Dong Ming Who?

Pei Xuanzhi said, People who are in charge of some industries in Shengtian are very optimistic about their own abilities and are also very Qiang Qin gentlemen.
Qin Yinze? Dong Ming has heard something about Qin’s family. It is not a lot to know about him. It is not clear whether he has the ability to help them.
Pei Xuanzhi, who thought of Qin Yinze, suddenly relaxed a lot and smiled and said, As far as I know, Miss Qin’s family has just arrived in Linhai City, and the gentleman of Qin’s family has come with people in just a few hours.
Dong Ming didn’t react for a moment and asked, What does it matter if he comes to us?
Pei Xuanzhi laughed. His eyes are very obvious. He wants to bring that girl back from Qin home.
Chapter 742 Qin always comes
Do you want Qin Yinze to help us take that girl away? Dong Ming wanted to think, or some think impassability all these years have passed, and I haven’t seen Qin Yinze bring the smiles send us light back.
If that girl is really so good, she won’t be the gentleman of Sheng Tian Qin family. Everyone knows that that girl is the palm of the Qin family, especially Sheng Tian Qin Yue loves this daughter. It is so painful that everyone in the world knows who dares to force her to do what she doesn’t want to do. Pei Xuanzhi was so impressed in Qin Yue.
When he followed Nan Zhai and sneaked into Jiangbei, both of them were false identities, but the man in Qin Yue still knew everything about them. He didn’t know how Qin Yue knew.
Qin Yue looked for him, and he felt that the man’s spirit was not only to lead a prosperous group, but also to be a national leader.
Many years have passed now, and he is still deeply impressed by Qin Yue. Especially in recent years, Qin Yue’s name has grown stronger and louder, ranking first in the world’s rich list for several years in a row.
That’s the first place in the world’s rich list. How many people dream of things, but how many people can be wishful thinking but can’t even touch the edge of the richest man?
It is no exaggeration to say that they are rich in heaven and run industries to feed a country.
Qin’s little girl not only has good conditions, but also has such a big super backer. Who dares to really treat her?
Unless you really don’t want to live
Pei Gong, you have said so much, and I have lost a meaning. If that girl doesn’t want to do something, no one can force her, so how can that Qin Yinze help us? Wanted to think, Dong Ming is still not too white. Pei Xuanzhi said so.
Pei Xuanzhi refilled his glass with wine, poured a glass of wine into his mouth and said slowly, Not Qin Yinze helped us, but helped himself …
Help himself? Dong Ming is getting more and more confused. Pei Xuanzhi didn’t speak in this style. What did he deliberately do with him today?
Let’s just wait and watch the fun. I believe Qin Yinze should also know that his sister, who has been guarding and caring for more than ten years, went to another man’s house tonight … Speaking of which, Pei Xuanzhi couldn’t help laughing in a low voice. I ask you a question.
If you have something to say, just tell me what? Dong Ming also learned that he poured a glass of wine and raised his glass to drink it, but considering that he could not drink enough, he took a sip.
I just want to ask you, if you guarded a little girl from childhood, cared for her and loved her as a baby, and grew up with her, you gradually developed feelings for men and women … Pei Xuanzhi suddenly lowered his voice and forced out some tension. But one day, you cared for this baby and was taken away by others. What would you do?
Dong Ming replied, That depends on how much I like this baby.
Pei Xuanzhi said, I’m afraid of falling on my baby when I hold my hand in pain. You follow her wherever she goes, baby.
Pei Xuanzhi put the words so Bai Dongming that if he still didn’t understand them, he wouldn’t be sitting here today with Pei Xuanzhi’s IQ countermeasures.
He said, If something like this happens to me … I’d rather destroy it.
Hearing this answer, Pei Xuanzhi smiled with satisfaction. Then you said that Qin Yinze, a gentleman of the Qin family, has been a sedan chair in recent years. What would he do if he encountered such a thing?
Pei Gong, do you mean that the gentleman of Qin family treated his sister … Dong Ming suddenly realized that he was surprised and happy. But they are brother and sister. Does he still want to be like his sister?
Everyone knows that he is a Qin family. Although he is also surnamed Qin, he has no blood relationship with the Qin family … If he can get the little girl’s heart, the little girl is willing to estimate that her father Qin Yue will be happy.
Speaking of this, Pei Xuanzhi sighed, Qin Yue will be handed over to the younger generation sooner or later. If he is an adult and can help him deal with many things and form a soninlaw, it is not convenient for everything.
In Qin Yinze, the discussion behind this matter is definitely more than the two of them. Many eyes are watching whether President Qin is willing to give Sheng Tian to raise and care.
I want to see if Yang, the president of Qin Dynasty, is going to enter the Qin family as he said, and then it is the real Qin family.
It’s not impossible for you to say that the little girl is thinking about Mr. President. How can she see her brother? Dong Ming asked another question.
Well, it depends on how the Qin family gentleman did it. Where do we outsiders care? But it’s more difficult for that girl to find out about him after she lives in Tongda. After drinking wine, she put her head in a broken position these days and didn’t figure things out. Pei Xuanzhi was happy and drank two more glasses.
品茶论坛That little girl from the real Qin family has never offended him, and that girl is quite likable. It is reasonable to say that he should not try to keep that girl away from them, Mr. President, but things behind it are far from what it seems.