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"I don’t like people touching my things."

Yin An dyed a frown and didn’t know what he said!
In a second, he kissed him finely, from eyes to nose to lips to neck, and his hand directly …
Yin An dyed a tingle "Meng Yichen! You must not … "
How could he …
"Can’t? Ah … I said I don’t like people touching my things. "
Even though she pressed his hand, there was still no way to stop him from invading!
A sense of shame flooded in.
How could he …
When he finished all this, Yin Anran was like a broken doll with tears on her little face.
Meng Yichen looked at her like this, inexplicably annoyed, and he smoothed her clothes for her.
Yin anran sat up and lowered her eyes slightly, not to see him. She wiped away her tears and went straight to the car.
The car door was slammed.
Meng Yichen looked at the little man through the window until her figure completely disappeared from his sight.
Yin Anran adjusted her clothes and hair to make sure everything was all right before she entered Yin’s house.
It’s also busy during the day in New Year’s Eve
Yin Anran helped her mother prepare something in the kitchen. The two mothers and daughters talked and laughed while working.
Yin Dongjin also came to see them from time to time.
Pei Yun doesn’t look comfortable, but there’s nothing she can do. She can’t cook by herself, even if she wants to step in.
New Year’s Eve dinner is always rich.
The family sat around the table eating and watching the party talking.
Yin anran looked at grandpa with a smile on his face, and both his mother and father smiled and didn’t quarrel. It felt so good.
"MOna, you should practice in June and July, right?" Yin Yang asked.
Yin Mengting smiled sweetly "Yes Grandpa"
Yin Yang seems to have a feeling smile. "In a blink of an eye, another year has passed and MOna has grown up."
Yin Mengting smiled and made a toast to Yin Yangjing.
I don’t know if it’s because of the Chinese New Year that Yin Yang’s attitude towards Yin Anran is better than usual.
桑拿按摩Yin Yang glanced at Yin Anran and asked, "What are you doing now?"
"There’s also the job of photography," Yin Anran replied.
Yin Yang nodded and didn’t say much.
Yin Mengting glanced at Yin An and got out, "Sister is a secretary."
Yin Anran gave her a faint look "Yes".
"Secrets are not secrets? Sister, I’ve heard that many secrets are boss’s little secrets. "Yin Mengting has a curl of his eyes and then turns his attention to Yin Yangshen."
Sure enough, Yin Yang’s face changed instantly after hearing her words.
Chapter 1 is as fleeting as fireworks