Liuzhuang Lotus took one look at Rowling’s eyes and said that a person’s eyes can’t fool anyone.

It is true that Rowling’s face smiles brightly, but there is no smile in her eyes, which is very cold.
After coming out of Rowling’s office, Liu Zhuanghe walked to his seat and glanced at Liu Jinyan and Li Mei. When they saw their gloating eyes, their hearts thumped. Did Rowling know when she talked to her just now?
Liuzhuang Lotus took a seat and scanned a circle of colleagues. Among these people, which ones are as sincere to her as Lu Xiaomin, which ones are as deliberately difficult as Liu Jinyan and Li Mei, and which ones are as secretly stumbling as Wang Ying.
She doesn’t know any of this.
I have always had a good impression on Rowling, but something is wrong after listening to her just now.
What do you mean, it’s convenient for her to work outside? Can’t she work in her own separate office?
Liu Zhuanghe shook his head and stopped thinking about these complicated people in the office. Let’s do a good job in Gu’s case publicity activities. This is the first time that she has taken over the case that private is so good to her. She must do her best to stop these people’s mouths and repay Gu’s post.
At noon, Xiaomin Lu asked her to have dinner together, and naturally it was accompanied by a blue restaurant.
Think of braised pork Liuzhuang lotus there also some greedy two people smile at one another goes to the companion blue.
After finding a window seat, Lu Xiaomin picked up the menu and said to the clerk, One braised pork, one fried green vegetable, one sweet and sour pork ribs and one crucian bean curd soup.
After the waiter left, Liu Zhuanghe said to Lu Xiaomin, You can eat whatever you want, regardless of me. She ordered all the dishes except braised pork. She was moved by this little thought, but she was also very sorry that they could not eat according to her preferences.
Sister Zhuang, you just need a tonic now. I can eat whatever you want. Don’t care about it for me. Xiaomin Lu didn’t say the word abortion. Even when she heard this word, she felt uncomfortable. It must be Liuzhuang Lotus that hurt her more.
Liuzhuang lotus pursed the lips and didn’t speak to Xiaomin Lu grateful smile.
After dinner, both of them rushed to pay the bill, but the clerk said, Your bill.
What do you mean by single? Liu Zhuanghe asked strangely, recalling Leng Qiaochen’s speech. This should be his restaurant.
We always said that Ms. Liu Zhuanghe would come over for dinner. The clerk also looked at Liu Zhuanghe curiously. This is the first time that Mr. Cold has given a guest a bill.
Liu Zhuanghe reluctantly smiled and said to the clerk, No, I’d better pay.
Miss Liu, don’t give me a hard time. It’s cold. Always tell me that if I accept your money, he will fire me. The clerk is busy putting his hands behind his back as if he were afraid that Liuzhuang Lotus would force money on him.
Cold always says it’s for Liuzhuang lotus bill, but he doesn’t say it’s for me. Today, I invited her to dinner. I’ll pay the bill. This is always possible. Think of the semen man Lu Xiaomin with a bad cold, and Zhuangjie must not want to owe him.
After listening to Xiaomin Lu’s words, the clerk shook his head like a rattle. No, it’s always cold. No matter who has dinner with Miss Lotus in Liuzhuang,
You Xiaomin Lu has some gas knots, so why don’t you just tell him?
Liu Zhuanghe pulled Lu Xiaomin and shook her head to signal that she didn’t want to be difficult.
夜生活Then thank you for me. Cold is always right. Please give me the cold message.
As soon as the clerk heard it, he took out Leng Qiaochen’s business card from the drawer and sent it to Liuzhuang Lotus or Leng. He always had the foresight to know that Miss Chanhou Liu would want him.
Liuzhuang lotus nodded and took the business card and pulled Xiaomin Lu out of the restaurant.
Out of the restaurant Liuzhuang lotus dialed the past according to the business card, and Leng Qiaochen was picked up as soon as she spoke.
Hello Liu Beauty
It’s a matter of course that you don’t always eat and pay like this. Liu Zhuanghe came straight to the point. She knew that Leng Qiaochen might be guilty. If he hadn’t insisted on giving her a check for Wu Muchen’s 20,000, she wouldn’t have gone to Wu to find Wu Muchen’s child, and she wouldn’t have lost it. But all this was an act of God and he had no roots.
Liuzhuang Lotus, you have to be such a stranger with me. Leng Qiaochen held her words and heard her talk directly about eating, so he was not happy about this meal.
Leng Zong Liu Zhuang’s emotions will remind her of that day when she hears his voice. She really doesn’t want to be involved with him. Please send me your account later and I’ll transfer the money to you.
Say that finish before cold Qiao Chen answer Liuzhuang lotus just hung up the words.
She is strong enough, but it seems that she is still not strong enough. Seeing someone or something will remind her of the painful feeling of losing her child that afternoon. It seems that she can still feel a little shaky.
Xiaomin Lu a hold Liuzhuang lotus worry asked ZhuangJie
I’m fine. There has been a sob in the lotus notes of Liuzhuang. It hurts to see Xiaomin Lu.
Xiaomin Lu helped her to sit in the roadside chair and ran to the convenience store next to her, bought her a bottle of water, unscrewed the lid and sent it to her Sister Zhuang to drink some water.
Liuzhuang lotus took the water and took a sip of it, and his mood slowly stabilized.
They didn’t walk towards the company until the fast shift.
The fight in the office has started, girls, wait and see if Liuzhuang can take care of them.
27, a person eating boring to find a partner.
We are all lonely until we meet another person and let us know that life is not that lonely.
Flowers at exactly two o’clock in the afternoon. My younger brother sent flowers, but not one but two.
Liu Zhuanghe took the flowers, signed them and took out the small cards inside.
Pay attention to the combination of work and rest.
Beautiful girl is happy every day.
After reading the two cards, Liuzhuang Lotus is a little messy in the wind, and it has become a habit to ask her class to send a bunch of flowers to the company.
What the hell can cold Qiao Chen send?
People in the office are used to sending flowers every day in Liuzhuang during the shift. Although there are two today, they are busy after glancing at them.
Liuzhuang Lotus wanted to open the bouquet as before and distribute it to colleagues. Later, she wanted to send Gu Boshang to her lily, found a bottle and put it on her desk. Cold Qiao Chen threw it directly into the trash can.
Xiaomin Lu didn’t ask anything after seeing it. He was curious and glanced at the flowers in the trash can.
Some colleagues are used to dividing Liuzhuang Lotus. Seeing that she didn’t share it with everyone today, some people curled their lips and didn’t speak.