a cannonball for a while.
Dark Phoenix is not to be outdone. As soon as it brewed a huge black fireball several times larger than usual, it slammed into the puppet angel and exploded in 20 or 30 puppet angels.
The ice phoenix, on the other hand, is an iceblue wing, from which an ice arrow suddenly appears and shoots at the puppet angel in front, causing great damage to a large number of puppet angels.
The little warrior blood butterfly is more like a melee mount. It opens a bloody halo, grabs two bloody daggers and turns them into a bloody light, and sweeps them into the puppet angels’ group. The puppet angels are attacked by it, and the blood of the puppet angels is crazy.
And Chen Mo four people didn’t idle and didn’t rely on strange mounts to attack puppet angels.
The owners of their own strange mounts know very well that the second form has lasted too long in the crazy output state method, and it is because of the strange mount that the Ministry of Justice killed so many puppet angels.
Strange mounts are very changeable, but puppet angels are not weak, and the number of puppet angels is far more than odd mounts.
Beat the puppet angel in a panic while the strange mount was out. All four of them took the opportunity to attack the puppet angel in a bad state. They tried to kill as many puppet angels as possible before the strange mount was clean, so that they could win.
Chen Mo’s strange mounts here are already holding up puppet angels to fight Florence, and the situation there is similar.
Florence has three strange mounts over there, but their three strange mounts are slightly weaker than Chen Mo’s.
The reason why the gap is so small is very simple. There is also a young beauty priest in Florence. This beauty priest has never made a move, but at this moment, the first move is to add various amazing effects to the three strange mounts, which greatly increases the strength of the three strange mounts.
The wild leopard girl here in Chen Mo is also a priest. There are countless powerful gain skills, but she is a fighting priest. The gain state is not effective except for herself.
Thanks to the powerful pastor Florence in the team, they didn’t seem to fall into the wind and swooped down on them. The puppet angel was also beaten out of the water by the threeman strange mount and the threeman attack
Among them, gigalith, a bloody knight, holds a huge black wooden stick weapon in his hand, and gigalith is not only strong in defense, but also very powerful in attack. When a wooden stick is knocked to the ground, it can be blown out of a big pit, and the puppet angels are all crazy about blood volume, and they also enter a brief dizzy state after being hit by gigalith wooden stick.
Charles III flame leopard burns and rushes into the group of puppet angels, and then the flame comes out of its body, generate, and the surrounding area becomes a sea of fire. Around it, the puppet angels’ bodies are all burnt black.
The unicorn of Florence is a flying strange mount. When its elegant body passes by the puppet angels, the puppet angels will stagnate as if they were enchanted.
The overwhelming number of puppet angels killed two teams of players angrily, but the result was that several strange mounts appeared and hid in the distance. Those players couldn’t help but be dumbfounded when they saw this scene.
Too strong!
Look at this puppet angel!
Yes, I’m afraid they can kill all puppet angels! If we don’t die, we can follow suit!
A group of people got excited after a sigh.
They don’t need to do anything to ask Chen Mo and others to destroy the seal circle and liberate the Terran’s wings from being sealed. Even if they do nothing, they are finished.
The reward is very high, and the skinny old man promises to pay more than 10 thousand people to come in. If they do this, the reward will be amazing!
A puppet angel was killed!
In the face of fierce attacks on strange mounts, puppet angels also fought back.
品茶However, the second form attribute of Naiqi mount is too changeable. The counterattack strength of puppet angel is nothing to strange mount.
After several strange mounts attacked Chen Mo and Florence powerfully, puppet angels were soon killed.
The first one has a second puppet angel, and each puppet angel is attacked by two teams. One dies and falls to the ground and becomes a puppet that can’t move.
After falling to the ground and dying, the angel feathers of these puppet bodies fell off one by one and scattered all over the floor.
Step up the killing!